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Wednesday, 23rd January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


"Most illegal immigrants flooding into Australia without papers are composed of Afghani Army personnel", an employee connected to Christmas Island has claimed.

The processing centre at Christmas Island is being manipulated by corrupt Iranian and Afghani interpreters who advise the army deserters to say they are lowly farmers.

Australian Officials, suspicious of their claims, have been jetting these dodgy detainees in their hundreds to the infamous Curtin Detention Centre in Western Australia.

The Centre, described as the "Hell Hole" is in a remote area 2,000, kilometres north of Perth.

Designed to hold 1400 of the most violent and suspect detainees, it was recently all but vacated after the disease Guillain-Barré syndrome broke out affecting locals.

In April 2010, the Rudd government decided to reopen the "horror centre" for what he termed "single male asylum seekers", and those who fall within the category of, "do not process".

In charge of security is Serco Plc, a UK publicly listed company, the Asia-Pacific arm of which has been contracted to the Australian Government.

It has each Australian employee on signed confidentiality agreements.

Serco has usurped billions of Australian taxpayer funds, mostly wasted on renting material and white goods that could be purchased outright for the cost of one week’s rent.

Marquees and air conditioning units are ready and rented at $10,000 per week in lots of ten to cater for the expected overflow from Christmas Island.

At least three passenger airliners are chartered permanently to shuffle detainees between centres. As few as three detainees at a time are flown into the Curtin Centre, claimed one employee.

Describing their company Serco Plc said: "We provide catering, recreation, education and excursions, manage accommodation, facilities, maintenance, transport and logistics, security, training and procurement. Our employees look after thousands of people in locations all over Australia, responding to their cultural, religious and individual needs." Mmmm.

Of most concern is the whereabouts of the 1,000 unprocessed illegal Curtin detainees who have now been dispersed to Australian cities.

"These blokes are rock-hard fit and looking for trouble", said one Curtin employee.

Sam (not her real name) is a small part Aboriginal girl once employed by Serco.

She is too frightened to talk but an angry relative explained that Sam’s job was to escort groups of these men to Canberra and Melbourne.

They were taken to holding centres before being given bridging visas and were then dispersed into the community, legally unable to work.

After six trips Sam resigned because of the sexual abuse she suffered. Traumatised, she is now living back with her family in Derby.

Enquires from Derby to Broome, including Police stations have been met with a terse "no comment."

"Waste is rampant", said one local. "Tradespeople are charging up to $10 a kilometre to drive to and from the Centre to fix a washer on a tap.

"I was charging $2 a kilometre until I found out what the other guys were charging, so I put my bill in at $10 per kilometre and they never said a word, they seem to just pay whatever you invoice them for.

"If one (of the detainees) gets a toothache or anything, someone has to come out from Derby and take them back for treatment. It’s often hours waiting before they are ready to go back."

"We are not allowed phones there", said another ex-employee, "but I tested the phones available to the detainees and I could phone anywhere in the world."

Another informant said that the local Derby refrigeration store, Lindsay Howard, was robbed of thousands of dollars of equipment which somehow found its way to the Curtin Centre on rental agreements. "Nothing came of it", he said.

"It seems this Serco mob spends more time covering stuff up than doing their job here."

So us Aussies can look forward to another tranche of thousands of Islamic Afghani army deserters soon to be scattered unprocessed throughout our communities.

Meanwhile, the Gillard Government equivocates over whether legitimate Afghani interpreters, currently risking their lives to assist our army in Afghanistan, should be allowed entry.
They are marked men once we leave.
Bloody good eh?

Asylum seekers, my arse!


good on ya larry, keep up the good work. you always let us know whats really happening! Merry Christmas. oh, and my framed print and calenders arrived. very pleased! they were packed to be safe from a nuclear bomb!

Heard a good radio/audio by 2 UE`s Jason Morrison via Mr Smith `s news site re this Articles , shamozzle.
Good on them for keeping us informed .
Now we need accountable and functional re this seeming undue risk.
Or just the Election so change can repair some serious flaws.

rugby its a great pity your testimony could not bring down this govt

Bruce I didnt work in the office at all and not looking in a mirror at all. The barrister is on the Gold Coast and never was paid by Sharples nor any one for that matter. You were kept in the dark as Hanson and the 2 davids didnt trust you as they felt you wanted to control the party but you were only with the support group that was never part of the party, the party was 3 people Pauline and the 2 davids. Bruce your wrong Abbott didnt bring Pauline down she did it all by herself. Abbott didnt have any further dealings with Sharples after the break from Everingham. Oh Sharples could not lie straight in bed his family in Melbourne knows that too well and is evident when Sharples came back from melbourne a bit worse for ware after a run in with his brother. Bruce you were never going to bring any government down. Hanson was guilty in the 1st trial and failed on appeal that was the civil trial and then on the criminal trial Sharples was trying to continue to get his name in the press but he was never a witness against Hanson as he didnt have any evidence, That was the same for you as you didnt have any evidence to give pertaining to the trial. Hanson was guilty however due to a prosecution oversight she was off on appeal. You knew nothing of the names used to registrar the party in Queensland and Bruce you had nothing to offer in the 1st trial nor in the criminal matter as the Police knew that. They shut you out Bruce as they didnt trust you and you were trying to control the party but that was never going to happen. They woke up to you early in the piece hence you were left out. That is something you didnt like. Oh know more than you will ever know Bruce and the barrister has never been paid by sharples, Samual or any one else for that matter in fact in discussions with him he wished they would pay him thats either Sharples, Samuals or anyone else and as there was no instructing Solicitor, the barrister is not allowed to sue for his fees, so he could not sue Sharples who instructed him. Bruce its over Hanson and one nationare dead and buried. Seems you didnt know about the money also many matters you never know about.

Actually Peter In your case I went out and had some specialised training.

All through my life I have bee used to working with people with brains, in many cases limited capacity but they had some brains and we could clearly communicate and I could get them to function in the work place and carry out their required duties in a safe and functional and professional manner.

Then you came into my life and being the particular self indulgent drop kick that you seem to be I thought it would be impossible to insult somebody with such limited mental capacity........

Now by the look of your post, my time and effort and study has worked .....
Bloody marvelous and a bloody ho ho hum to you too !!!

The portuges are said to have discovered Australia the vic. gov. have offered a reward in order to find the ship. In 1992 the State Government of Victoria offered a reward of A$250,000 to anyone who could locate the wreck but the offer was withdrawn in 1993 without money having been paid. Extensive searches of the area were again conducted in late 1999 and in 2004, using heavy drills that penetrated to a depth of 10 metres.

Today, visitors frequently take to the Mahogany Ship Walking Track, which follows the coast between Warrnambool and Port Fairy and passes possible sites where the Mahogany Ship may rest.[37] The area of greatest interest to contemporary researchers is Armstrong Bay east of Gorman's Road (formerly Lane) and west of Levy's Point near Dennington. More info. in wikipedia under mahogany ship.

People have stopped listening to this simpleton, she is way passed her use by date...dump the bitch.

Cameron is a trouble maker, either he is a pollie or a union dog, he should decide.

Chris Uhlman on tonight's 7.30 report said Gillard had private talks with Fairfax yesterday to work out how to get their support for the new print media laws. It failed as Fairfax objected to them today in senate meetings. Even her own supporting press do not want to have a bar on this new overwatching body. How could she pull-on the press in an election year.Nothing between the ears. News Corp in senate meetings today said if this goes through they will go straight to the high court,saying free speech is being interfered with by this new law.

Bruce your still holding onto that Abbott was to blame for the downfall of Pauline, however that was not the case as the 2 davids bought her down and she knew all along what was happening. The case Sharples took was over Pauline not paying him $5000. Abbotts involvement ceased when Sharples left the legal firm of Everinghams and he went elsewhere in fact he did most of the legals himself with the help of a legal Professor at Griffith Uni. The Barrister he used on the 1st case still to this day was never paid by Sharples and never received any money from Abbott or anyome else for that matter. Pauline bought herself down and really she never told you the truth as she didnt want you to know anything as you like others were initially trying to take over the party and you all failed the 2 Davids saw to that. Samuals never continued with the matter after Sharples left Everinghams, Sharples didnt want anything to do with Samuals. Sharples wanted to be the one that bought Pauline down but failed she bought herself down. Did she tell you how much she made from the whole affair, no she didnt nor tell anyone else. The Queensland Police were told but didnt take any action but thats a story for another day. The money is not in Australia but an island nation close by Australia. Its in the millions. Bruce you didnt know what was happening and was only fed what they wanted you to know or they gave you in most cases misimformation about what was happening. Oh there was never a letter. Pauline is the last person Australian need and will only be in it for the money.

Ralph has stated whatever will be, will be.
But he has also said he feel a hell of a lot better with it all off his chest.

He's our man.

Do any know Larry`s answer to the ship please?

Hanson is dead and gone....we have a choice, Abbot or Gillard, take your pick.....doesnt get any easier than that.

Bruce Rugby, I think it might be time to toddle off back to NZ.
Yes Bruce Shit happens in politics, and let me put it this way you keep defending Pauline Hanson and belting Abbott.

Regardless of whatever Abbott may have promised, in the end Pauline Hanson was her own undoing, just as Peter Slipper is his own undoing.

Pauline Hanson in my book was a highly dangerous red neck besides being thick as a brick.
She was then and still is highly xenophobic

In reply to Bruce Rugby.

In reply to Bruce Rugby
You are wasting your time on this site. Get off. Where are the Rhodes Scholars in your Labor Party? Nowhere because there are none. Because every Labor MP from Swan to Conroy to Roxon to Alberleezy to Juliar is as thick as pig shit. Get lost Rugby. Take your bat and ball and go home.

One could hardly condemn the man before he has had a reasonable chance at the PM position and mend.
What a mess he has too.
I agree Mr Scorpio.
And T deF.

Interesting approach Bruce.
We have little choice though.
As I see it Abbott is the only option unless you can offer an alternative.
It is not as though TA is unqualified to do the job, he may not have the presentation other may want but hey he will do me at the moment.
Still here I am thinking that anything would do me just so long as the Labar Pardy is punished for 6 years of stupidity.


Bruce, you are at it again, knocking Tony Abbott. This is straight Labor strategy, attack the leader not the policies or the ethhics or the record or the qualifications.

As I have explained before, Tony is superbly qualified, as you well know. Is that your real problem?

Statesman? As a political leader with Oxford degrees in Politics, Law and Economics too, Tony has lifted the coalition from an awful position under the other Rhodes Scholar on his team, Malcolm Turnbull to outright favoritism, but you do not want him, for reasons of your own. That is probably because your side will lose and you are simply a barracker trying to manipulate public opinion.

hopefully some one might have dosed the vaseline cowboy up with guillian barre