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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I have a good friend who was formerly a Member of the House of Lords. He is around 460th in line to the throne and cousin to the Queen. I met Lord George Milford Haven (nee Mountbatten) just after he had busted up with his wife Sarah someone important.

He was, and still is, as wild as a cut snake and at the time was having a fight with the Queen over some unreturned money she had lent him for a Range Rover.

We both flew ex military Gazelle choppers out of Battersea and would regularly head west to simulate dog fights over the hedgerows surrounding his palatial country residence. (The tales abound.)

Anyway, he cared little for politics and was only ever in the Lords for lunch and a good piss-up. But when he was properly plastered he would vent his spleen on his fellow Lords and quietly list all the homosexual relationships and the members of the PIE kiddy fiddlers’ gang in both the Lords and the Commons.

Some huge names were dropped including ex PM Heath as reportedly being involved in satanic and sacrificial rituals involving underage wards of the State who were supplied by certain orphanages... many kids, it is claimed, were not returned Monday morning.

This Parliamentary group of active paedophiles is still the UK’s worst kept secret that even the tabloids avoid.

Anyway Lord George has fortuitously stumbled across a hundred million quid and is now hiding out somewhere in Switzerland.

The PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) group, backed by Lord Justice George Fulford, an adviser to the Queen at the time, was attempting to have the sexual consent of children legally lowered to the age of four (yep, four).

It all seemed to be an accepted and protected part of the UK Parliamentary establishment and aristocracy which is umbilically linked to the judiciary and the entertainment industry.

Every time the coppers had constructed a watertight case against the perps it was ordered shut down because of sensitive links to Cabinet members, judges or royalty.

Current UK “Operation Yewtree” has snared a few big names including Rolf Harris, Garry Glitter, Max Clifford and other odd celebrities and entertainers.

In a total of 1,433 alleged offenders 76 are politicians or judicial officers, 43 are from the music industry, seven are sportspeople and 135 are from TV, film and radio.

The alleged offences embroiled 154 schools, 75 children's homes and orphanages and 40 religious establishments.

Of the suspects, 216 are now deceased, including Jimmy Savile, Sir Cyril Smith and permanent batchelor Sir Edward Heath, which demonstrates the historic glacial pace of prosecutions where you’re more likely to be caught only after you’ve snuffed it.

But untraceable orphans and street kids are the easiest of marks for the paedophile. If they are allowed to live they only get to tell their horrific stories to a Royal Commission 50 years later when the perpetrators are dead.

Unfortunately the UK experience is symptomatic of all first world nations, including Australia. As long as there are kids without parents, paedophiles in high places will take advantage of them, and the practice rages unchecked right here.

The worst is embedded in Queensland’s Parliamentary and Judicial system, followed closely by Sydney and Melbourne’s entertainment industry.

It has been documented in the over many years with names, dates and places but the current Child Abuse Royal Commission’s terms of reference, set by Julia Gillard’s Government, exclude Muslims, politicians and the judiciary.

So the kids still suffer with no-one to turn to until 50 years in the future.


QUOTE but the current Child Abuse Royal Commission’s terms of reference, set by Julia Gillard’s Government, exclude Muslims, politicians and the judiciary. END QUOTE.I was unable to locate this restriction in the Letters Patent. Perhaps you got a link to show where it is stated?

Remember Agros Cartoon Connection? The link between people from that show and a QLD Copper? Who was the PR man and his diary that was taken on as evidence?

My God, how do such people get to such heights! They should be hunted down and slaughtered! How does the vile defiling of little innocents enter the thoughts of so called men? How do such thoughts become actions? I am sickened.

Would not have mattered with Heath in the dock. The judge would have been a pedo too! NOT GUILTY!

Why was the investigation into Bob Collins ever dropped.

Yes well I have checked google over the paedophile allegations made against the Toy Lord McAlpine....on the BBC (no surprise there then) by a smug creature named Sally Bercow.....which deeply distressed and appalled Alister McAlpine who already in ill health never really recovered from the baseless allegations and which his friend Simon Heffer writes in the Daily Mail...hastened his death. Absolutely mystified as to why anyone would ever think him capable of such a thing Alister McAlpine died in 2014 two years after Bercow's filth was broadcast to the world by the BBC. All I can say to Bercow and the now ?

Thanks you Bruce..I did come over to PP from Piers Akerman which I have returned yesterday and this morning ......posting much as I have posted here.

The UK police failed to act over the Muslim gang raping young English girls for fear of being seen as racist....

And while I am on a rant.....where pray tell does Gillian Trigg and the HRC and lawyers stand on this disturbing horror...the sexual abuse of babies and children. Obsessed with the human rights of Muslims ...its time the HRC and their millions $s and expertise were directed a these helpless and vulnerable young Australians..even if most of them are white and nonMuslim.

People like myself....what does that mean....I am an average Australian. I have not read Larrys articles on the Governor of I presume NSW......what exactly is the allegations. You might like to recall the filth of paedophilia thrown at Lord Alister McAlpine who immediately instigated legal proceedings and a claim for damages which he donated to a charity. From memory the accuser was of the UK Labour Party. I shall google this matter shortly and refresh my memory. As for this blog...if Larry does not want my opinions he will ban me.......he has my email address and request I leave this place asap.

It is almost impossible to believe that the world is being torn between the blood-soaked talons of extreme religion on the one hand, with its rules and death penalties about everything down to private thoughts, while on the other we have run-away licentiousness trying to promote perversions and disgusting lewdness as an acceptable standard of behavior that the Marxists want mandatory to “celebrate” for all of us.
Why is it,that “All Gullible Left Wingers”are Homo’s,Lesos and or Kiddy Fiddlers.

The Homo’s need to make their union legitimate,so they can make Pedophilia legitimate.Kiddie fiddlers and Homo’s are one and the same.

Why exclude Muslims, politicians and the judiciary? How do they get away with that?

The 60 Minutes report:

And here we have this maggot:


A paedophile who prompted a royal commission into South Australia's child protection system has been jailed for up to 35 years for sexually abusing seven children as young as 18 months old.

The District Court in Adelaide heard former government carer Shannon Grant McCoole was head administrator of a highly sophisticated, 1,000-member global child pornography website.

Paedophile allegations were also made against the late Lord Alister McAlpine who immediately instigated legal proceedings and claim for damages which he donated to charity.A pack of lies and filth directed at the Conservative McAlpine who had been Margaret Thatchers fund raiser among other political duties. Lord McAlpines home was blown up by the IRA ...luckily he was not in residence at the time. Alister McAlpine is the man who saved old Broome and developed the former pearling port into the tourist mecca it is today.

Dogs only sniff other dog's arseholes, they have higher standards?

2. Moscow front and centre of a worldwide push against gay marriage. In July a Russian led alliance of conservative Muslim and African states voted through a motion in the UNHRC lauding the conventional family..and overriding European and US attempts to validate gay marriage. What is most surprising about the whole affair is that Putin who came to power thanks to a war to curb Chechen independence and Islamic radicalisation condones and supports behaviour which runs contrary not only to Russian law but to the Christian values he claims to espouse. Can it be that for the Kremlin questions of law, God and ideology come second to the political expediency of the moment ?

Can Putin ban homosexuality and endorse poligamy ? Yes he can. Homosexuality may not be tolerated in todays Russia, nor political dissent. Polygamy though is a different matter. Ever since the news broke of a 57 year old police chief in Chechnya bullying a 17 year old local girl into becoming his second wife Russian nationalists and Islamic leaders alike have been lining up to call for a mans right to take more than one wife. There is a paradox between Putins toleration for Sharia and his stance defender of the Orthodox faith. Supporting polygamy is part of the Kremlins international culture war against western values...iin the same that the Russian states crusade against gay rights is used as a tool of cultural diplomacy. The Kremlin has spent considerable diplomatic capital placing

Why is it so many will not accept that there are millions of people who prefer celibacy..whatever their orientation.

Many do not adequately understand the issue of homosexuality.

Recently, I went undercover and asked individuals who identify as gay the following question:

"Do you believe being gay is strictly genetic?"

What I found was shocking. I learned that many attribute their own sexual orientation to molestation......