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Tuesday, 19th February 2019

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... best become a Muslim

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Ask any Muslim leader and he (there are only “hes”) will tell you Sharia law is coming to the West and there’s nothing the West can do about it. He will also declare that democracy will be abolished, the Islam faith will be adopted by all and non-compliance will unfortunately require the removal of your head. 

“It’s just a matter of time”, is the oft-quoted phrase and time, including various explosive devices, his steely black eyes will confirm he has plenty of.

But Oz is a sleepy little corner of the Globe where “faith” is in footy, fishing and the fifth at Flemington. And anyway we have a sweet little section of our Racial Discrimination Act (18C) where our judiciary requires us to accommodate this Muslim leader’s forecast and prevents us offending him.

It’s probably time we put down the form guide and had a gander at what this Muslim has accomplished so far. 

Halal certification is going really well, mosques are still mushrooming, imams are still promising multiple virgins in return for murder and there’s even a bikie gang (Brothers 4 Life) to make sure everything goes smoothly.

The financial arm of the movement, Sharia Banking, is also booming with the assistance of local banks like the NAB. There’s a superannution fund offering good interest rates and a housing scheme where you pay no interest or stamp duty at all, allowing you to give the finger to the infidel next door.

I mean, after all, you need to own a nice residence where you can relax and watch the West’s demise. 

Sharia law won’t allow you to pay interest but Mr Allah allows you to receive it. Sheeeeeze... that sounds all right! I must have a chat to this Allah bloke and his offsider, Mo.

Now Mo sort of makes all the rules but has his own earthly offsider, a Mr Professor Akhtar Kalam, JP, BSc, BScEng, MS, PhD, FEA, CPEng, FIET, CEng, FAIE, MCIGRE, MIEEE (which I think are acronyms for Arab soccer teams). 

Anyway, the Mr Professor runs the Islamic Finance & Investment mob, MCCA, (I think there’s an E missing somewhere there) in Lakemba, Sydney and he knows all the best rorts.

First thing to do is get your hands on the “first home buyer’s grant” and then the Mr Professor will get the ball rolling for you. 

Next, select a nice home. Then an Islamic “Funder” appoints you as his agent to buy him that home which he has already agreed to lease to you. 

Then you promise to make regular repayments to the "Funder" via direct debit from your nominated Sharia bank account. 

Now, at any time in the future you can purchase the property from this "Funder" and he will transfer part ownership of the property to you in the form of a gift while you arrange to settle the difference in the original purchase price at some time in the future.

If you’d prefer to continue paying “rent” for the whole of the agreed period, the "Funder" will then transfer the title over to you in the form of a promissory gift known as “hiba”. Thereby dodging a hefty stamp duty fee we mere mortal infidels have to fork out.

Sounds pretty good eh? The only question is, who the fuck is this generous “Funder”? Well, the shutters came down with a bang when I asked that question. So, after a bit of fishing around I came up with my best guess:

The enigmatic "Funder" (and there are many) are actually separate nominee accounts within the Sharia banking system. 

These accounts are “topped up” as needed from various sources, but mainly from the millions of dollars paid by Australian companies in the slick protection racket known as Halal Certification.

So next time a hooded person pushes in front of you at the supermarket checkout, politely suggest you should go first, because after all you are paying her housing loan interest for her.


When everything they need to purchase at the supermarket has a Halal certification sticker on it, will they purchase it and support sharia law. Time will tell. The proof is in the pudding but my experience as a christian is there are too many gutless among us.

It is simple economics! Do as I do and refuse to buy any product displaying the HALAL symbol. If, as we are told, only 2-3% of Australia's population are Muslim and require HALAL then companies will very quickly understand our message when it seriously hurts their bottom line. They are, after all, entirely driven by PROFIT and the 97/98% making up the non Muslim population has the power to inflict serious financial pain on these companies and they understand that far more than a few wingers!

Blood contains all the viruses and bacteria—not to mention the toxins that is why Muslims eat halal meat

David Ignatius wrote some very prophetic words about radical muslims for the 2008 movie “Body of Lies”. They were delivered beautifully by Russell Crowe, quote “These people do not want to negotiate. They want the universal caliphate established across the face of the earth, and they want every infidel either converted or dead.” Mark these words well.

There are many residences being constructed around the suburbs of Perth that are formed to accommodate the segregation of males and females within the household. We have the labor and greexz shyte to thank for erosion and destruction of Australian community life.

Visit halal they have a list of every product and every company that appease only muslims with halal.

Since islam is more than a religion it is a political entity & a business. The answer is to remove the tax exemption that (wrongly) applies to religion. Since the "product" of this business has been demonstrated to be detrimental to human health it should be taxed like cigarettes that is heavily. Then the tax raised can be spent on Australians.

I heard Sara Hanson Young on the radio this morning yet again criticizing Scott Morrison for STOPPING THE BOATS.
Evidently he is planning a trip to Cambodia for talks regarding stopping Illegal Refugees.
She is afraid he will be planning on setting up GULAGS to house our excess illegals in their country.
Gosh! I sure hope so.

apparently Halal meat has been banned in Denmark due to animal cruelty issues and there is a big push in Britain as well.....with Vets getting involved re animal cruelty reports.

Do they have halal bacon?

would love to stitch these muslims up with their own legislation!

apparently Coles and Woolworths do stock a lot of halal meat.....was politely told they do stock RSPCA chicken and freerange chicken..........l asked them why they have halal meat in their stores as the animals are subjected to a CRUEL DEATH and how is it they support animal cruelty got no answer on this.......l will write to them next and see what response l get......

when and if they push in front of me, I suggest that if they want another broken face all they have to do is make the same mistake of trying to push in front of me again..

Pedro, what is it with your lot? About time the neurone deficients in South Australia got the message. Your economy is buggered, the other states will refuse to subsidise you, the Islamists are sucking your welfare dry and all you can do is vote Labor/Green to keep the LCD system going. Lived there in the late fifties - loved it. Now it is the pits.

yourve got no idea how bad this situation is in Adelaide,mosques and Arabic schools goin up all over,you look out of sorts if yr not wearing a sheet on yr head----tis bad.

weve got to stop all this muslim crap,it can only start at the top.our politicians have got to get their act together and wake up---other wise their will be a revolution,i will be there.---

They know we ( the West ) are soft as shit and by the time we wake up to whats happening its too late. Would Putin put up with this crap, I don't think so

reckon this will start riots larry,if it doesn't------we have lost our fighting spirit.

I guess it's pork chops for me for tea tonight. It's a wonder the pork producers don't get onto this one as the only true Un-Halalled meat product on the supermarket shelves.

What finely finished me off re the UK. Was when school dinners in areas of muslim population were changed to suit the muslim palate. Yes, bloody incredible isn't it. Thank goodness for my Aussie Step Dad. He encouraged me to emigrate.