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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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Weeeeeeeeeeeh BOOM!

... and here's why the cry babies won't be moving to Canada

Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


There goes the last of the credibility of the mainstream media. Ouch. For the last three months, I’ve been working 70 hours a week in a remote part of Australia. I’m two hours from the nearest city jet aeroplane.

                                                                       Hillary rally

So how did I know that Trump was going to win? Well I do have a broadband connection. All I had to do was look up Hillary’s campaign rallies on You Tube like this one here:

If she couldn’t fill a high school gymnasium, she was unlikely to sweep the Presidency.

So what the heck happened? If I could figure it out here in the Australian outback, then how come none of these professional journalists who were on the campaign trail could?

                                                                       Trump rally

Smug, lefty reporters kept telling us, “It’s too late folks, we’ve flooded this country with so many immigrants that white folks just don’t count anymore.” They assured us that the balance had now tipped. The Democrats had wooed the non-white vote (with promises of open borders) and the Republicans had developed a strategy to do the same.

Then, to the Republican’s horror, along comes Donald Trump. He came crashing in thinking he could sweep the Presidency on the back of the few remaining white voters, many who would vote Democrat anyway. Didn’t he care about the damage he would inflict on the GOP?

In my opinion, the short answer is no, he didn’t care about the Republican Party. He cared about the people of America and the people of America instinctively knew that.

What is more, the people of America were being jolted awake. They could live with outsourcing factory jobs to Hispanics. They could live with outsourcing highly paid managerial jobs to Hispanics. Not surprisingly however, they baulked at outsourcing the job of choosing the US President to Hispanics.

I say not surprisingly because when it comes to choosing Presidents, not to put too fine a point on it, South Americans stink. Is there a single Latin American country that doesn’t have an endless history of the worst kind of political oppression, instability, revolution and despotism?

WHOAH!! I hear you scream. Everyone knows that the political problems of South America were caused by the US Government and US Corporations. They ran riot all over these poor nations. They exploited their people and their resources and bled them dry.

                                                               Canadian border

Really? So how do you explain Canada? A huge country with a tiny population, almost all of whom live along the US border. If America is such a rapacious, greedy, nation-devouring behemoth then how did the Canadians build such a stable and prosperous society right next door? Especially when they have a practically open border.

                                                                  Mexico border

Or what about Venezuela? A nation with one of the largest deposits of oil on the planet. These deposits were discovered and developed mostly by foreign companies. Most of these companies came from the USA.

Venezuelan President Chavez decided to steal (oops, I meant nationalise) the assets of these American companies and boot out all the Americans. He promised the ordinary people that they would soon have lots more money. He was right too. Venezuelans now have so much money that when they do the grocery shopping, not only do the shopkeepers weigh the groceries; they also weigh the money (there is just too much to count).

                                                                Venezuelan inflation

Seriously, what did they expect. If you vote for a leader who promises to steal, he will likely keep his promise. Sooner or later however, he will be stealing from you, either directly, or by printing money. Unfortunately, leaders who don’t respect your property, won’t respect your life either. Despotism therefore comes naturally to them.

I don’t want to rip on Latinos here. Most of them are wonderful people like the rest of us. However, South America is crammed with natural riches. They have lots of the world’s best farmland as well as massive amounts of valuable commodities.

The Spanish grabbed South America first. North America was the booby prize.

South American countries could become wealthy if they followed the time-honoured way. This has been proven repeatedly. Small, accountable governments, low taxes, stable currency and strong property rights. That is how the USA (and Canada) became wealthy.

What Latinos should stop doing is blaming America for their problems. They shouldn’t expect the right to move to the USA en-masse and automatically be granted full citizenship rights. US citizens would never be entitled to those rights in Latin America.

In 1450, before Columbus made his epic journey, almost everyone thought the world was flat. South America was rife with human sacrifice, North American Indians killed and scalped their rivals and the other kind of Indians were torching widows on their husbands' funeral pyres.

Slavery was the norm throughout Africa and the Islamic empire. Head shrinking and cannibalism were common in the East Indies.

Fast forward to 1950 and all these things had been abolished. People had televisions, radios, fridges, washing machines, cars, jet aeroplanes, antibiotics, anaesthetics, flush toilets and too many other things to name.

We had democracy, human rights, free speech, the rule of law, habeas corpus, the separation of powers and the separation of church and state.

Now perhaps I’m showing my ignorance here, but I can’t think of a single innovation, either social or technological, which happened during that five-hundred-year period that didn’t originate from white European nations or their offshoots.

I don’t want to claim credit for that fact at all mind you, because I wasn’t even born by 1950. By the same token however, I don’t see why I should throw myself into a fit of self-flagellation over every evil deed that has ever been committed by a white man.

I also don’t see why I should throw open the borders of my country to compensate the billions of people who have failed to create viable societies in their own nations. Neither do I see why I have an obligation to become an ethnic minority in every single country on the planet.

In fact, I have come to believe that I have an obligation to my descendants to ensure that they inherit a nation which is for the most part, ethnically and culturally homogenous. I believe that is important because these type of nations have proven to be the most peaceful and prosperous.

I have also come to believe that the people who are so desperately promoting population replacement by third world migrants do not have my best interests at heart.

I believe many Americans have come to the same conclusion and that is why Donald Trump won the election.

People are sick to death of this racism garbage. A whole bunch of condescending Hollywood stars have threatened to move to Canada if Trump wins. Funny how none of them have threatened to move across town to East LA.

This isn’t about racism. Trump supporters won’t be going out assaulting ethnic minorities. People in the Western democracies have simply woken up. They have realised that the current rate of immigration will have them voted out of their own countries in the very near future. Not surprisingly, they don’t want that to happen

...and who can blame them?


Is this an example of “trumpeting the truth”? A whole new lexicon is opening up.

Is this an example of “trumpeting the truth”? A whole new lexicon is opening up.

Great article Harry...& I put quite a few bucks on Trump, well before all my 'progressive cry-bully' FB friends were wailing about the injustice of it all post-election. And the feminists have to shoulder a lot of the blame too:

Too much truth, Harry!

fuck off donna troll

All the best CS.....hope you make a motza, run for PM and drain the swamp!!

Good one, I agree Harry...!

I was in Darwin just days after Cyclone Tracy and it was interesting to note that a great number of the houses destroyed imploded rather than exploded. This phenomena was unwittingly caused by new residents who shut their houses up rather than leave them partially open to allow a lessening of pressure difference cause by wind passing over the structure. I assume the dome structure and vents allow for this CS?

Bad news is arising for there is an Electoral College vote being carried on to make Hillary Clinton President on December 19 and they already have 4372669 votes in favour of Hillary and they are telling those who have College votes for Trump that they can change them for Hillary which only will only incur a small fine so that Hillary Clinton can become President so I reckon this would be a good time for the FBI to investigate Madam Clinton just to make sure she is squeaky clean before taking office if she succeeds Trump to becoming President otherwise I can see a bloodbath on the horizon as Americans suffer from civil unrest that will see a lot of people hurting .

the stoned one is's a wonder he remembers who he is, let alone anyone surprise he's always wrong too

The rejection of the privileged 1% is the greatest moment in history since the end of WWI and II. It also marks the failed infiltration of the US Government by the muslim brotherhood via Huma Abedin.

Robert De Niro the actor is doing an academy award performance in total despair that Hillary lost big time .

Harry you say it so well. What vare you doing in the Outback> You should be in Canberra.

ab.. I am a moron but what is a tow horse??????????????

I expect he has a little aborigine in him or vice versa...

Double thumbs up CS

#MakeAustraliaGreatAgain at #AussiesforTrump #MAGA

We're stopped on a remote stretch of road waiting for an accident scene to be cleared and the chopper to fly out the injured. Absolutely appalled by the behaviour of other motorists taking photos.

Harry.. you can add Egypt to your list, they are now facing food shortages and the prices of some staple foods has skyrocketed. Then there is most of the black African countries, killing their elephants at an unsustained rate, food shortages, famines, diseases, chopping down their forests and forever having uprisings and civil wars etc. These places were clearly much better off when they were colonies.

Turdball the filthy hypocrite on polls:

"On his poor polling, currently a feature of his government and one of his stated reasons for ousting Tony Abbott: "I would have thought, after this last election in the United States, people might focus less on the polls and less on the opinions of commentators on the ABC, or other elite media outlets and focus more on what people are actually saying."

Targeting the "elite media" was a prominent feature of Mr Trump's presidential campaign but marks a new tone for the Prime Minister, previously seen as a darling of the ABC."