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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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... now who were the others?

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The Lindt Cafe siege inquest report has done little more than dictate that Special Weapons and Tactics teams are needed for lunatic Muslims set free by lunatic magistrates. There was a lot of shaking of heads when the live telecast of the Lindt Cafe siege showed the dangerous ineptitude of the police.

Green coppers in combat gear fumbling feverishly for stun grenades in tight pockets and climbing over each other shooting at god only knows what through a one way entrance. 

After 16 hours it was still utter confusion and certain to end in disaster, and it sure did, while NSW Police Commissioner Scipione and his deputy Cath Burn (above) went home to watch it all unfold on live TV.

A police sniper was considering taking Monis out (above) but that could have seen a worse outcome as a bullet could have shattered and shrapnel deflected anywhere after piercing plate glass at an angle, and it would likely have set Monis off in a killing rage.

Other snipers who were on rooftops – or at least at a high window in the Channel 7 building and the Westpac building – were code-named “Sierra 1, 2, 3”  whatever. Would it not be okay to say “Sniper 1, 2, 3.”?

As one journalist at the inquest, Mary W Maxwell, reported, I might as well use colourful language in my title, “Holy Fuck it’s turned real”, as there was plenty of it in the courtroom. Cops waiting outside had their own way of referring to Man Monis — not as “the terrorist” or “the person of interest” (as the lawyers have been saying) — but simply as “the c**t.” (she spelt it out.)

                                                                    Utter confusion

The mentally deranged Man Monis, was wanted for crimes back in Iran. So why wasn’t he put on the next plane out of here to Teheran months before and why was his partner (below) still walking free after being charged with murder and he as an accessory. 

Amirah Droudis, murdered Man Monis' wife at his direction and set her on fire it is claimed. He crashed his car outside a police station to provide an alibi at the time of the murder.

Monis himself was also up on 50 charges of sexual assault and public nuisance, he was publicly shown to be mentally deficient and was given a shot gun by other members of a mosque cell  but we were assured it was just another “lone wolf” attack. The leader of the Parramatta Mosque admitted during the siege that he knew exactly who it was with the shot gun in the Lindt Cafe.

The Left’s arguments of “lone wolves” and that we must call on the assistance of “good” Muslims to finger the “bad” Muslims indicate the Left is no smarter than the dumb Muslim kids who can easily be talked into donning a suicide vest or committing suicide by cop. 

The media is equally culpable in endangering innocent Australian lives by continuing to peddle lies.

There is no such thing as a “lone wolf”. Every Muslim attack has had the support of jihadist cells, mosque clerics and/or elders, including family. Like all others, Man Monis came prepared to die with the urging and assistance of others. 

Aussies had better not finger a suspected terrorist or they will have to answer to charges of racism and the police of profiling... "If you see something, Sec 18C suggests you should say nothing!"

Islamic infrastructure encourages only those Muslims with the lowest of IQs to commit suicide. They are needed for the publicity that drives recruitment. Smart Muslims climb the executive ladder, they don’t don vests, they are needed for arranging the suicidal deaths of the dumb ones that take multiple infidels with them. They have no other worth.

Collingwood doesn’t risk Eddie McGuire at full forward, he wouldn’t know how to kick a ball. Anyway, Eddie is needed in the boardroom while the club risks the lives and limbs of the tattooed dumb ones to further the cause. 

The unAustralian ABC and decadent Fairfax promote the “lone wolf” concept as a way of saying other “peace loving” Muslims would have had no part in the atrocity and should not be blamed under the protected banner of Islam. 

And they continue to claim that we need the cooperation of the Islamic community to “dob in” their deranged sons. Really?

So family members who are assured of a place in the next life if their kid successfully martyrs himself will foil the plot by reporting their hero son to the police? What planet do these media morons live on?

The police of course claim multiple plans for suicide bombers have been foiled here but if that is true, and who knows if it is, to what benefit is it? No magistrate will condemn to jail a Muslim for thinking of doing something... they are even unlikely to get a jail term for actually doing something like raping little girls, because there is always a Labor lawyer available to cop $100,000 of taxpayers’ funds to suggest the cultural difference needs a little more counselling.

Magistrate William Pierce (above) should shoulder most blame for the Lindt Cafe deaths? . 

A Prime Minister was once applauded for saying, “We will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come.” That statement has been buried under the weight of the headstones of Greens’ Sarah Hanson-Young and the disgraced Human Rights commissioner, Gillian Triggs,

... with an Islamic liturgy conducted by the Muslim Brotherhood’s cynosure, Barack Obama.  


This is a great article written by a fearless Journo. Larry gets my vote and support.

Nah I am an ex policeman who can't stand gutless cowardly scum. You are just one class above being a lagger. I bet there is one pissed off lesbian policewoman with an over sized strap on black dildo with your name written on it just waiting for you one dark night.

I am saying you are a BS artist. It wasn't you that the police were intimidated by just the lack of evidence. I am endorsing the action of the police. You seem to think that threatening the police officer with threats of intimidation by having people in high places you re above the law. You are a gutless prick. Love to hear the side of the Lesbian. Love to hear what were the reasons that they attended to this call originally, you know the reasons that you won't go into details. You are just a mouthey f-ck. The police should have kicked the shit out of you when tried that pathetic get out of jail card that you know people in high places. Weak gutless prick, thinks he is above the law. Fock off loser.

With the correct projectile and the correct rifle, 338 Lapua Magnum, the centre of the bullet would have held together and taken the life of Monis, absolutely. How far to Holsworthy for a Sniper and the right ammo?

We have heard no more about this angle:
Craig Stoker, a patron of Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Martin Place, Sydney, bumped into a man who is now suspected of holding the cafe hostage, according to the Daily Telegraph. Stoker was reportedly threatened to be shot by him after he walked out of the cafe on to Philip Street.

“He was wearing a black T-shirt with white writing on it and a headband and carrying a blue bag. The bag bumped into me and there was something hard in it. I said ‘watch where you are f****** going,'” Stoker said, according to the Daily Telegraph, adding: “He turned round and said ‘Do you want me to shoot you too?'”

According to Stoker, the man was bearded and was accompanied by two other men dressed in a similar outfit. “I looked into his eyes and they were crazy,” Stoker said, according to The Daily Telegraph, adding: “I had no idea what was going on. When I found out I was pretty shaken up. I am going to buy a lottery ticket right now.”

Hillary is a liar, a criminal and a fraud!! I can hear her now!! " I done nuthin wrong"

Well. I am sick to death of the current 'Star Chamber' set up, forensically examining every minute detail in that seige. The thing that really pisses me off is the cops being hung out to dry. Not one mention of the reason all were there, Man Monis!! The fucktard magistrates that let him out! The useless Government Leftards that let him into the country in the first place. All this crap about Burns and Scipione going home!! Big deal!! Let the troops on the ground deal with it. When the troops are in Afghanistan or else where the CDF, or Chief of Army aren't there over seeing everything they do! Is this all because a Barrister was unfortunately killed? Her legal mates are after retribution? It's easy to be critical with 20/20 hindsight, all of a sudden all the anti gun lot are expert shots!

Hi Dusty! I'll check that Moshe Vardi article as well.....Ta

Thorn...prolly one of those ''Useful Idiots"

So many escaped from the café , The aged and frail included , BUT not one sharp shooter could go in and take this mad bastard out.

Hey search for the Dutch machine that lays a road way of bricks, already 'herring boned' on a compacted sand base. at about a metre every 5 to 6 seconds. Who needs people? Brilliant. And looks good as well

Say goodnight to your friend Scott Balson from me and CS.

An Islamic vandal has been found guilty of destroying ancient artefacts in Timbuktu by the International Justice Court and has apologised. He faces 30 years in jail.
But is it really that important? Has not civilisation ( as opposed to Islam) superceded all this so called knowledge? What actually could the ‘lost’ artefacts do to inform current understanding? Nothing? I thought so.
So why persecute this man, other than to jail him for wilful destruction. He is an idiot; a moron; as are so many so called followers of the paedophile warlord, Mohammed. ( Cont below)

It is infinitely more important to concentrate our resources on the murderous activities of today’s muslims and their evil cult. It is blindingly obvious that no muslim can be trusted to assist the free world to rid itself of the scourge of Islam. So we MUST destroy the nests of this poisonous abomination; the mosks.

I see you are still pretending to believe that I am Concerned Senior. Didn't you once avow that he was David Ettridge? Bruce your mind is wandering and you should not allow it to do that it is far too small to be out on it's own.

Just like I met you when you came on board the Pauline Hanson bandwagon after all the work had been done to get her elected

For your information Bruce, that is when I met Concerned Senior, on that campaign.

An Order from the Public of Australia; TAKE YOUR FUCKING HAT OFF, NIGGER, AND LEAVE IT OFF!!!! How the fuck did you get into the Senate in the first place?

True Dusty, Orthodoxy was the buffer, not because it was Eastern but, it was & remains traditional. It does not ebb & flow with the societal whims of the day, like the current churches of today.

Honestly, can anyone give me a good reason why Australians spend their hard-earned dosh in a third-world dump like Indonesia (especially .Bali) when there's a good chance of being banged up following a robbery by the local filth?