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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


It’s Monday morning and university academics have stirred from their weekend bongs to answer the call from media for sage commentary. So again we choke on our Weet Bix as we listen to the same regurgitated, Left-wing advice that we must, “engage with the Islamic community to ensure a forward defence against radical Islam”.

University group-think is about as far from urban group-think as you can get. It’s a different world inside those insulated grey walls of self introspection.

Engagement for Christ’s sake? Where was the condemnation of ISIS from the not-so-grand Australian Mufti, Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, the non English-speaking Sunni grub and overt supporter of proscribed terrorist group, Hamas? “He is attending an important meeting”, his minders advised. (The Grand Mufti is entrusted with legally interpreting Shariah Law.)

How is it possible that the most senior Muslim in Australia is able to visit and cavort with the most senior leaders of Hamas and not be arrested upon his return? The Mufti expressed his “happiness at being in Gaza”, describing it as, “the land of pride and martyrdom”. Are these the Muslim leaders our uni academics demand we engage with?

These are the same Muslim leaders who refused tea and bickies with Abbott. The same bearded cretins who, as our welfare dependent guests, demand our destruction from within our own homeland?

And from where do these bearded cretins preach their evil to the impressionable? If you muttered mosques between gritted teeth, go straight to the top of the class!

The most evil of all Islamic extremists abide in the upper echelon of Muslim elders. It is from there that extreme radicalism percolates down to the ready and willing foot soldiers. The Mufti will not stain his hands with the blood of infidels, that’s for the expendable and malleable idiots who strap on suicide vests... and it’s pretty pointless trying to engage with them.

Haven’t these dumb uni academics noticed Muslims elected to the highest offices in the land are, without exception, the most extreme of all Islamic radicals?  If there is no room for pacifists at the top of the Islamic ladder, why would there be room for peaceful “engagement”.

If it is to be war, and the French are bombing the hell out of al Raqqa right now, then don’t try to psychoanalyse the enemy, kill the vermin first! Save the post mortems for the archives.

ISIS has the West spooked, yet its only militarily handbook is the Koran. Its only terms of engagement is a copy of their Prophet’s MO, it’s only equipment is poorly serviced and stolen from the Americans. It has no air force, no navy and no ability to pilot anything. It is still a rag-tag bunch of murdering thugs in utes that believes it will conquer the West to declare a Sunni/Wahhabist/Shariah Law Caliphate akin to the despicable Saudis’.

Islam is just another floundering footy team. There are those who barrack for Collingwood and those who play for Collingwood, but they all sing from the same song book... “Good ‘ol Collingwood forever...”.

And if you actually believe those nice friendly Muslim neighbours aren’t interested in an eventual Premiership, you’ve got your hand on it.

(Apologies to the Pies.)


US reason for getting rid of Assad
"He is a magnet for Terrorism"
Huh ?

Ah no Turdbull and Bishop are thinking about it! Bull Shitten is having trouble avoiding parked cars but will have no trouble avoiding nay fines etc from the State of Unions oh sorry Victoria!

Not so hard to say, finally had enough. Australia's own Grand Mufti, who has lived here for more than 20 years, must speak through an interpreter, because he cannot speak English. Enough. I believe whenever a suicide bomber ' goes off ' , his head pops off and is left behind - the TV only talks about fingertips.. fingerprints. Soo, how about putting this to all Aussie Voters... Whathever is left of terrorists, after the coppers have shot them, or they have blown themselves up.. we bury their bits in a bucket of pig shit. Let them know before they commit their atrocities, they WILL spend eternity in paradise, with their underage promised virgins, covered in pig shit. I will vote it into law, and I am sure most other tax paying Australians would to.

The Attacks on Charlie Hebdo and the “Kosher Grocery Store”: Israel’s Mossad “to the Rescue”?
"......Amply documented, the French Republic under the helm of president Francois Hollande is supporting as well as funding Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists.
“The forbidden truth” which the French public should address is that their government together with the US, NATO and Israel –while waging a self-proclaimed “Global War on Terrorism”– routinely provide covert support to the same terrorist entities which are the object of their “humanitarian wars” and “counter-terrorism operations”.
While the French media in chorus point to the jihadist threat to “Freedom of Expression”, not a single French media has had the courage of raising the broader issue of State sponsorship of terrorism and the insidious role of the French government and its intelligence apparatus in supporting Al Qaeda affiliated entities not only in the Middle East and Africa but also in France.
In a bitter irony, the campaign following the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo has not contributed to sustaining ”Freedom of Expression”. In fact quite the opposite. It has contributed to a new wave of media censorship.
There is a gruesome political agenda behind these attacks which must be the object of public debate. Who are the terrorists? Those who commit terrorist acts or those who control and finance the terrorists? ...................."

W..yes indeedy..that is the agenda...'freedom of religion' they all cried...what a joke these 'religious leaders' it up to their Gregory Peck once famously said

Nup, different dickheads singing from different hymn sheets. These gooses couldn't organise a root in a brothel. As went Nazism and Soviet Communism. the flame of all flawed ideologies burn out but not before producing mass mayhem and despair. Our job is to quell the brain-farts of imbeciles using reasoned argument before they inflict carnage on our kids.

He should be immediately deported back to Egypt, the Islamic prick.

Rosa & mcj I appreciate your comments. My objective in this stuff is to stay away from the deliberate complications which have been introduced in order to justify the depravities they concoct. They will not argue with the direct instructions of the Khoran. The ratbags added the depravity.

You are probably right Rosa, who on this Earth would know what is in that Koran that resides on the table in Heaven? A very smart trick on the part of Mohammad.

Disregard anything the great grand poofti has to say, it is all lies, it is all Taqiyya.
Bullshitting the infidels and weak inactive moslems is his purpose in spreading the evil takeover.
Listen to him at your peril.
Kick him in the arse and kick him out of the country is the best way to deal with him.

Stoney,the "Paris-ites"need this happening with their "Love In"coming up in a couple of weeks.

The msm are also a piece of shit and very much part of the problem .

Pelican - know this - totalitarian state coming to a country near you. All governments will introduce legislation to control the masses - for me exit stage left .....or take up residency in wood woop with my 'social security come identification visa credit card'....

its all a hoax

So the French are sending in the jets to destroy isis? they will show us footage of the carnage done by Putin and claim it was the French! a bit like the labor party claiming infrastructure done by the libs. I don't know how you people are falling for this Islamic crapp, these people are minding their own business in their own country and we send our hi tech war machines and bomb the shit out of them, for what? because the media are telling us, they hate us and we must kill them all because they will come here and kill us.

If one looks at the taxi driver - the US Government charged him with being an accessory - due to his SMS... So if this metadata bullshit is all for our betterment then why did not NSA pick up the clues?

Ta Micky. I've 1/16th Frog in me. Can't feel a thing. :)
Around 200 years ago my Huguenot ancestors escaped one of the Pope's pogroms and fled to England.

probably why Mrs elomar changed her plea to guilty....will blame sentencing and base her appeal on islamophobic attitudes

I they were not hell bent on flooding them into every western country I would agree with you Juggernaut but clearly the whole thing is working to a bigger plan and is been organised by a NWO.

the Russian warned the USA on multiple occasions about the Boston bombers...both of whom were shot by US killed...turns out they had worked for the CIA...its just too ridiculous..