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Wednesday, 22nd August 2018

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Marie Hudson

Marie has a PhD. In languages and literature. She is a J.P. who is fluent in seven languages and has taught history in Africa and Australia.


Life, with all its difficulties and unexpected hardships, is still pretty good if you’re lucky enough to be living in Australia. 

 From the very beginning, being in Australia has always made me feel safe - like a healing balm, it has helped me forget those terrible events from my dreadful past.  But sometimes, in the midst of my comfort and ease which I share with my wondrous Aussie friends, my chosen family, something happens to bring back bad memories: a particular scent; the notes of a long-forgotten melody; a turn of phrase; someone’s particular gait . . .and it all comes flooding back, like an evil tsunami.

This Tommy Robinson injustice, in the UK of all places, has shocked me beyond belief!  No subtle memory triggers here, but just an in your face happening.

We’re not talking about some socially backward country!  This is England!!  England for Pete’s sake!  Land of the Magna Carta!  The very bastion of Democracy!  Once a beacon of wonderful civilisation for the modern world.

The mind truly boggles at the disintegration of that once mighty nation.  How can their leader send copious amounts of money to Muslim Syrians wishing them a happy Eid, when her own young girls are in so much danger, a danger perpetrated by the same enemy she wishes well?  She glorifies the enemy within and disregards the misery at home.  One feels totally helpless when faced with the onslaught of so much evil.

"We will never let them change our way of life"

As I watch the Internet, I read of the affront and anger that people are feeling and listen for ANY news in the media - which never comes. I realise how scared I am of the deep silence on the part OF the gagged media and I feel my soul shaking with fear . . .will Australia follow the trend of kowtowing to the Islam to that extent?  Will our Leaders think it fit to incorporate Sharia Law into our Constitution? 

Will they allow our Judiciary to make sweeping arbitrary decisions? Will they summarily jail someone without a trial, just for speaking out about a heinous crime?  Will they only enforce the laws for people who aren’t Muslims?  Why is it Ok for Muslims to offend everybody else, expect a fair go, say what THEY want, yet we are not allowed to complain about their behaviour. Why are we not allowed to tell the truth?  Is there such a thing or word as Christianophobia’?

Alan Henning was a taxi driver from Manchester who wanted to help the poor suffering Muslims.

He drove an ambulance in a convoy to Syria to help the poor suffering Muslims

Warning! Swallowing information from the mainstream media can cause serious injury or even death.

Why is it ‘Verboten’ and Islamophobic to report and make public the terrible crimes that Muslims commit on an everyday basis in the UK and around the world?  Why is it OK and taken for granted by the Muslim London Mayor for beautiful London to now be known as ‘the' murder capital?

Why is it that these Muslim troglodytes have been allowed to rape and ‘groom’ British girls FOR THIRTY YEARS and nobody has even raised a delicate eyebrow about the situation? WHY???  I really want to know!

Someone accused me the other day, of being a ‘scare monger like Tommy Robinson’!  Really?  I was shocked to realise that I had just met another ultracrepidarian!  Well, he quite took my breath away!

I am left speechless in the face of so much wilful ignorance.  The one thing which terrifies me beyond anything else in the world, is ignorance.  I can see the medieval darkness of ignorance descending like a poisonous miasma on a once vibrant but now dying Europe.

Will we be next?  Another friend asked me if it is too late for us now?  I said yes, it is.  The only way out that I can see, is a blood bath in the form of a civil war fought on several fronts.

I am of the opinion that teaching history, is a way of NEVER repeating our mistakes again.  Sadly, history is not considered an important enough subject to be taught anymore!

For countless years, I have been harping on about the fact that once Muslims have the numbers, they WILL rule us. This was their intention from when they began to invade us.

My nightmare is back, and all the past horrors are all coming to the fore.  I thought I had left it all behind, in that desolate land of violence and hatred for all things Whitefella and Christian.  Like the inexorable shadow of death, it has followed me.

Christians formed the Crusades approximately 400 years AFTER the Muslims went on a killing, looting, burning and raping rampage across Europe, Asia and Africa. Looks like we’re being dragged back to that era.  I can’t see how we can survive as an enlightened civilisation unless we fight for it once more. 

For those of you who don’t believe me and also think I am a scare monger, I urge you to go and have a read in the below link.  There are more than 100 verses of violence in the Quran.

They call them 'open ended', so that you can make of them what you will.  Ambiguity is a very strong Muslim trait.  Reading even a few of the verses will be self-explanatory.  Therein lies the answer to my question of WHY is it Ok for them to do what they do. 


I close with a very telling phrase written by W.Churchill, which I think sums it all up.

"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

May the Lord in His heaven have mercy on us all




Marie Hudson


The so called Democratic system, we are told is the Best system in the World to govern our affiars, is failing us monumentaly.. The people ALLEGEDLY elected are also failing us, as are the ELECTORS who fail to understand how the system works and the part they MUST play within to make it work. The plan is to bring about social change and the NWO, which cannot be done unless cataclysmic blood shed occurs. Thus everything we do or say, is all leading up to that event.

Seems there be a lot of those appeasers in Canberra.

Just copied and pasted this to Facebook, not sure how long it will last.

Someone needs to submit Larry's cartoons.

Marie, At age 84 there is little I can do about the inevitable coming confrontation, between our civilisation and Islam. It seems that our "leaders" place the votes of the followers of this vile cult, above the preservation of our civilisation. There is hardly a country wherein the sects of this "religion" are not at war with each other, and both at confrontation with Western civilisation, as commanded by The Koran. All we can do is warn and I thank you for your efforts in that direction.

the Streets Will Run With Rivers of Blood - Enoch Powell - London - 75th Murder Inquiry of 2018 launched - The Mteropolitan Police has launched tis 75th murder inquiry for 2018 after a Lithuanian woman was killed in London. Scotland Yard confirmed Wednesday that it had opened a murder investigation after 50 year old Gitana Matueviciene succumbed to wounds she had sustained days earlier in an attack at her home in Dagenham East London. Police arrested a man at the scene on Saturday and he was charged with attempted murder...No formal charges of murder have yet been brought and no other individuals are being sought in connection with the case.....

Russia's President Putin is not giving the poofters and dykes any lee way and "Our ABC" is very upset.

The Empire Strikes Back - UK Vets Demand Halal Meat Exports Be Banned as Saudi Arabia Trade Surges : British vets are demanding the production of non-stunned slaughter meat be properly recorded, as well as calling for the amount produced in theUK to be cut as exports of the sharia-compliant meat to Saudi Arabia have increased....the British Veterinary Association (BVA) highlighted statistics from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) showing 22% of sheep and goats are not stunned before slaughter in the UK - as halal and kosher requires - an increase from 15% in 2013. However religious groups in the UK do not consume all of the halal meat produced here, with the rest being sold to other groups. There is also no reliable data on how much is exported - despite being regarded as cruel old watering hole,why wasn't I invited.......

Friday, Jun 15th 2018
FBI knew 'foreign actors' had access to Hillary Clinton emails including at least one classified message 7 weeks BEFORE Comey let her off the hook
House memo found the FBI knew at least one Clinton email marked secret had been hacked by foreign agents before Comey announced no charges against her
The memo comes ahead of next week's hearing with Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who released his own report Thursday
The House memo is short on details
It does not say who the foreign actors are or what material was obtained

The Nakba Rinaldo? What bloody Nakba?

The very names of the Fakestinian’s attest to their not being indigenous to the land now thankfully called Israel. They're imports, settlers, colonisers from Egypt, Algeria, Syria and other Arab lands. Some can even be traced back to the Muslims booted out of Spain, many of whom now infest the areas around Aleppo, Syria following the magnificent Reconquista, after nearly 8 long centuries of insufferable Islamic occupation. There never was a country called Palestine — until the Muslim Arab League decided it opportune to invent one.

Even if you grant a few of these “Palestinians” may be indigenous to the lands of what you pretend be known as Palestine, where do you ever hear any Muslim majority nation, any Muslim at all complain about the fate of the countless non Muslims indigenous to lands stolen from THEM by the invading Muslim (or indigenous Muslim convert)? Where do you hear of even a mere acknowledgment let alone recognition of the indigenous peoples of Muslim conquered lands? Of THEIR land rights? Of respect for THEIR culture, religion and ethnicity? Of reparations to THEM? Of THEIR right of return? Never! That's the REAL Nakba! No, but the God damned Koran interminably repeats, “the Heavens and Earth, all belong to Allah”.

You Muslims are such vile, vicious, complete bloody hypocrites.

Fakestinians, go back to where you came from. The rest of you, every Muslim in this world, stop your nauseating, genocidal hypocrisy. We're sick to death of the bloody lot of you.

Sydney radio News this morning.....AGL looking to import Gas to Australia......What the hell is wrong with Government when this is the point where they have led us to...........We refuse to use our clean coal, because of greenhouse voodoo, yet are happy to sell it to other Nations to burn, and run their businesses cheaply and effectively...Now Australia with some of the largest gas reserves on the planet, are importing it.....All while our Power prices are some of the highest in the developed world, and the lights could go out at any time......Someone or Group is not doing what is best for Australia by a long shot...RC required big time...

"James Comey used Gmail for FBI business when director despite warning employees against it: Watchdog"
"James Comey used a personal Gmail account to conduct official FBI business on numerous occasions while serving as the agency's director, the Justice Department's internal watchdog said Thursday.
Comey's use of a personal email account for unclassified FBI business was "inconsistent" with a policy statement by the Justice Department, according to the Office of the Inspector General.
Comey was criticized for his handling of the probe into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server while secretary of State."

YES, THE RENT IS TOO (YOU FILL IN THE BLANK) HIGH "There is not one U.S. state, metropolitan area or county in which someone working a 40-hour week on the federal minimum wage of $7.25 can afford to rent a modest two-bed apartment."

Is another one GOING ?

Scott Pruitt’s Mentor Says EPA Chief May Need To ‘Leave’ As Republican Support Ruptures
It's a bad sign when even GOP Sen. James Inhofe is questioning the EPA administrator's future.
Scott Pruitt’s longtime mentor all but joined the chorus of voices calling on the Environmental Protection Agency administrator to resign as an unrelenting series of public corruption accusations stretches into a three-month fiasco.

In a radio interview Wednesday with right-wing pundit Laura Ingraham, Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), who counts Pruitt as a friend and protégé, said the EPA chief “has really done some things that surprised me” and said it may be time for him to “leave that job.”

“All these things that are coming out are really not good things,” Inhofe said. “I’ve kind of taken the position that if that doesn’t stop, I’m going to be forced to be in a position where I’m going to say, ‘Well, Scott, you’re not doing your job.’ And hopefully that will change.”

The Australian Media should be focusing on the Enemy we have in Australia that is Slaughtering Australians, as their Islamic army operate and continue to train here with near impunity...Who here, in the Australian media are holding Islam to account for committing EVERY Terror attack on Australian soil for more than 10 Years?..Along with The Bali Bombing and all the other places where Islam has Slaughtered Our Citizens???..........But one ALLEGATION about one of our Special Forces troops who was trying to track down the Killer of 3 Diggers has the ABC and other MSM hounding the Australian military like a pack of rabid dogs, in their efforts to rip the Army apart.........You can see who the Media really care about..........

Greenwashing the Nakba: The Real Story Behind Israel’s “Blooming Desert”
Though the official narrative of the state of Israel claims that it has turned the land it occupies from an empty desert into a lush, agricultural wonder, the actual fate of the land following Israel’s establishment in 1948 tells a very different story.
Erasing a rich history
Though the official narrative of the state of Israel claims that it has turned the land it occupies from an empty desert into a lush, agricultural wonder, the actual fate of the land following Israel’s establishment in 1948 tells a very different story. Indeed, prior to 1948, the historical record demonstrates that Palestinian farms were very productive and that both Palestinian Arabs and Jewish settlers were successful farmers. For example, a UN report on agriculture in Palestine between 1945 and 1946 recorded that Palestinian-grown crops accounted for nearly 80 percent of Palestine’s total agricultural yield that season, with Palestinian farms producing over 244,000 tons of vegetables, 73,000 tons of fruit, 78,000 tons of olives, and 5 million liters of wine.
Two years later, when the majority of Palestinians were forced from their land during the “Nakba” that founded the state of Israel, the farms and orchards that had previously been tended by Palestinians were left abandoned, as their owners fled under the threat of death at the hands of Zionist militias.
As Israeli historian and journalist Meron Benvenisti detailed in his book Sacred Landscape: The Buried History of the Holy Land Since 1948:
By April 1948 Jewish farmers had already begun harvesting the crops that had ripened in the abandoned fields and picking the citrus fruit in Arab groves. […] by mid-1949 two-thirds of all land sown with grain in Israel was abandoned Arab land.”
Read on -

Harking back to some earlier posts on the insensitivity of the Aussie squaddies flying a Nazi flag on their tank. A noted polymath and cultural expert commented that "Soldiers who approach the war just as a campaign to kill Taleban misunderstand the complexities of the local culture . . ."

It seems that ADF diversity and inclusivity training has been too focused on LGBTIQ issues and not enough on the complexities of Afghan culture. Until this situation is rectified, as an interim measure, perhaps the ADF can take leaf out of the 'Midwives' Handbook' and direct the squaddies to apologise for 'white privilege' before whacking Taleban dudes.

Thanks Donald
TransCanada's New 'Best-In-Class' Gas Pipeline Explodes in West Virginia, Causing Fiery Blast
Read time: 5 mins

By Sharon Kelly • Thursday, June 7, 2018 - 16:55 Blast.jpg?itok=NyhIA8LE

This morning, residents of Marshall County, West Virginia, awoke at 4:15 a.m. to a major natural gas rupture and explosion on TransCanada's Leach XPress pipeline on Nixon Ridge — a quickly built pipeline only half a year old.

The fire was visible for miles, local TV news reported. Police warned anyone who could see the flames to evacuate — and the Emergency Management Agency director of neighboring Ohio County said officials had received dozens of 911 calls from locals able to see the fire, which was extinguished roughly four hours later. The blast was so powerful that one resident told a local CBS affiliate it felt like a tornado was passing through.

No one was injured, and no property damage was reported, TransCananda said in a statement released today, adding that the cause of the explosion was not yet determined.

The Leach XPress pipeline is just six months old, having been put into service on January 1, 2018.

At the time, TransCanada emphasized that it was built quickly — but safely. “Leach XPress was done in less than a year,” Scott Castleman, manager of U.S. Gas Communications for TransCanada, said in a January statement.

“We’re looking forward to generations of safe operations,” he added. “This is truly a best-in-class pipeline and we look forward to many years of safe, reliable, and efficient operation on behalf of our customers.”

Leach XPress is the first in a series of major TransCanada pipeline construction projects — and part of a larger sprint to build out oil and gas pipelines nationwide, spurred by an urgent push to get shale gas and oil to market.

“This is our first major pipeline in our growth portfolio,” Castleman said in January. “There’s currently about 8 and a half billion dollars in pipeline projects in the works for the U.S. and TransCanada.”

Leach XPress, a 36-inch-diameter pipeline, went into immediate heavy service after it was built. Market research firm Genscape Inc. “said in a note to clients on Thursday that the Leach XPress segment has been flowing at or just above its operational capacity through May,” Natural Gas Intelligence reported.

The 160-mile, $1.6 billion dollar pipeline project is designed to carry 1.5 billion cubic feet of natural gas a day, moving it from the Marcellus and Utica shales down to the Southeast and Gulf Coast regions. Leach XPress runs from Marshall County, about 70 miles from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, into Ohio, and its gas then flows into the 12,000-mile Columbia Gas Transmission pipeline system.