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Monday, 25th March 2019

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... a baggy green was at stake

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


 This is something we might expect of Kiwis or Pakistanis, but not Australians. We have not just lost respect for the game of cricket, we have lost respect for Australia. How else could our sporting representatives contrive such an act when they know every camera on the ground is following the ball. Did they intend to be caught? If not, then Steve Smith and company are blithering idiots.

But we know they are not idiots, so only one conclusion can be reached… respect for Australia has all but vanished and Australia’s dismal sporting results show it. When you lose respect for your nationhood you lose respect for yourself, your flag, your culture… and in this case, your beloved baggy green!

 It’s difficult to maintain respect for a nation that has sold out to UN globalists and has adopted an insane Paris Accord that has every other socialist nation in the world wild with excitement over a massive, communist-inspired, redistribution of income that is based on an outright lie and has failed on every single occasion!

How can anyone respect a nation that has allowed its reliable energy sources to be blown up or irreparably dismantled in return for an unattainable diminution of an essential gas that all our plants rely on? 

What about a nation that would invite non-assimilating, illegal immigrant arrivals of a despised opposing culture into suburbs where ghettos thrive due to them not speaking English and with no intention to learn? And 80 per cent of these people will rely on the very welfare handouts that the nation’s population desperately needs itself. Is this a recipe for productive assimilation? Of course not.

Would you maintain respect for your nation if, after it elected a conservative government and a conservative leader in an electoral landslide, and then allowed a miscreant “socialist” group, feigning conservatism, to stage a coup and kill off that first term Leader, when almost an entire media cabal agreed with this type of bastardry? 

And who agrees the most with killing off all kinds of conservatism? Yes, the nation’s fully funded ABC network, meaning the people’s will has been betrayed by a medium that is wholly owned by the people. Howzat work out!

How is it possible to respect an island nation that tore down its borders and allowed people smugglers to drown thousands in transit? It’s head scratching stuff, but it gets worse!

Can anyone respect a nation that would use a dishonest "survey" to justify trashing its treasured and time-honoured  Marriage Act in favour of a sexually deviant marriage Act,

…or a nation that would seriously entertain electing a bacterially baseborn bastard like Bill Shorten as its Leader? 

Anyway, if you think coach Darren Lehmann wasn’t involved, you haven’t been watching, and Steve Smith will never wear the baggy green again. 

…you see, he has proved his is not the same baggy green that Donald Bradman wore.


Australia as a country is fucked. And it started from the top. The politicians haven't had an ounce of respect for the country in over 40 years, supported by business which has done nothing but bleed every cent it can from the place while giving little back. And now it has lost any spirit it ever had ss more more "Culural Diversity" arrives and form it's own enclaves , refusing to integrate in to a way of life the had huge possibilities.Australia now appears to be becoming a place where it's get what you can, take what you can, and do what ever you like to get there. And with that attitude, there will never be any winners. Just a pot full of lost people.

They could always get jobs as ''Tradies '' ,they are a bunch of half smart cheats ,and they have already proved to the World they are fully qualified ,so many ''Trades ''for them to choose between, could always grow a beard to mask their identity

We all make mistakes. Most times
we get away with it!

It's a pity Jesus was not in the
Aussie cricket team!
..none of this would have happened.
A team of mere mortals...forgive them.

J.C. might have said.. 'forgive them for
they do not know what they are doing,
and have ignored the fact that there are
thirty cameras trained on their every move.'

He may have also said...'my sons, count your
blessings, you've got between nine and twelve
months for your naughtiness. I got LIFE for
being nice!....all punishments way
over the top.'

Some people just seem so upset over this issue
it's as if they had committed an act of terrorism.

I'm not upset. I was upset when Phillip Hughes
lost his life...not so much this.

I gotta disagree on two points, Larry. First, Warner IS an idiot. It was his idea, and was so stupid, could only have ever been his idea. He is as dumb as a bag of rocks and has been nothing but trouble since he came into the team through the back door. Remember when everyone asked, "who is this bloke? Where did he come from?" Well, we now know he is a short-arse troublemaker who shoupd never play for Australia again. Second, we don't lose respect for our country first, we lose respect for ourselves first. These elite athletes are treated like gods, before they have proven themselves worthy. As a result they don't have any self-respect and have no respect for their sport or their country.

Warner is and has always been a brash, offensive yobbo and won’t be missed; Smith a great batsman but a weak leader; and the junior fall guy was just that, a fall guy who lacked a leader to guide him 8n the right direction.

I am not satisfied that only Smith, Warner, and Bancroft were involved. The bowlers must have some idea that something was amiss. The ball generally relayed to them through Bancroft, who rubbed the ball with his hands, the encouragement to use reverse swing, and the look of the ball. How many more clues did they need?

MC..yes..though Warner's been asking for it for some time..with more and more belligerent behaviour on and off the field..basically he's out of his depth...but apparently he still doesnt know for Smith..well ..inexplicable..

.....the three amigos are considering taking cricket Australia to court ....they are finished if they do that ....stupid buggers......

aint that the truth...sorta sad really....

This is just hype that backfired. They wanted to get caught. On the AFL opening round weekend. The game is that boring no-one watches the shit.

Listened to this last night in bed and thought of you...listen at the end

ENDGAME WARNING!! Protocols of the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn

Those main stream media groomers have starkly displayed their bias once again. Their indignant reporting of our cricket teams behaviour is in stark contrast to their limp response to Daniel Andrews election fraud. Like Steve Smith, "Dunny Can Dan" should be banned for life!

Of course you 2 know nothings agree. Get out and go to your grandies childcare centres and watch what the carers do for 7 hours a day. Then get back to me, oh and tell me how many men work in those centres.

Not true old thing. If you want a link to information, not opinion, I'll provide it. I asked for a link serveral times politely using the word 'please' read back through the posts. Get your shit together. You confuse lots of things including confidence with arrogance.

Tiger you are..demanding links yet I notice when YOU are asked for links, they are NEVER forthcoming! What an arrogant fool you are!

So true!

Forgot the e.

And what a sham Larry.

WAP: agreed.

Hope they make an example of them.