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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The only bloke they neither cheered nor booed at Gough’s wake was the irrepressible Kevin07. He has been in the “best forgotten” bin for a while now but you can bid on a bit of nostalgia now that his house is up for sale... but you’ll need to do something about that bathroom.

Uncle Kev got a lot of stuff back-to-front including his bathroom doors, replete with doggie door.

Now dinner guests at Kev’s joint who suddenly needed to siphon the python or have a little hover, were directed to a sign that said “moor htab”.

You could be excused for thinking Kev must have especially imported those doors from Makopanong village in eastern Lesotho.

It wouldn’t be until after you had washed your hands, realised there was no towel, and were wiping them on your shirt before you twigged to what “bath room” spells backwards.

But Kev’s little Pekinese dog, he lovingly calls ‘Julia’, actually used to be a pointy nosed Dachshund but the poor little thing never got the hang of following Kev into the bath room because the doggie door swung the other way.

Anyway, Kev must have felt right at home in such a dysfunctional joint.


He's only got $200m. This cost $400m plus. Puts it in perspective doesn't it.

Is Paddy Alan Joyce's brother?

Gunther, and why do Politicians now need Bomb Proof cars? Is it because they represent us? NOT? They service us like a bull services a cow.

I switched off 7 news after they mentioned shirtfront 4 times in 1 minute but what choice do you have, the ABC is still locked on ''shirtfront''

There's probavly a left-handed Redback waiting under the lip of that bathtub.

Just having another look at those doors! You wouldn't want to wake up in the morning with a hang over! I think I'd puke!

Are the Rudd's leaving Brisbane and Australia? Woo Hoo!

You are lucky 100% !

Anyone see Australian Story about HAWKE the other night. I taped it and just watched it and about 20 minutes in there was a young cartoonist with a huge cartoon on a float, and I think it could have been Larry. Anyone confirm that. He was dressed in a pinky red with a similar coloured cap.

G It was 27degrees here at 2pm and strong cool breeze blowing. Sunshine Coast. My wind chimes singing like crazy. Pool has ripples in it from the breeze and not hot at all.

I think I read it on Bolt.

One thing for sure the World's Media will go home from Brisbane tell the World that the Australian Media are the Greatest Bunch of Turds they have ever come across.

Ah ! ........ thanks DJT.

DJT - links would be helpful - in 37 degree heat it's an effort to google - saps the energy !

I'm waiting for the Multinational Tax take item on the agenda. Want to see if they laugh Hockey off the stage and then go and drink more champagne.

Listening to 24 whipping itself into a frenzy about OBummers hyped up claptrap Climate Change speech at the Uni , and this absolute idiot Tony Eastley talking to Josh Frydenberg trying his best to keep rattling on about it .
What a far kin joke .. historic agreement !!! ... NON Binding

Let's see if I understand this correctly: We are hosting 20 representatives of the most indebted, bankrupt, insolvent countries on earth, in an indebted, bankrupt, insolvent state, in an indebted, bankrupt, insolvent country, for a weekend getaway. ...Right. The obscene costs to accommodate, satiate and protect these valuable representatives will be paid for by the taxpayer. ...Right. The Craig Thompson Recreation Centres in Brisbane are preparing for a gang-buster weekend of business. ...Right. Our western-style eCONomic problems will be solved in a weekend. ...Right.

Larry, in answer to your question, " Only if it is both his wrists"

Albert - which charities ?

OT, Found this while trawling, the fact that it is a union organisor says it all ....reality denier.