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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Steve Waugh as captain would refuse to walk (and it wasn't just his dodgy calf) until he was given out by an umpire. Because a batsman cannot be given out until the opposing team appeals, Waugh would stand there waiting for an appeal he hoped might not come despite a clear nick and a clear catch. 

Other batsmen automatically walked once they realised they were out fairly and squarely.

Was it Waugh who started all this un-golf-like cheating?

The game has changed. 

1 Every appeal should go upstairs, they will slow-motion and track it anyway.

2 Leave the bloody ball alone! Shining one side is interfering with its flight. Stop it!

3 And stop the sledging. There are mikes everywhere. It’s not fair to say you’ve given a batsman’s wife, three of his daughters and his mother a good rogering last night, even if it's true.

Okay, then there will be absolutely no reason to watch a stupid bloody boring game with bloody stupid rules!

At least the Yanks had the brains to convert it to baseball where you can only alter the ball's flight with skill.  


Yep! Especially to your comments on Steve Waugh. He had a reputation as an arsehole to junior cricketers when he played in club games.

You have to be able to shine it! Stupid comment. It's the roughing up deliberately that is the problem. GO HAWKS!

The disgraced cricketers were searching for positives to come from their deplorable behaviour . They've supplied struggling comedians with a vast amount of new material and embraced the new gender fluid ideology as their changerooms will be signposted as Girlymen.

Don't take this too seriously because I don't give a rats about cricket. Here's what happened. Warner concocted the whole deal out of vengeance for the sledging he copped over his wife. He was white with rage and out to get back at them no matter what. Both Bancroft and Smith knew it was wrong and wouldn't have done it of their own accord, but both were too spineless to stand up to him. If Warner had any character whatsoever he would have owned up at his presser but preferred to hide behind the fog of uncertainty and lingering doubt. Well - that's what you get when you pay bogans millions of dollars allow them to represent the country and hope they don't act like a bogan.'

Cricket Australia will be in damage control again after Warner's presser . If they think they've done a thorough investigation and can move forward then Sutherland better start looking for a new job .The road to redemption seems to have a few speed humps and detours when the players lack the brutal honesty to move forward. Simple questions go unanswered and if that's what the authorities accept then there's more carnage on the way. The initial ball tampering isn't a hanging offence but the follow up evasive and ambiguous answers leave a sour taste that still lingers.

This episode is a warning shot across the bow. Australians will not tolerate cheating. It sends a message to the ICC that any ball tampering or cheating in the game of cricket must carry an equal penalty that has been metered out. It send a message to Australian politicians that cheating , including lying will be met with serious punishment. This will have grave ramifications for all professional sport in this country. So for those that have cheered and ridiculed, Smith, Warner and Bancroft, the stage has been set. Accountability has now entered into a new era. So be careful what you wish for. A sodomization may be banging on your door.

Let's face it all these guys have atrocious risk/reward antennaes. The roughing of the ball gives an almost incalculable small advantage which may or may not result in the taking of a wicket, which may or may not win a match. At stake is millions of personal dollars humiliation, disgrace and a life of embarrassment. The odds are so out of kilter you would swear they must have been on something.

Murrililitheren chucked for his whole career. They altered the interpretation of the rule to allow him to play.

Follow the money! Warner drinking champagne after Bancrofts sandpaper efforts! Look at Warners Management and IPL connections!! Indian Bookmakers! Match Fixing!! More money made off the field!! The real story is the money behind the scenes!! Wake up Australia!!

More needs to be known of how much these elite business sports people are making from us seeing they are making millions from sponsorships so why do we need to pay them at all , pay them per how many seats are filled at their every business meeting on the wicket

"There are mikes everywhere"

Not a bad thing, really,

Well maybe Mike Carlton could be an exception, after he pickled his brain.

I am sick and tired of hearing the three cheating cricketers saying they " made a mistake".A mistake is when you do something by accident.What they did was premeditated.The only mistake they made was getting caught.Who was the person associated with them who told the vide cameraman to pay close attention to what they did during the game?What a scoop for the cameraman!

Hope all the Australian haters and Australian cricket knockers are satisfied!! Just listened to Steve Smith press conference in 2 GB, the guy is broken. Great work all those media cunts! Go rot in hell.

Sorry but to blame our arguably best ever captain and cricketer Steve Waugh for perceived bad sportsmanship is laughable. have you not heard of WG Grace? read a few stories about him including his first tour of Australia prior to WW1, where he was bowled by a young fast bowler who went on to be killed in WW1. Grace promptly turned around and repaired the stumps and said go back and bowl again lad. The crowd has come to watch me bat, not you bowl. Look at the Pakis, Indians, Boks and endless list of English bad sports before you bag out our own. Just like the current situation get the circumstances correct.

Players striking. CA caving in and losing face. Got to have pay back and scape goats. Smells of a conspiracy to me. I know most sportsmen have low IQs, but that attempt at tampering was woefully pathetic..

With all the media attention being given to this Cricket ‘scandal’, what a wonderful diversion it is for Mr Turnbull. He doesn’t have to continue worrying about the real news.
Smith, Warner and Bancroft couldn’t have put on their act at a better time.
Mr Turnbull’s government is six percentage points behind Labor, our power costs have more than doubled under his guidance thanks to his support for Renewable Energy Policies, we are struggling with infrastructure congestion in the face of 245,000 new migrants last year, his tax plans are going nowhere, our national debt is rising and after years of warnings we still have only three or four weeks of liquid fuel supplies, even though we have enormous reserves of hydrocarbons in the ground that can produce liquid fuel.
Keep paying attention to the cricketers everyone; Malcolm Turnbull is loving it.

I cannot believe the absolute chaos that this situation has generated. Fairdinkum Warner, Smith and Bancroft are being treated as criminals and you could be forgiven for thinking that the scenes of Smith being ambushed at the Airport and paraded like a drug mule being lead to his execution in Indonesia. There are media types in Australia who harbor hatred for Cricket, the game and the players. I point to the likes of Craddock who love nothing better than this situation to vent their infected spleen. some of you sanctimonious types out there obviously have no knowledge of cricket and its recent history. You are aware of the this type of offence occurring many times in the past? such culprits include Tendulker, Atherton, and current SA captain Faf du Plessis (who has been charged twice).

They will all consider legal action. I can hear the legal eagle wheels grinding already. ICC gave them a week. That was it. The stuttering blithering idiot Sutherland and Howard will have their arses and nuts sued... You can take that to the bank...

lets not forget the monkey rolling on the pitch?

Warner has issued an apology:

To cricket fans in Australia and all over the world: I am currently on my way back to Sydney.

Mistakes have been made which have damaged cricket.

I apologise for my part and take responsibility for it.

I understand the distress this has caused the sport and its fans.

Its a stain on the game we all love and I have loved since I was a boy.

I need to take a deep breath and spend time with my family, friends and trusted advisers. You will hear from me in a few days.