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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Muhammad Ali's very name belies that he considered his name of Cassius Clay was a “slave name”, as suggested to him by Malcolm X of the Nation of Islam.

He was born Cassius Marcellus Clay, and was actually named after the famous white anti-slavery campaigner Cassius Marcellus  Clay. Strange how misleading notes are presented as facts, eh?

But here’s what is even more interesting. At the age of 21, he changed his name to "Muhammad Ali" of all things. The exact same name as the brutal Arab slave-owner and slave-trader of Sudanese blacks, Muhammad Ali of  Egypt, Ottoman viceroy of Egypt, and founder of modern Egypt. Was Malcolm X having a lend of Ali?

Under the influence of the Nation of Islam, Ali also criticised interracial sex: "In an interview with Playboy in 1964 he said: "A black man should be killed if he's found messing with a white woman." When the interviewer asked about black women “messing” with a white man, Ali responded: "Then she dies. Kill her, too."

But hang on, Ali himself descends from a number of consenting white-black interracial marriages. His great-grandfather was a white Irishman named Abe Grady, who emigrated to America and married a "free coloured woman".

So this most adored and most hated black boxer of all time was born with the name of a white liberator of black slaves, and he then changed it to the name of an infamous Arab trader in black slaves. Muhammad Ali of Egypt was the only person of any note in the world called "Muhammad Ali" at the time the boxer adopted that name.

He must have known but did not care! Is slavery of blacks acceptable only if you are an Arab? Did he ever regret adopting the name of a black slaver?

Al-Ahram Weekly Online, Egypt, 6-12 Dec 2001, openly celebrated the fact that the boxer abandoned the name of a slave-liberator and adopted the name of a slave-trader: "He renounced his slave connection, and took the name of the great Muslim Albanian ruler of modern Egypt Muhammad Ali. He changed the consciousness of his people. He raised their pride and dignity." WTF?

The boxer said in reply: "Cassius Clay is my given slave name. I didn't choose it, and I didn't want it. I am Muhammad Ali, a free name (it means beloved of God) and I insist people use it when speaking to me or speaking about me."

There is little doubt the level of adoration afforded this black boxer is unparalleled... and with good reason. His silky athleticism transformed a bloodthirsty sport of thuggery into pure artistry. His movements confounded his opponents simply because they had never seen them before.

I have never been a fan of boxing, as it’s hard to label the ambition of rendering an opponent brain-damaged as a “sport”. In every other sport you will get sent off and heavily fined!

But Ali was different, very different, and his close association with the Black Panther movement evaporated the moment he stepped into a ring. He was highly intelligent and ran free from any rule book, yet as with all famous people, others took advantage of him.

But how Islamic was Ali? Not a lot apparently. The “Muslim Burial Rules” publication sets out what must happen approaching, and immediately after, death.

When To Hold A Muslim Funeral

According to Islamic “Shariah” law the body must be buried as soon as possible after death, which means that funeral planning and preparations should begin immediately. A local Islamic community organisation should be contacted as soon as possible, and they will help make arrangements for the funeral service and burial, assist the family in identifying an appropriate funeral home, and coordinate with the funeral home. Cremation is forbidden for Muslims.

Organ Donation

If there is any question as to whether or not organs may be donated, it is best to consult with a religious leader or Muslim funeral director.


Routine autopsies are not acceptable in Islam as they are seen as a desecration of the body. In most cases, the family of the deceased may refuse to have a routine autopsy performed.

Preparing The Body

To prepare the body for burial, it must be washed (“Ghusl”) and shrouded (“Kafan”). Close (only same-sex family members) should give Ghusl, although in the case of spousal death the spouse may perform the washing. The body must be washed three times. If, after three washings, the body is not entirely clean, it may be washed more, though ultimately the body must be washed an odd number of times.

The body should be washed in the following order: Upper right side, upper left side, lower right side, lower left side. Women’s hair should be washed and braided into three braids. Once clean and prepared, the body should be covered in a white sheet.

Viewing, Wake, Or Visitation Before A Muslim Funeral

When a Muslim dies, the body must be buried as soon as possible after death, therefore no viewing of the body is permitted before the funeral.

The Muslim Funeral Service

Salat al-Janazah (funeral prayers) should be performed by all members of the community. The prayers should be recited at the mosque, but they should not be recited inside the mosque; instead, they should be performed in a prayer room or study room, or in the mosque’s courtyard. Those praying should face Mecca and form at least three lines, with the male most closely related to the person who died in the first line, followed by men, then children, then women. [Ah ah even funerals decree that the sheilas come last.]


After Salat al-Janazah has been recited, the body should be transported to the cemetery for burial. Only men are allowed to be present at the burial, though in exceptional circumstances all mourners, including women, [even women] will be allowed at the gravesite. The grave should be dug perpendicular to Mecca (the qiblah) and the body should be placed in the grave on its right side, facing Mecca.

A layer of wood or stones should then be placed on top of the body to prevent direct contact between the body and the covering soil.

Then each mourner present will place three handfuls of soil into the grave. Once the grave has been filled, a small stone or marker may be placed at the grave so that it is recognisable. However, it is prohibited to erect a large monument on the grave or decorate the grave in an elaborate way.

Muslim Mourning Period And Memorial Events

Widows are expected to observe a longer mourning period, generally of four months and ten days. During this time, widows are prohibited from interacting with men whom they could potentially marry (known as “na-mahram”). However, this rule may be overlooked in cases of emergency, such as when the widow must see a doctor. [I guess it must be a doctor she doesn’t fancy.]

It is acceptable in Islam to express grief over a death. [Oooh, that’s good.] Crying and weeping at the time of death, at the funeral, and at the burial are all acceptable forms of expression. However, wailing and shrieking, tearing of clothing and breaking of objects, and expressing a lack of faith in Allah are all prohibited. [Disgusting behaviour.]

Ali could easily have kept punching before his opponent fell to the canvas, but he always knew when enough was enough ... and he walked away. 

Well, we are about to see just how Islamically fair dinkum Ali, his family and close friends are... he will not be buried for a week after his death, now that’s a little more Western and clearly sacrilegious for Muslims.

And it’s doubtful any of the other funereal dictums will be followed. Was he truly a Muslim or did he die doubtful of Islam and Shariah’s ambitions. Did he adhere only to what is now the racially emotional “Black Lives Matter” movement? Was it his social conscience or his belief in Islam? We will never know.

Whatever the case I will remember him as the greatest athlete ever, with an intellect to match.


Lights who understands nothing but has his stupid contribution. Thick as. Read what I said, this is about the persecution of another poster. But of course decent behaviour is too much to ask for from the dregs of society. As for wanting sympathy you are always whining about your health. want a fair deal and sympathy. Sure. When you respect the people here, perhaps they might respect you. A few short months ago (many will remember this) two posters here, in unison, subjected another post to abuse, which included threats to assault and a death threat. The worst offender wasn't removed and continued to post here. Read Dodo's comment. Ditto.

Stringybark/Kym Durance constantly pick on and abuse posters here, personally and for their views. If a poster chooses to use their real name, that's their right and their own responsibility. And having done that regularly, you now cry wolf and want a '

Freak circus. By the way Disraeli how are the ladies of the night?

Yeah they leave shovels on people's doorsteps. Oops that's the CFMEU. My mistake. :-)

I suppose I am out of place asking for decency for some one from people who lack any. Note Kym has never communicated with me and I made this request on my own. The Far Right are such low cowards.

Are you for real stringbark? No standing up when any number of others were crucified here - and at their homes - and particularly the treatment metered out to Whiteside. You heroes of the left who claim the right are bully boys - when Bob Kernohan was bashed by who?

Ha ha idiot leftoid's shot himself in the foot again Drac.
Wonder which one of "them" received the phone call.
Was there really a phone call?
Does reality ever visit?

This has to stop. A poster is being harassed particularly by Dracula as being someone else. I can give as good as I get but this is not fair on Kym Durance and is surely unacceptable behaviour even for this site. Dracula is a well known internet bully playing the game it thrives on. It diminishes this site that Dracula is allowed to continue to bully a poster who used their real name. Kym actually received a telephone threat. Note your anonymity will not last long when real threats are made and the police are involved. I do not know Kym but they seem a decent person and have every right to post here without being subjected to unacceptable behaviour.

I had the pleasure of working with a look-a-like Ali/Cassius in one of my lives. A mountain of a man with hands that could easily span a 750 litre beer bottle.

We could take the piss out of one another without all this PC bullshit. A good man to have on your side.

One interesting memory was when we discussed the size of this hands he told me it was bred into them as slaves in the cotton fields. He told me plantations owners bred them like race horses and cross bred those who were physically better cotton pickers.

Those with bigger hands were obviously better cotton pickers.

Nobody will ever call me a racist, I loved people like him.

Refugee mill in overdrive: Assad declares “War on Terror” against Erdogan...“Assad vows to fight on, says Aleppo to be Erdogan’s graveyard”, Reuters, June 7, 2016

President Bashar al-Assad vowed on Tuesday to fight on in what he called Syria’s war against terrorism, showing no sign of compromise in his first major address since peace talks broke down in April.

Assad said he would win back “every inch” of Syria and said Aleppo would be a graveyard for the hopes and dreams of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, a major sponsor of the insurgents battling to topple him.

“Our war against terrorism is continuing,” Assad said in a speech to parliament broadcast by state TV. “As we liberated Tadmur (Palmyra) and before it many areas, we will liberate every inch of Syria from their hands. Our only option is victory, otherwise Syria will not continue.”

The Syrian army and allied militia, aided by Russian air strikes, recovered control of Palmyra from Islamic State insurgents in March. In addition to the war with Islamic State, Assad is fighting rebels who include groups that have received support from his foreign enemies, Turkey included.

The war has greatly diminished Assad’s control of Syria, with Islamic State, an array of rebel groups, and a powerful Kurdish militia establishing authority over wide parts of the country….

UK Police After Breitbart Exposé: ‘Anti-Fascists’ Ironically The Most Intolerant… Intent On Violence And Criminality...Brighton’s police chief has finally denounced rampaging so-called anti-fascists “looking to attack any bald men” after Breitbart London revealed arrests at a “far right” demonstration had been misleadingly reported.

Ten men and four women – most from Brighton, but two of no fixed address – have been bailed pending further inquiries after a string of assaults at a demonstration at a “skin head” music concert on 4 June.The BBC reported: “Twelve arrests were made in connection with an anti-immigration demonstration… after police received reports of assault and criminal damage involving a large group of masked men in Brighton.”

A huge #antifa turnout in Brighton today, but it’s hard to fight fash when they’re hiding

— Sanj (@sanjeedah) June 4, 2016

The article strongly implies that the masked criminals were anti-migration protestors, but after Breitbart London enquired, a spokesman for Sussex Police conceded that all of the “arrests were made from within the anti-fascist group”.

The BBC has thus far failed to amend its article, even after Breitbart London contacted their journalists responsible as well as being assured their sub editors were aware of the poor reporting.

The police and media have been accused of a “cover-up” online, and today Brighton Police Chief Superintendent Nev Kemp rushed to retrospectively condemn the left wing violence.

“There were a significant number [of anti-Fascists] who took part who were intent on violence and criminality,” he told The Argus. Adding:

“There were a number of people in the protest who showed they were actually – ironically, bearing in mind the protest is about tolerance – some of the most intolerant people you could come across.

Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre In Flames As Migrant Camp Destroyed...Two migrants have been arrested today after a migrant camp housed in Düsseldorf’s major international trade fair ground burst into flames.

Migrants have been housed in vacant exhibition halls of the colossal trade centre since September 2015, but now hall 18 has been “completely destroyed”, according to statements by fire crews, reports the Rheinische Post.

Stevie Wonder, Christina Aguilera Host Concert for Hillary...Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton called on some of music’s biggest names for a star-studded concert at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles Monday night, just hours before the polls opened for Tuesday’s critical California primary.

Stevie Wonder, Christina Aguilera, John Legend, Ricky Martin and Andra Day performed at the sold-out “She’s With Us” concert Monday night, with the proceeds from the show going to the Hillary Victory Fund joint fundraising committee.

A bevy of other celebrities — including actresses Eva Longoria, Kate Walsh and Mary Steenburgen; actor Jamie Foxx; singer Cher; basketball great Magic Johnson; and Scandal showrunner Shonda Rhimes — also participated in Monday night’s event, with many delivering short remarks to the crowd.

HuffPo: ‘Inherent Value’ and ‘Logic’ in Violence Against Trump Supporters...The Huffington Post has published an article defending violence against Trump supporters as a “logical” response to the “racism, nativism, xenophobia, misogyny, Islamophobia, ableism and propensity towards authoritarianism” associated with the Trump campaign.

The article, written by Colorado-based writer and self-described “engaged citizen” Jesse Benn, goes far beyond even the positions of Emmett Rensin, the Vox editor whose call for more anti-Trump riots resulted in a suspension from his job.

Benn, who won a “Mark of Excellence” award from the Society Of Professional Journalists in 2012, defends anti-Trump violence as a “perfectly logical reaction” to the “normalization” of Donald Trump, who he says represents the “foulest” tendencies of America.

Carville: Trump May Not Be Republican Nominee...Tuesday night on MSNBC’s primary voting coverage, long-time Clinton adviser and Democratic operative James Carville said there is a possibility the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will not be the final nominee after the Republican National Convention this summer in Cleveland, OH.

Carville said, “I honestly believe this, I think there’s some chance that Trump will not be the nominee. I think what we see and hear is a real unraveling. For today the news that came in that people are not endorsing him and pulling back and everything else. I think this thing is going at a lot faster speed than we can imagine. The pressure on him will be enormous.”

When asked how it would be possible for Republicans to remove Trump, he continued, “I don’t know.

Comrade Felix still hard at it with the CFA. He is probably in the queue with those wonderful sand baggers at Cronulla. Get Up Galahs out in force ? Not very likely.

Why is it that time after time after time after fucking time, the LNP choose idiotic, inept and inane advertising agencies for their campaigns? The Liberal TV ad with Shortypants giving his little grab about company tax doesn't hit home because the public don't know that he's actually reneging on that. They're giving him a free kick. Stupid and fucking incompetent children at the cannons. God help us all.