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Monday, 17th December 2018

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... this one is a ripper and it cost the Libs seats

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Forget the Medibank lie that was designed by failed Treasurer Wayne Swan out of Queensland. This one was designed by the Green/union supported GetUp and it awoke tens of thousands of householders from a deep sleep in marginal seats across Australia. 

Phones were ringing after midnight with robocalls asking the householder for time to carry out a series of polling questions on behalf of the Liberal Party. Well naturally after a quick “get fornicated” the householder struggled back to bed swearing he/she would never vote for those Liberal bastards ever again!

The Smarmy well-financed Green National Director of GetUp, Paul Oosting, says,‘”We                   zoned in on the hard-right for dragging Australia in the wrong direction.”      

Shorten has changed the election game forever with some of the lowest gutter level tactics ever devised, and so far he and his supporters have remained free from prosecution.

But what are the chances of either House passing legislation that would impose penal provisions on lying politicians when lying is a tool in trade for both sides of Parliament?

It’s incredible that the private sector is restricted from lying to the public due to a comprehensive Trade Practices Act with hefty penal provisions, while these Leftist politician bastards are free to mislead the public in any devious way they wish.

                                                Shorten in his CFMEU element

The ALP’s Left has tried to justify their lies by comparing them to Abbott’s pre-election promises. That’s bullshit of course because, although his promises eventually did turn out to be broken, they were in no way comparable to the Shorten lies designed to take effect before people voted. 

Abbott’s promises may have been, in his mind, attainable at the time. That’s doubtful, and they were nonetheless disingenuous. But the type of tactics employed by Shorten, using arms-length organisations like the despicable GetUp, are clearly illegal and morally indefensible. 

And this is what Cory Bernardi is on about. He is asking, "Where are the conservatives’ arms-length organisations?" 

But it’s a shame if merely aping the ALP ever becomes the solution. 

What Bernardi should be about is a conservative Party that speaks for a massively expanding electorate that has finally roared into life.

This rotten system that allows for Parties to convolute public opinion using these foul techniques must be stamped out.

A Liberal Bill bringing parties, politicians and their proxies under the Trade Practices Act will not pass, but at least we will know who exactly has refused its passage. Then we can know where to expect the worst of all lies to continue from... where the passage was refused. Then there will be many pollies with “lying bastard” pinned to their backs in both Houses. 

In the meantime both the Medibank lie and the early morning robocalls that lied about who they were from, should be taken to the High Court.

A union thug like Shorten can hide behind the likes of GetUp and Swanny when vying for PM. But really, we deserve a better Parliament than that and we need better people leading even the ALP. 

Pre Shorten and his union/GetUp backing, these type of tactics would never have been entertained, not even by Albo.      


I love William Whiteside's poems which Bruce writes here now and then.

We need you back here Bruce...

spot on Gent,

He already is ...

No doubt he will be back ..

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Amanda Vanstone

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Dear Members,

During June our office was busy with the election campaign so we were unable to send membership renewals at the usual time. Renewals will, however, be sent before the end of July.

The party has decided to continue for one more year with the reduced flat rate of $10/year for the normal party membership. Some of our State Election Committees are planning to run in upcoming state elections. The Exec Board believes the continuation of the reduced rate for one more year will help us grow membership, as we still need the extra numbers to register as a state party in some jurisdictions.

This means we will have to stretch every dollar further to run our office and administration. If you can afford, please donate a little extra every month. This will help cover our fixed costs

ALA letter below.

The Executive Board of the party met over the weekend in Adelaide to discuss the 2016 election campaign and to review feedback from our candidates and members.

As the counting of Senate ballot continues, we have not finalised our analysis, but decided on the following immediate actions:

Over the next four weeks we will investigate and consult with members how the party can provide increased autonomy for our State Election Committees wishing to contest upcoming state elections.

We have been approached and the Executive Board will consider the possibility of amalgamation or forming of alliances with smaller parties and political interest groups that share our core values. Our board will hold discussions with interested parties and groups over the next weeks. This does not include the One Nation party, religious or nationalist/racist groups.

President Debbie Robinson thanks members for their support and feedback, which the board will continue to review.

We will update you as the campaign review and discussions progress over the next weeks.

Yours in Liberty,

Ralf Schumann

National Secretary

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Flying Mother Nature's
Silver seed to a new home.

Australian Conservatives

My comment today will be brief as many of you will be enjoying the respite from political commentary after a marathon election campaign.

The Coalition government has been re-elected, for which I am grateful. It has always been my belief that it is better for the country to have a right-of-centre majority in the House of Representatives rather than a Labor one. The challenge ahead will be to negotiate good policy through a disparate Senate, where the final composition may not be resolved for several weeks.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank so many readers for their support of my campaign. Your good wishes, financial contributions and advice were greatly appreciated. Thanks to your support I’ll be able to continue to speak up for common sense and mainstream ideas within the parliament for some years to come.

I am also heartened by the amazing response to the Australian Conservatives movement. Whilst still in its infancy, the interest generated has been incredible. Work will now begin to create a website and communications platform to serve the tens of thousands of people who have already registered and to serve as the foundation for future growth.

That said, the hard work has only just begun. Effecting meaningful change requires a sustained commitment and the application of consistent principles. This will be the true challenge ahead – inside and outside of the parliament. But it is a challenge we cannot afford to fail at. There is simply too much at stake.

We can all observe the consequences of failure in other nations. The abandonment of common sense conservatism has led to economic calamity, social dislocation, racial division and civil unrest. It’s no coincidence that these outcomes are a direct consequence of the so called ‘progressive’ agenda that has successfully undermined the social and cultural institutions that have been the glue binding Western civilisation together.

Australia has the chance to learn from their mistakes. We need to defend our culture, build our economy, strengthen our families, reduce the size of government, cut taxes and inspire free enterprise. We need to live within our means and recognise that self-government is the most efficient and most effective form of government there is.

Of course, that takes a change of mindset from both politicians and the public. Effecting that change won’t be easy which is why we have to stick together.

With your help, and that of many more concerned Australians, we will succeed. Thanks to you we are already off to a good start.

Until next week.

Cory Bernardi

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