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Monday, 17th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


ISIS isn’t the first Islamic State to claim supremacy, there was another that reigned terror for 400 years and was based on the Barbary Coast of North Africa. They were known as the “Barbarians” (funny how that word keeps popping up). The Barbarians terrorised Mediterranean nations and as far west as America up until as late as the 19th Century. Using pirated ships they mass murdered, raped, tortured and slave-traded their way to Islamic supremacy until, around 1840, suffering nations decided enough was enough and they were snuffed out.

The tenure of the modern Barbarians is unlikely to last that long because no tyrannical Islamic State can survive without a constant river of money, and the coalition’s bombs are turning off the tap.

The Taliban has its $6 billion opium crop, the Saudis limitless oil and ISIS discounted crude oil that Turkey purchases on the black market. The Halal certification extortion racket contributes $US1.2 trillion per annum to terrorism and under-the-table ransoms are reported to be worth another $US200 million.  

US Secretary of State Kerry is chuffed that he convinced five Arab States to blast ISIS installations from the safety of their jet fighter cockpits but not one has offered to put troops on the ground. These five States have no philosophical objection to ISIS, after all they are administering the same Sharia law they do! They are concerned that their rich oil-supported power bases are at risk.

The obscene House of Saud (you know, that filthy group of oil drunk pigs who practise the same hideous Sharia law as does ISIS and who Obama kowtows to) would be strung up like gutted chickens in a Steggles factory and their palaces impounded if ISIS ever got their hands on them.

Turkey doesn’t want to get involved because it has just paid ISIS millions in ransom deals, it wants the Kurds eradicated while we and the US are arming them, and it’s paying half-price for stolen ISIS oil.

All Islamic States are interested only in self interest. Arab States' Sharia laws are the same as ISIS’s Sharia laws.

Iraq’s Shia PM, al-Maliki has been replaced by another Shia, PM al-Abadi and the US is expecting inclusiveness from this little tribal warlord? They’re kidding, they might as well ask Netanyahu to include Hezbollah in his cabinet.

Al-abadi is already doing dirty deals with Shia Iran, who also administers Sharia law, and the US actually expects him to manage an Iraqi Sunni army in the north that is paid peanuts and is either retreating or joining the Sunni ISIS army rather than have their throats cut. WTF?

ISIS fighters earn up to an incredible $US1,500 per month each, all expenses paid and the US wonders why, after ten years of training, Iraq’s army isn’t worth a packet of poo tickets and Australia scratches its head as to why local Muslim youths are breaking their necks to join ISIS?

It’s a veritable dog’s breakfast of stone-age tribal warfare where whoever can demonstrate the most extreme violence will attract the most money and the most conscripts. Why doesn’t the West get it? Islam can never be a religion of peace while its very existence relies on violence.

Islam’s extreme violence is equalled only by its extreme cowardice. It will behead only those who have their hands tied behind their backs and it will flee from whoever has the bigger gun or rush to join the winning side, because there is no loyalty with Islam.

If Buddy Franklin was a Muslim he would have asked to rejoin Hawthorn at half-time.

ISIS will be degraded in the same way as Al Queda was, leaving another one hundred splintered terrorist groups to again compete for leadership of the Caliphate dream... it cannot be eradicated without US ground troops because incompetent Iraqi troops can never be trusted.

The US can spend the next ten years pointlessly bombing utes with $1.5 million missiles while the enemy melts back into the civilian population of 35 million or it can do what it should have done 12 months ago... put 20,000 crack troops back in there, supported by air strikes, eradicate the vermin and then leave Iraq to find another Saddam Hussein.

We have enough trouble with Islam in our own suburbs.   

It’s like a sci fi horror movie where you shoot the ugly monster dead but then it undergoes a metamorphosis and a hundred replicas appear. Shoot a replica and there’s a hundred more, on and on it goes until they take over the planet.

Killing Al Queda has also resulted in a hundred replicas, all trying to gain popular ascendancy through demonstrations of extreme violence.

We will never be without an Islamic monster but we must stop feeding it while it’s still in the minority.


Anyone who goes in to bat for Kissinger has serious mental heath issues or is a paid Troll. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but you calling me a nutter, wake up !
The global agenda moves forward everyday and it people like you who defend Kissinger that help to promote it.

Perhaps Brian when we finally get a decent bloke in the White House?

Spot on Brian but you'll get no sense from one of our resident hydratrolls who posts from the hamas playbook.

Spot on Trumby, a very small bit of darkie!

You know some of the people in the Bolt case? You find Geoff Clark believable? Enough said.

The government of the day let Bolt down seeing he was doing them a favour of sorts by exposing the rorts that coons(whitefellas portraying themselves to be blackfellas) get away with social security fraud as well as land claim fraud just because they reckon there is a bit of darkie in them.

That is why 18C must be repealed. It provides protection for scammers and rorters who of course feel offended if you expose their game.

The Unions break laws everyday of the week and we don't see you mouthing off Raygun ?

Mr.Right: Bolt couldn't appeal whilst 18C remained as it was.

Amazing, with your work you missed our area. Ha ha, dope.

@stringy The far left hydratroll thinks it's mainstream. lol

Indeed anyone should be able to wrap themselves in a possum skin cloak and claim to be of any race they choose but Bolt's point is this does not qualify them for handouts and special priority over the rest of us.

I haven't read or seen an apology or any statement from Toyota and/or Ford in regards to their vehicles being used in this caliphate by ISIS. I would have thought a statement by these multi national companies would be the least that they can do.

Bolt did not set out to offend but to point out how race was being used by some people to gain substantial advantage at the expense of the people who genuinely needed the aid. It was the absurdity of 18C that allowed splendid morally upstanding individuals who I had best not name to claim offence.

Bolt set out to tell the truth as he saw it not a sterilised politically correct version to appease everyone.

Bolt was not guilty of racial discrimination.

Do some research of the players and decision makers and see why he failed.

He lost the discimination case because of the racial discrimnation act which is no doubt spoorted by idiots like you.

Was it a Ringer who couldn't Read or Write?

I wonder who writes Andrew Bolts scripts ?