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Monday, 18th February 2019

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What a Cunning Stunt?

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Well done, Julia. No, seriously, I mean that. Shot me down in flames you did. I really felt like crawling under a rock after that impromptu performance.

That was so brilliantly cunning to pounce on a typo in The Australian in order to pull on a Press conference claiming defamation of all things. What was the typo, "trust" instead of "slush", was it?

It was really good the way you gave absolutely no notice to the Press who were so obviously caught on the hop. No time for Editors to tell correspondents what they wanted asked! Wow, only two questions of any substance and you dodged them so beautifully.

I was impressed the way you praised the Press as being the cream of the country's journalists. Golly, only two tired old Lefties, Grattan and Bongiorno plus a few snotty nosed cadets were present.

Not one of the Press actually knew what to ask. They don't know the background to this. Brilliant Jules!

So, as a tired ol' newspaperman, could I humbly ask you to answer, just specially for me, the following, (I promise I won't tell anyone):

1. You said yesterday that you paid for your renovations. Why then did you previously say you couldn't be certain that you did?

2. You said you believed it was "slush fund". As an industrial Lawyer did you seriously not know a "slush fund" could in no way be an Association?

3. If you believed it was a "slush fund" why did you print on the Application Form that its intended role was to facilitate "worker safety and training"?

4. Is it true that the four people present in the room when you drew up this document were yourself, Ralph Blewitt, Bruce Wilson and Senior Equity Partner, Bernard Murphy?

5. An Association requires, by law, to have at least five members. Who did you nominate?

6. When you drew up a power of attorney for your friend Bruce Wilson to act for Ralph Blewitt, why did you not inform Mr Blewitt of the mortgage, now in his name, subsequent to going to buy the house with Mr Wilson?

7. When conducting the firm's conveyancing (again pro bono) for the purchase and sale of the Kerr Street house, did you take note of where the money was coming from and going to?

8. Why were the Association, the bank account, the purchase and sale of the house and the mortgage kept secret from the AWU.

9. How could the purchase of a house be consistent with either a "slush fund" or "worker safety and training"?

10. Why did you attempt to deliberately mislead the WA Commissioner for Corporate Affairs when setting up this Association?

11. Why did you not inform your firm's boss or your firm's client, the AWU, of any of your actions?

12. Do you agree it is your handwriting on the fraudulent form?

13. When the AWU discovered the fraud, why did that union's boss, Ian Cambridge, immediately sack Slater & Gordon and call for a Royal Commission?

14. Why were you asked, by your employer, for a taped interview?

15. After you were dismissed why did you not renew your Practising Certificate? Did you beieve you would be unable to practise again?

16. Why is the six months subsequent to your dismissal missing from your CV?

17. Why did your boss, Styant-Browne say, and I quote: "...the company took a very serious view of these and other matters and accepted her resignation"?

18. What did Mr Styant-Browne mean by, "...a serious view of these and other matters?

19. Is Mr Styant-Browne, or Mr Gordon correct?

20. Why was Senior Equity Partner Bernard Murphy asked to make a settlement and leave at the same time as yourself?

21. When your ex-Attorney General Rob McClelland stated in Parliament, "...a third party may have benefitted from...", was this "third party" he referred to, you?

22. What did you mean by, "I was treated shabbily", when you were asked to leave the firm?

23. You refuse to make a statement in the House. Is it true you realise it would be illegal to lie when so doing?

24. And finally Ms Gillard, how can you profess to be a champion of the working class when you have clearly been complicit, with your boyfriend, in stealing their money?

Now, I don't expect you to answer all of these, just a few would be good... with the rest you can perform your normal stunt of evasion.

[P.S. And yes, I will be bankrupt for the next month or so. Lost my fast car, my helicopter and my kid to my ex. Then she bankrupted me, just for fun. Oh well, I'm running out of brood mares now.]


Larry, get some cannabis flower oil into you. It cures cancer even at late stage. Where wil we get good cartoons if you don'T

Well larry its been 2 years since you wrote this ,Has Julia answered ANY of those questions ?

Ahh yes. The Royal Commission. You have to provide answers there. Maybe the coppers will hold off arresting her and wait for more evidence. Shit. I would be rather facing a riotous assembly of angry mother grizzly bears who think I have stolen their cubs than be Julia Gillard facing up to the shit she is facing.

I guess Julia will have to either provide answers to these questions to the police, if not, the court unless she reserves her right to remain silent in which the allegations will remained unchallenged and therefore accepted as the truth.

Is that it, obviously you have nothing intelligent to add to the conversation; but abuse.

So who really is the wanker?

OwhhGGggrrrrrHHHh .Hear that wrath U ..LOw life, , Let meAt it 3 minutes of a life will Do. One on ONE Will do.

;) they are going down Lazza. Time will tell.

Hi Larry, I am a "former" what could be called "Lifetime" Labor supporter, even helping out at campaigns, manning polling booths, scrutineering etc, but am totally dissolusioned with the current mess that Labor has become under Gillard. In 2010 for the first time in my life, I didn't vote Labor, just put in a blank ballot paper (i.e. informal.). This time, I will, for the first (and hopefully, only) time in my life, vote Liberal if Abbott swears on affadavit to rescind the ridiculous "Carbon Tax". Prior to the vote in parliament on the "carbon" tax, I wrote to every Labor faderal politician with information on the scientific facts on CO2, I got NO replies!.
At least two things have to go before I would ever consider voting Labor again; Gillard & the "Carbon" Tax!.
Keep up the good work,