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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


Gay marriage is the hot topic of debate these days. It seems like everyone is talking about it and most people who are prepared to voice an opinion seem to be in favour. To be honest, it isn’t a subject I have much interest in. However, something about this whole debate has my spider senses tingling.

Let’s just do the math here. The latest poll I could find in Australia in 2013 suggested that 1.9% of men and 1.2% of women identify as homosexual. Let’s call that around 1.5% of the population being gay which sounds about right to me.

Now, out of those people who identify as gay, how many are in a steady relationship and actually want to marry their partner? I have no idea but let me go out on a limb here and guesstimate that it might be around one third (I suspect that would be a wildly optimistic scenario).

That would suggest that around a half of one percent of the population might benefit if we changed the marriage act. How much would that benefit be worth to those people?

Currently, gay men or women can throw a mock wedding, have a mock ceremony and make real promises to their true love. They can then tell all of their friends that they are now married for good.

Under current law, they can also register a “Civil Union.” Although I am no lawyer, as far as I can tell, there is no real difference in legal terms between a Civil Union and a Marriage.

                                                       OK .... we'll vote NO

If we decide to change the Marriage Act, that half a percent of the population will also get a piece of paper from the Government which is a contract called marriage. This is a contract which either party can break at any time they like.

I couldn’t find figures for how many gay couples have rushed to register a Civil Union, but anecdotally, it doesn’t seem to be an awful lot.

So, there is the benefit in a nutshell. If we pass this law, then a fraction of one percent of the population can have a piece of paper which in the long term, may or may not make them feel a little bit better about themselves.

What then, is the possible downside to Marriage Equality?

Some more conservative or religious types have suggested that a change in the Marriage Act could affect a whole swathe of legislation and provide a taxpayer funded “Lawyers picnic” for years to come.

                         Greens prove you don't have to be gay to be a dickhead.

Some suggest it could open the door to polygamy and/or increased adoption by same sex couples (which is already legal). There is a real fear that it could be a source of religious discrimination and create a watering down of the currently accepted family unit. 

Some people think it is just another attack on the foundations of our society by Cultural Marxists whose ultimate goal is to “trash the joint.”

Given that none of these possibilities has been conclusively ruled out, politicians should be applying what is known as the “Precautionary Principle.” This principle is similar to the doctor’s guiding ethos which is to “Do no harm.”

In effect, politicians should not pass a law if the possibility exists that the law could produce unintended harmful side effects, particularly if the potential benefits are negligible at best.

                                Libs' Zimmerman puts the hard word on Shorten

So, my question is, why are our politicians spending so much time and energy discussing this issue? Don’t they have more pressing issues to talk about?

“What issue could be more important than Marriage Equality?” I hear you ask.

“Oh, I don’t know?” How about the fact that we could be less than 18 months away from a [email protected]#%g nuclear war between the USA and North Korea. Bear in mind that this oversized lunatic asylum, borders China and Russia, both physically and ideologically. 

Is that a situation which could affect the wellbeing of quite a lot of Australians?

                                 So you'd like to smack my bottom eh?, OK

Or how about the fact that, thanks to our idiotic politicians, in the last ten years we have gone from having a 20 billion dollar surplus, to a 400 billion dollar deficit (and counting) during a historically unprecedented mining boom?

Or how about the fact that a shed load of our politicians have failed in their solemn duty to ensure that they have no potential allegiance to a foreign power? This could call into question decades worth of legislation and see many of them facing serious jail time.

                             Navratilova says Margaret Court is a "homophobe".

I could think of about a hundred pressing issues without even trying. Yet our politicians want to put all of these things on the back burner while they worry about their newfound passion for gay marriage. Does anyone else smell a rat here?

Call me a cynic if you will. Call me homophobic if you want to (I get called much worse). If you are one of those people hoping for a Government stamp of approval of your relationship I am genuinely sorry. I just don’t think the Government gives a dam about you or your partner. I think this issue is being used as part of some larger agenda.

                              I've let you all down.... I tried so hard but I'm not gay

I don’t know exactly what that agenda is, but if Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten and Sarah Hanson-Young are all in favour, then I’ll be voting no on principle.


queers er baad m'kay.

This is all Marxism

I sympathise with those parents who find out their child has decided to be a practicing Homosexual...Being your child, you must, as Kin support them ....However in the back of their minds, it must be about as depressing as finding out your kid is a Serial Killer...
Honestly....What parent would have wished for that outcome when the kid was born?

I am sure the current number of gay MP's is greater than 1.5%. It is time that the laws were changed to only allow an equivalent number of gay MP's on a percentage basis to the whole population. After all the ALP insist on equal numbers on a gender basis.


Are conservatives and Christian – I know that there are still some out there – taking the same sex marriage vote seriously, seeing it as the existential threat, which it is? By that I mean exactly what Paul Kelly has said (The Weekend Australian, August 12-13, 2017, p. 15), namely that a “Yes” vote is likely to be returned, and religious freedom “will have a second and far more important consequence — an assault on religious freedoms made possible by inadequate laws that will see a major shift in Australian society.” These avenues include: “intimidation against individuals, schools, charities, businesses, adoption agencies and civic organisations. This includes consumer boycotts promoted by social media and even commercial boycotts against other commercial entities.” Those supporting traditional marriage will be treated just like immigration critics are now.

Today’s The Australian (August 14, 2017, p.1), carries the headline, “Same-Sex Coercion to Hit Schools,” and has this warning: “The Catholic Archbishop of Sydney has launched an attack on the push to legalise same-sex marriage, warning that a failure to protect religious freedoms will expose many Australians and faith-based institutions to the risk of “harassment and coercion”. Archbishop Anthony Fisher has warned that religious schools, hospitals, charities and welfare agencies could be jeopardised by a Yes vote for same-sex marriage in the government’s postal ballot. Firing an opening shot in the church’s campaign, the archbishop has laid down battlelines for the No case by linking the redefinition of marriage to broader community concerns about issues such as the contentious “Safe Schools program.”

This is spot-on. The very point of this issue is to attack traditional institutions such as the family and the church, and this is a matter of definition. Same sex couples can live together, but what they want is to change the definition of “marriage.” This cannot be other than a critique and deconstruction of traditional marriage, and the literature on this by the Left makes this clear.

That the Liberals have pursued this issue indicates that they are a hopeless party and no conservative or Christian should support them or vote for them. Likewise the Labor Party. Find someone else to vote for, and tell others. Oppose those in your church supporting all of this political correctness. Take a stand, you are supposed to be following in Christ’s footsteps, not the global supermarket chain!

If you do not take a stand, expect this to be the beginning of the end of Christianity, in the social institution sense. What do you think will be the next big thing the elites go for after this, because they never rest, and will never give up until we are destroyed, and our culture with it.

I think the plebiscite result is going to leave a lot of poofters butt hurt.

i am forming a new group called sagga, al oakley society against gays getting anything

1.9% of men & 1.2% of women identify as homosexual. Let’s call that around 1.5% of the population being gay, so why are we giving away our rights to a tiny minority? What's next? Sharia Law so Muslims will be gay [which is happy, what gay actually means].

Sexual anarchy preached in schools as 'inevitable behavior' instead of teaching responsibility and purity. Tucker Carlson brings up something which these"gender Benders"haven't thought about.If you can say what SEX you are,then you can also say YOU are a person of COLOUR.That will throw the cat among the pigeons.? The slope is getting more slippery.

Your a crypto-poofter.

The good old days when Kookaburra’s were Gay as they sang in the old gum tree..B&W educational homosexual video and a little dose of Old Fashioned Truth and Decency…….

Luvit Harry, great work. My only beef is you used the once nice word "Gay" which the Homo's hijacked..

Received an email from my federal member, Stephen Jones, urging me to vote in favour of "our lgbtiqueeretc friends" (I believe he's one anyway) and support the Labor party. He also states that he isn't in favour of a plebiscite; poo pushing pollies should make the decision for us. The overall intention of this is to further erode freedom of speech. In the not too distant future you may be arrested on suspicion of having an opinion contrary to the dickheads who would rule.


Kevin Freer Sun 27 Aug 2017 10:01:57 am
I wonder if what is actually " behind" all this hoohar lies the fact that our Malky is a closet poofter and that is why he has rigged the result by having a postal vote rather than the accepted manner of conducting a plebesite?

We give in to everything. Gay marriage, Burkhas, Islam, unions, in the end we stand for nothing and will pay the price. How lucky was the USA that they didnt get the whining Hilary Clinton as President. The answer is no but it will make no difference who cares what the people want anyway. Now Shorten is going to fix the WA gst problem. No end of problem solvers in the Labor Parfty. Or should that be problem creators.?

Social engineering by a minority group once again - yuck

If they are so sure we are going to vote YES then why are they so against a Plebiscite?

All the pillow biters and their supporters are crowing about the number of last minute registrations for the vote! I don't suppose they have thought that a lot of those new voters could be against their cause.

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