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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


As said here often, it is easier to bring a Party to its knees from the inside, and it has become the new normal in Australian and indeed world politics. Julia Gillard had been well-schooled in communist political tactics when she swore to infiltrate the Labor Party with the help of some of Australia’s best known communists.

After promoting the Greens to her coalition partners in government, Gillard came very close to pulling it off. Bill Shorten is just as determined as are all revolutionaries and they have interminable time on their hands.

Never has there been so many politicians from opposing parties who do so much damage to the Party they pretend to belong to, yet it is damage to a Party they have no ideological link to… invariably they are philosophically linked to the opposing Party, and on a mission to destroy this rival to their real ideology of choice.

Enter Malcolm Turnbull… he also came close to burying the Liberal Party forever… he still believes he can do it. When he applied for preselection to the ALP in the early nineties the talk was part of the political chicanery world-wide.

What the hell was John McCain doing in the GOP? He voted against everything the Party voted for and with everything the Democrats voted for. It was his single Senate vote that prevented the reformation of the hopeless Obamacare.

Is Theresa May really a Brexiteer? Of course not! Does Germany’s Angela Merkel want what’s best for Europe as she opens the Continent to millions of Muslims on the move?

Is not the Liberal Party’s Ann Sudmalis biding her time in order to cause the most disruption when she departs Canberra as promised? Is not Julia Banks planning the same?

And what the hell does the cunning Julie Bishop have planned now that she has been shunned by the Party who was wise to her, giving her a mere ten votes in a leadership spill? (Eleven if you count her own vote)

There will be some late nights spent plotting at Point Piper over the next few months and expect to see Mr Wonderful disappear now that he is superfluous to her needs, as was Tim Mathieson eventually superfluous to Julia Gillard’s needs.

The Liberal Party’s very few women are still committed to Turnbull and an ever-present danger to Morrison. Most have a fascination with the UN and its global warming scam.

Trump’s most dangerous enemies are also embedded deep inside his own Party.

Most women believe they are smarter and more sophisticated than the low-brow Party they rode into Parliament on… Remember Jacqui Lambie and a slew of One Nation egotists with alternative agenda?

From now on preselectors of both major Parties must look deeper into the agendum of applicants… it is far too easy to maximise damage from within under the cover of so-called Party “loyalty”.

It is happening now without anyone noticing!


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.Indignant Elder Sun 21 Oct 2018 10:48:18 am
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Oh I forgot. I've tried that for a hundred times or so and it only seems to work one way.

I wouldn't have voted for an ex UBER driver either.

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I was thinking it would. May still be watching the video or whatever it was.

Onya IE.

73.91% turnout. Is that like the protest in SSM postal vote that people voted no by abstaining??

A simple question ... how do you see Australia in 5 years time and in 10 years? Don't hold back

White Power.!!!

All this tracks back to the Turd and his band of traitorous c#*ts who stabbed TA in the back..... What a bunch of arse holes...........

On a cool Sunday evening five weeks ago, Malcolm Turnbull pulled up in his Volvo station wagon and followed a path to the front door of a large home in Queanbeyan set on a bush block. He rang the doorbell, then crossed the threshold to his destiny.
It was September 13 and inside the house, just a 15-minute drive from Parliament House in Canberra, a group of MPs from the Left and Right wings of the Liberal Party had gathered — focused activists now — to discuss a leadership spill to sever Tony Abbott from the prime ministership.
This was the penultimate moment. It was a final opportunity to weigh up numbers, test assumptions, refine a cascade of scenarios, consider the danger points and count — yet again — those who were certain to vote for Turnbull, those likely to vote for him and those who would vote for Abbott. In between lay uncertainties, but the scales had tipped irrevocably towards the removal of Abbott. They had the numbers now.

If only I could go back in time to the beginning of Sept 2015 and warn TA of what will happen

Could Malcolm’s Wentworth revenge work in Nationalists’ favour? -

The ABC now stating that the By Election result is closer that we think! 900 the difference and postal votes still to come in. Sounds like they are hoping for a different result!! So funny. Idiots all put in a 'protest' vote thinking others wouldn't. Morons.

The Libs have only one course of action, go 'far right' or fold up their tent. Time to decide!

They should have had these real aboriginal Yolgnu dancers.

Would have been much more entertaining.

Would have shown what a multicultural country we are.

Tiger should be here shortly with an objective critique of Sky's 'Outsiders' . . . Just as soon as she wipes the spittle off the telly.

Denizens of Wentworth - biting the hand that fed you!

Most of them owe everything they have, their house, their investment portfolio, their education, the whole shooting match to conservative politics and the monarchy. And here they are, bleeding heart liberals on a guilt trip injected into their psyche by the repetition of lies and half truths, playing on their social conscience.

Well, their education wasn't good enough to see the wood for the trees and they are too busy sunning themselves to look at what is going on in the rest of the city they live on the edge of.

Will be interesting to see how the vote count ends up. It's reasonably close.

Just listening to Morrison talking - he's doing well. Talked about Turnbull RESIGNING and sticking up for the party. This might not be over..Liberal vote surges