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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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Voters flocking to ALA

(A re-post of Kirralie Smith's column in The Daily Telegraph)

Kirralie Smith

Kirralie Smith is the creator of the halal choices website, shopping guide book and phone app and an expert on halal certification of foods and supermarkets in Australia


(A re-post of Kirralie Smith's column in The Daily Telegraph)


THE Daily Telegraph recently ran a story written by Catherine McGregor. That article quoted former PM Tony Abbott saying: “At the moment no ­serious senior conservative figure has come out and ­demanded the formation of a new political party to combat extremism.

“So for the moment I am not too concerned that parties like the Australian Liberty Alliance will make significant inroads into our base.”

Isn’t it interesting that he mentions Australian Liberty Alliance and not any other minor parties?

The reality is there’s genuine concern among LNP ranks that there is a haemorrhage of loyal conservative voters who have indeed flocked to ALA.

The day after ALA announced the first three Senate candidates, I received this email:

Dear Kirralie,

Congratulations on your selection as candidate for the Senate representing NSW.

I have resigned from the Liberal Party and as president of the Coffs Harbour branch of the Liberal Party.

I took this decision when Turnbull ousted Abbott in the recent coup in Canberra.

I believe Turnbull to be soft on immigration, border control, climate change, United Nations involvement, etc.

If I can be of assistance in your campaign for the Senate I am only too happy to help.

I am actively encouraging people to join the Australian Liberty Alliance.

With best wishes

James Morland

I have since received many more like it.

On November 17, 2015, there was a “Christmas” party for Tony Abbott in the northern Sydney area. There were about 400 or so guests. Over the following days I was contacted by many people who were in attendance.

This is an example of what they were saying:

“I have voted LNP all my life and because of the past six months, all that changes and I will tell them so.”

Another lifelong LNP voter continually copies me into her email correspondence with LNP politicians. She often says:

“I will be voting for you in the Senate.”

I have received many lengthy emails from disenfranchised LNP voters, and many of their sentiments are echoed in the comments sections of the newspaper articles referring to Abbott, Turnbull and co.

This is very typical of what I receive:

“With Malcolm Turnbull at the helm of the Liberal Party, there is now virtually no difference to having a Labor PM leading the Liberals. Australian Liberty Alliance now appears to be the only true alternative to ‘keep the bastards honest’ in the words of the late Don Chipp.”

And: “Recent events in the Liberal Party have destroyed my faith in them being able to rescue this country from disaster and I now look towards a more conservative organisation which recognises our Muslim and other left-wing problems without fear of criticism from our left-wing media.”

And: “Finally, a party who listens to the electorate and isn’t playing the ‘politically correct, do not offend no matter what they do’ card while our very way of life is being eroded.” Many who were once LNP financial members, branch secretaries and leaders contact us with messages of support and a significant number of these have joined ALA as members.

Instead of waiting around for the so-called “serious senior conservative figures” to speak out, the actual conservatives, the ones who vote, are deserting LNP in droves.

And the LNP know it!

This week I was sent an email from a former secretary of a Sydney branch of the Liberal Party. He wrote:

“I was invited to a Liberal Party function and I rang the office to advise that I resigned as secretary last year.

“The woman I was speaking to is an adviser to the member and when I told her that my wife and I were voting ALA, she opened up.

“She said they have ­received a number of similar calls and that some of her friends were going to vote ALA.

“The final kicker was that she is thinking of voting ALA as she recognises the need for a conservative party and she is concerned about the current immigration policies.

“Being a woman, she is very aware that she would be a loser with sharia law.”

Mr Abbott may not be too concerned right now about ALA making significant inroads into the conservative base of voters but he, and the rest of the LNP, may be in for a surprise or two come election time.


(Kirralie Smith is the NSW Senate candidate for the Australian Liberty Alliance. You can follow her on facebook at : Kirralie Smith NSW Senate Candidate ALA )


This is hands down the best solution I've come across for the Senate - ditch the fixed terms and synchronise it with the Lower House. The main problem is that it's currently unrepresentative not just in substance, but in time:

I refuse to support that pinko prick Turnbullshit. I have always Liberal. I have had a gutful of that snivelling, white-anting, posing , poop of Potts Point..

I am reading a bit of anti-ALA propaganda out there and it's appearing on conservative blogs using names of bloggers that have shown in the past that they are conservative voters. Obviously these bloggers HAVE NOT read the ALA Manifesto or they are clayton conservatives that are mischief making.

Their point of contention centres around CLIMATE CHANGE and starts off..........I was behind the ALA until I read their policy on climate change and will not be voting for them now.....or, I was going to vote until I read their climate change policy. Please point out where the ALA supports the UN (the inventor of climate change going back to the 1950's - Agenda 21) in their policies and I will apologise. Below is the ALA's stance lifted directly from their Manifesto.


It is critical that we protect our pristine environment for our children, but also to uphold our standing as producer of high quality food, attract more international tourism and promote Australia as the preferred location for clean industries of the future.
Extreme natural events were described in Australian poetry a century before the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change created hysteria about rising sea levels. In fact the earth has been both warmer and cooler than it is today.
When the first coal-fired engine was shipped to Australia, our continent was already infamous for its droughts and floods.

Australian Liberty Alliance acknowledges the climate is changing and that human activity impacts on the environment. Climatology, geology, oceanography and astronomy are disciplines of science and as such based on verifiable evidence. We are neither 'believers' nor 'deniers' when it comes to climate change. A number of recent claims made about potential future variations of our planet’s climate are not based on scientific facts, but on computerised speculations and consent amongst special interest groups.
A rational approach to demographics combined with economic realism will change the driving force behind the debate about climate change. Australian Liberty Alliance recognises the importance of addressing concerns about toxic waste in industry and tackling the accumulation of rubbish in ocean and landfill sites. A national deposit scheme for drink containers and fostering the use of biodegradable packaging material for take-away food outlets shall be among our key policies for practical environmental protection.

initially I just hope they target the senate and get into a situation where they can get a balance of power situation and elbow out the looney greens


My MP, once a cabinet minister in the LNP government, was sacked by Mr Turnbull for being what, too old? or not left wing enough. He has announced he will not be looking to represent the seat as of the next election. I too have resigned from voting Liberal. Next election I'll have to look at voting ALA, or their equivalent.

Kirralie, well done with George and Paul. They like you as we all do here. Best of luck.

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We forget how much WE have been changed by the many social engineering jobs done on us in the last 40 years. 40 years ago, the side of every highway sparkled with broken bottles that true blue Aussies threw from their cars.

I fully support the ALA & YES, I too will be voting for them. However, I also ask that people vote for as many other "Right Wing "Pollies as possible. By that I mean, Pauline & the CDP. They all need to be up as high as possible or we could end up with just a couple of single voices on our side because the majority of "I don't give a stuff" Aussies are just too lazy to take the time to number all the boxes. We need a whole group of our supporters or similar supporters up there in Parliament with a voice. Definitely vote ALA, but don't forget Pauline, the CDP & the SFP. All of them are for the "older type of Australia" that most of us intelligent people grew up in.

They who Own The Law Own the Banks. They Who Own The Law and Banks Own the Corporations. They Who Own The Law and Banks and Corporations Own the Media. They Who Own The Law and Banks and Corporations and Media Own the Governments. They Who Own The Law and Banks and Corporations and Media and Governments Own the World.
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ML - Only because people are 1. too lazy or 2. they don't understand 3. are too bloody lazy. Each to his/her own suppose. I have worked at enough booths to see what happens.

BRING ON THE ALA...(apologies for capitals). We are in serious need of help, Baird and his cronies in NSW now advertise the Opal Gold travel card is available to Pensioners/Seniors AND Asylum seekers...jeezus h. Sorry a bit o/t but I am so angry, I mentioned to my wife and her jaw dropped. I use to be a liberal from wayback having been brought up in that environment, not any more.

It used to be the same in Alice Springs with our indigenous. Nice park with amenities in the middle of Alice, rubbish bins all around with a sign above saying "fine of $400 for littering". All around the bins you would find the Kentucky boxes and the empty cartons of grog. Mind you it kept a lot of council employees in jobs.

At the end of the day, your preferences will end up with Labor or Liberal..........its designed that way.

Me too!

From ALA

Queensland public meetings

As the Australian Liberty Alliance lead Senate candidate for Queensland, I will be touring Queensland again over the next few weeks. Time is now running out to register your attendance at these meetings.

Please click on the links below to register:
• Ipswich: 25 February (7pm)
• Mackay: 29 February (7pm)
• Rockhampton: 1 March (7pm)
• Gladstone: 2 March (7pm)
• Bundaberg: 3 March (7pm)
• Toowoomba: 17 March (7pm)
• Dalby: 19 March (3pm)

Please also feel free to pass this email on to your family and friends in these areas who may be interested in attending.

To - Frank is back, Bill Bates, jackass99, madmax - thank you for your replies, I do appreciate helpful suggestions.