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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


As said here often, it is easier to bring a Party to its knees from the inside, and it has become the new normal in Australian and indeed world politics. Julia Gillard had been well-schooled in communist political tactics when she swore to infiltrate the Labor Party with the help of some of Australia’s best known communists.

After promoting the Greens to her coalition partners in government, Gillard came very close to pulling it off. Bill Shorten is just as determined as are all revolutionaries and they have interminable time on their hands.

Never has there been so many politicians from opposing parties who do so much damage to the Party they pretend to belong to, yet it is damage to a Party they have no ideological link to… invariably they are philosophically linked to the opposing Party, and on a mission to destroy this rival to their real ideology of choice.

Enter Malcolm Turnbull… he also came close to burying the Liberal Party forever… he still believes he can do it. When he applied for preselection to the ALP in the early nineties the talk was part of the political chicanery world-wide.

What the hell was John McCain doing in the GOP? He voted against everything the Party voted for and with everything the Democrats voted for. It was his single Senate vote that prevented the reformation of the hopeless Obamacare.

Is Theresa May really a Brexiteer? Of course not! Does Germany’s Angela Merkel want what’s best for Europe as she opens the Continent to millions of Muslims on the move?

Is not the Liberal Party’s Ann Sudmalis biding her time in order to cause the most disruption when she departs Canberra as promised? Is not Julia Banks planning the same?

And what the hell does the cunning Julie Bishop have planned now that she has been shunned by the Party who was wise to her, giving her a mere ten votes in a leadership spill? (Eleven if you count her own vote)

There will be some late nights spent plotting at Point Piper over the next few months and expect to see Mr Wonderful disappear now that he is superfluous to her needs, as was Tim Mathieson eventually superfluous to Julia Gillard’s needs.

The Liberal Party’s very few women are still committed to Turnbull and an ever-present danger to Morrison. Most have a fascination with the UN and its global warming scam.

Trump’s most dangerous enemies are also embedded deep inside his own Party.

Most women believe they are smarter and more sophisticated than the low-brow Party they rode into Parliament on… Remember Jacqui Lambie and a slew of One Nation egotists with alternative agenda?

From now on preselectors of both major Parties must look deeper into the agendum of applicants… it is far too easy to maximise damage from within under the cover of so-called Party “loyalty”.

It is happening now without anyone noticing!


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I dare you to try it again .ie? bet ya kant....Weak tikka.Like the old girl Harpo...No bottle

.Indignant Elder Sun 21 Oct 2018 10:48:18 am
I'll tell you what Stoned One, how about you leave me alone and I'll leave you alone.
Oh I forgot. I've tried that for a hundred times or so and it only seems to work one way.

Ballbreaker, Sharma would have to be a shoe in to win you would reckon. The voting won't be over till he does.

Sounds like the Wentworth Jews are doing it tough at the moment Rin.

Breaking,even stevens,ol lady still hasn't finished singing.

Problem is .. they already think they are "right"!

Mike, the current LNP is only tilting at windmills.

I was thinking it would. May still be watching the video or whatever it was.

I think you may well be 'right on' here mike... it's past time for the Prime Minister and his Ministers to 'put up' or 'shut up'... there's been too much of this 'sitting pretty' nonsense in recent times. Voters need to know just that this party 'stands for'.. right now, they're swinging too many ways... they have to keep it simple yet firm.

Onya IE.

Only mischievous lefties claim that their favourite targets are far-right.

73.91% turnout. Is that like the protest in SSM postal vote that people voted no by abstaining??

They have never been far-right, do you know what far-right and far-left are? Liberals and Nationals traditionally held the centre ground of Australian politics, Labor on the left and some far-left including the Greens. The ALP-DLP 1950s split was more conservative Labor splitting from the growing Communist influence within Labor and the Unions. Capitalists tend to be conservatives and the Lib-Nat parties were for small business and business generally, free-market capitalism.

Sharma announces $2.2 million government grant for NSW Jewish security
The Liberal candidate for Wentworth in the upcoming by-election Dave Sharma visited the Community Security Group where he announced the federal government’s $2.2 million grant for The Council for Jewish Community Security in NSW.
Dave Sharma said: “The grant is to provide for critical security upgrades for Jewish institutions predominantly in Wentworth. $1.685 is for backbone security structure, connectivity and the command centre and a further $500,000 will allow individual institutions to upgrade their own security infrastructure to plug into the command centre. This is a response to individual requirements which have been certified and approved by security agencies in Australia.”
Sharma added that the amount does not cover the total requirements which have been sought but this grant is expected to meet urgent needs.
He added: “This is not contingent on being elected. However it allows to spotlight what a local member of parliament can deliver.”
Chair of The Council for Jewish Community Security Peter Wise said: “Our mantra is protecting Jewish life but it really is protecting the Jewish way of life.”
Read more

A simple question ... how do you see Australia in 5 years time and in 10 years? Don't hold back

We have enough left leaning snowflakes, time to stand up for the silent majority. Late term abortion, homo marriage, open borders, burqa experiments, windmills, no coal, expensive power have all had a good run. Now it's time to dustbin the lot.

I keep saying it: Look to the Donald, Scomo, look to the Donald. The US President has provided the perfect template and the Libs refuse to use it. Certainly working for Matteo Salvini and Viktor Orban. To quote the band Placebo: "All it takes is one decision, a lot of guts, and a little vision."

Angus, those two choices are in fact the same choice

Reshuffle now and TA goes to Foreign Minister also BJ to a major post.