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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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... so don’t do it, it only encourages them

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I have never voted, ever, not even for myself because the thought of living in a black hole as a backbencher in Canberra was too distressing. I just wanted to make a stand against Whitlam, that’s all. The reason for compulsory voting is that, given a choice, you wouldn’t vote for any of the bastards, so we need to be dragged kicking and screaming, under the threat of a fine, to our respective polling stations and told to choose between a Tweedle dum and a Tweedle dee.

The Menzies era of quiet efficiency is gone forever. I recall delivering his newspapers in Haverbrack Avenue, East Malvern. Each Saturday morning at 6.30 he was always at the gate in his red and blue dressing gown ready for a chat. He had a terrific sense of humour and I always looked forward seeing him, not because he was the PM, but because he was simply great to talk to.

We would never talk politics, mainly sport and stuff. John Landy lived around the corner and was desperate to break the four-minute mile. Menzies had a theory on how he could be the first to do it; “He just needs to run faster”, he said. It was about whether Jack Purtell would win the big race at Caulfield that day or whether his beloved Carlton would thrash the Dons... and cricket? Boy did he know his cricket!

He even let me sit behind the wheel of his big black Bentley. He loved that car so he wouldn’t let me have a drive. (He watched the Carlton games from the front seat in a special parking spot right on the fence.)

But he listened too. I had started a schoolboys’ union at the time and he was always asking how that was going with a genuine interest. Each Christmas he always gave me a crumpled, orange-coloured ten shilling note. He was just a top bloke.

I was working for 'The Australian' when he died and no-one understood why I was so devastated. When you compare the quality of today’s political leaders, it’s like chalk and cheese. Just look at what Queenslanders have to choose from today:

Annastacia P something: The best Labor could offer from seven seats (now 9). Can’t even tell you the GST rate.



Campbell Newman: A nepotistic leader of a Party that drafted him because it had no leader. Promised to pay down Bligh’s $60 billion debt, but instead increased it. Bastardised the legal system and pork barrelled his own electorate. The Party may need to draft him again.



In politics the rubbish eventually floats to the top and most of the rest of Australia fares no better:


Tony Abbott Fed: Needs to stand up or stand down.



Bill Shorten Fed: Labor thug with testosterone problem. A shallow liar who majors in treachery.



Daniel Andrews Vic: CFMEU puppet on a tightrope with a short career.



Colin Barnett WA: Low approval rate. Has increased debt but is dealing with a mining bust and a disproportionately low GST take. Tough little bugger who will win the next election due to the quality of the Opposition.



Mike Baird, NSW: So far, so good but jury still out.



Will Hodgman Tas: Bright light in a former dark green corner, determined to halt destructive Green influence.



Jay Weatherill SA: Won office despite the Opposition polling vast majority (53%) of the vote. Insipid ex-Penny Wong partner, far Left and keeps SA broke. Shouldn’t be there.



Adam Giles NT: Illiterate idiot.



Andrew Barr ACT: The first openly gay head of Government in Australia, animal rightist and Green collaborator.Say no more.

Doesn't rate


Add Gillard, Rudd, McMahon, Fraser and Whitlam to that lot and is it any wonder they have to force you to vote.


Sum Ting Wong. ? . Who could be that desperate. ?

Disraeli 26 minutes ago
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Something wrong with the Avatars? I cannot change mine back to my original avatar even though the little 'signed in logo' near the logout button shows the correct one to be loaded??

The first nail in the coffin for Mike Baird ....

Wrong Larry, we are not FORCED to vote.....only to attend, what we do on arrival is our democratic right....

by god Labor do pick the ones we would call "double baggers". She is another UGLY.

What else can be said other than Stupid is as Stupid Does! Well done Queenslander's you have regained the title as the dumbest of the dumb arses in this country.

Certainly not droll prickly GetUp troll-ops. They usually vote totalitarian far left eco-fascist.

And you want people to join your new Party?

Prickly's sartorially challenged. Wears an odd GetUp. Nod, nod, wink, wink. Say no more.

It's looking like a hung par LIAR ment. 43 seats each. In these circumstances, whoever has the most votes should prevail.

You know what fuck it. Anna2 and her crew will not be able to carry on the good work that the LNP were able to do. The debt is still there, they have just been handed back a huge steaming pile of shit of their own making. They are going to struggle. Anna2 won't see the term out before she gets the chop, just like Rudd did. When people realise just how bad labor is AGAIN and scream for the LNP to rescue them we will be back to the ALP with 7 seats and gone for good this time. Fuck democracy is overrated. I have said it before its a pity Campbell didn't take a read of the Robert Mugabe book on elections.

Hurrah for the Sheeple of Queensland – You DESERVE what you Get!
Talk about the LIES .....
That had to be the DIRTIEST Election Ever. (By the Commie Thugs)
At my Polling Booth we had ALP, Greens and PUP supporters telling the sheeple they had to “Fill in Every Square” or their vote would be Informal, effectively turning it back into a Preferential Vote which Favours the ALP.
Even some of the Polling Booth Officers were telling the Sheeple this Inside the Booth.
There were Union Thugs standing around the Entrances screaming out Slogans like, “If you vote LNP, they WILL Sell our Assets” etc. in an attempt to Intimidate the “Swingers” or “Novice” Voters.
So - Why weren't the Police called to Move Them On?


This whole week from Abbott's Knightmare to QLD choosing the Polish bush pig over sane stewardship can be summed up with one word... just one simple word. CLUSTERFUCK !!!!!!!

Thanks, Antonia.

Ratfink, you nailed it 100%

They will get nothing from me.

I won't be voting in the next election after the total gang-fucks the Federal and State elections turned into. This LNP mob will get rolled out the door if they don't make some VERY BIG leadership changes this month!

Oh yes they have bitten off more than they can chew this time. Anna 2 aka pallet shack aka the Stephen Bradbury of Australian Politics is a lightweight whom nobody can take seriously. They were hoping to take the reigns maybe in another three years when the debt was less, so they could squander yet again. But this time round all they are being handed back is their own debt, the LNP had a solid plan to fix that debt, but the ALP will ignore that plan and screw things up yet again. In three years time we will elect another LNP govt and hopefully this time for good. That is if we still have a state left.

...and another thing "tt"...a "double dissolution"...if you were in Tony's shoes...would you have gone to a "DD" with the polls they way they are...its great going to a DD if you are certain of winning the election...but no good they way it was....even now...43 to 57...Liberals would be gone if they go to a DD...I'd love nothing better than to wipe the slate clean....but you could end up with a worse situation or out of government now a DD is not an option...I worry that we have gone over the tipping seems voters now just want handouts for ever...they don't see that the national debt is everyone's debt and if we lose our credit rating...all costs will go up and more pain...just look at what the Greeks have voted for in Greece...fuck the country it about me...