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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Weather Vs Climate

Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


The weather at any spot is usually defined by max/min temperatures, humidity, precipitation and wind strength/direction. Weather varies hourly, daily, season-to-season and place-to-place. These weather measurements at any place can be averaged over various time periods.

Climate is defined as the average of thirty years of weather. Mark Twain explained the difference: “Climate is what you expect, weather is what you get”.

Weather statistics can be averaged over larger areas, such by region, state, continent or the globe. This is a mathematical abstraction, becoming less accurate and less meaningful as the time or area covered increases. A global average annual temperature which (after debatable adjustments) includes winter in the Antarctic and summer in the Sahara is irrelevant. No one lives in the global average temperature.

Weather and climate have been so politicised that most commentaries are now merely propaganda.

In the Brave New World of global warming alarmists, a long frigid winter is “just weather”, but one stinking hot summer day is “clear evidence of dangerous man-made climate change”. 

And despite an un-predicted 17 years of stable global temperature trends, their prophets still chant their doleful dirge: “Unless we have a carbon tax, extreme weather disasters are coming your way soon”


You wicked wicked, as an evil sceptic, will be struck down by lightning (during one of the many man-made electrical storms that we now experience - having never had before). :-)

They can have all these theories about the Earth,the wind the sky or climate change or what-ever-----but we have only been recording the different happenings on our Earth for a couple of hundred years[factual]---so really I think their talking a whole load of crap.

Fully agree... and people should read "Punch Drunk on CO2...Dizzy from Spin" that demonstrates the stupidity about all this climate change alarmist nonsense!

They are about as scientific as dogs doo. It has left science long ago and become a mix of politics and religion.

propaganda yes - money spinning yes for the plebs who want to keep their useless jobs - it is all a joke!

one= on* the record .

They could say closer to the mark, that weather is an observed cyclic phenomenon as far as we know it to date ,;but .. settled?? in what time .. space scale?? SEE

Perhaps the alarmists and doomsayers have not yet targeted Miami - your time will come , Bruce.

Climate can vary from one valley to the next, even from one side of the valley to the next, one side of a hill or a desert near an ocean as opposed to 3km inland. There are cycles, of course one year, but some years are hotter, wetter, windier, colder, more unsettled than others. The egyptians have used an 11 year cycle for 1600 years, as they are utterly dependent on the only source of water, the nile and they have noticed this, especially when they had floods of 35 metres every year. That is why Aswan stores 10 years of water. Alarmists are the people who believe that an average is a guaranteed minimum for rain and temperature or a guaranteed maximum. They also believe bushfires are climate. It is all nonsense.

Actually I was so sick of asking science questions that I wrote a blog about why there isn't a problem

j.s. is right ! Alarmist = You have hit the jackpot - money for bullshit and lies,forever ! If you are a - Denier = You will be destitute, an outcast and will end up on the scrap heap. Government funding is just that. If you don't push the alarmist theory your are Fooked !! Choice becomes simple for so called scientists.

Forget climate change.The climates' always changing.I had 4 seasons in one day when I lived in Victoria..............the hottest summer day & the coldest winter day was at Sale in Gippsland.And the IPCC were never in existance then.

It's not all bad. This C02 bull at least started me reading. There are some incredibly clever people out there, I don't put myself forward as one, but can read. If you want to see just what can be done turn brain on and follow link.

So now,because of "Climate Change",Greenland is growing crops to feed their population they haven't seen in years.And their actually wearing T Shirts with words like "We luv Climate Change" & "The IPPC are a mob of tossers".So what if sea levels are rising-I live in Toowoomba & I always wanted water views.

It's not all bad. This C02 bull at least started me reading. there are some incredibly clever people out te

It explains the `extremes ` even back then not just 30 small yrs like they home in on nowadays?? That book has detailed real serious concise observations ,and the patterns are there, as they are now ..still.Those archived patterns were made to help us not to fear reality but to work with it.. they did .. and so can we.Why deny such high caliber observations diarised?Why not use that for productivity and safety?

Wether=Weather (sorry).

It really explains well the wether observations Viv at that time. Even electrometer changes with southerly bursters stating ``Expected Nov-Feb`` attended with strong electrical excitement .``~~`` A stream of sparks being produced for an hour at the electrometer``.. he goes on to say re; Southerly Bursters* `` 19 very detailed descriptions in that book``State by state.They telegraphed the info to principled towns .They were very switched ON back comparison.Tuned right in as food relied ON that.

B O M brisbane has a new weather detecting device, they,ve cut a bigger hole in the wall for better manual sight.

Slightly off topic , but a Mr James Busby Viticulturist also says in 1828 a fellow Mr T.A .Coghlan wrote `Wealth and Progress of NSW`.. would be a useful economic trove source he says. Busby also mentions a James King of 1857another viticulturist , but the point is to master that commodity one pays close attention to weather at that time also. Thus records relative re economy.The Little Book By Mr Muskett mentions wool crops etc etc. methods..all weather is a wealth of produce / economy crops and it concisely presented , volumes, dates specifics.