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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Don’t suppose anyone can expect anything better from the Uni of NSW but “invaded” is a disgusting and dishonest concept which achieves nothing except to keep a few whining white Aborigines happy. What a load of old roo shit!

It seems Adam Goodes can simulate spearing us at the MCG but what an uproar if we simulated firing muskets at them in defence.

Captain Cook did not discover Australia anyway! The Dutch, and maybe even the Portuguese, beat Cook by 100 years and some even created settlements.

I guess Abel Tasman didn’t discover New Zealand, nor Columbus America, nor Vasco da Gama India? All of the famous discoverers were beaten by unnamed Europeans to sight the new lands but they took scant interest other than in their role of mapping.

The first to discover Australia were the Dutch by misadventure. Along with many others their sailing ship, Gilt Dragon, had been wrecked on the Kimberley coast in 1656 and those who made it to shore were taken in and cared for by the local Aborigines. They assimilated and bred within the tribe and so developed the tale of the Lost White Tribe as described by The Bush Tucker Man Les Hiddens.

An Australian author of comprehensive books on the subject, Henry Van Zanden believes settlements may have thrived until the 1830s and backs his claim with an article published in the 'Leeds Mercury' in 1834. The newspaper printed an account of an explorer's journey in Northern Australia, during which a "Lieutenant Nixon" came upon a "tribe" of white people who had been living as an independent group for nearly two centuries.

After a previous article on the subject here on PP Les Hiddens contacted me to lend his support. He suggested the Lost White Tribe was more than merely theoretical and that hard proof existed.

And who says the Aborigines were the original tenants anyway? Why, the Aborigines do, despite proof they weren’t.

Evidence suggests that Indonesians were the first inhabitants and other evidence points to African and Polynesian tribes... either way it is very unlikely (in fact genealogically impossible) that the modern day Aborigine was the first to have inhabited Australia. Unless they invented their own black Adam and Eve.

Evidence of Aboriginal existence here extends back an optimistic 60,000 years, a bit like yesterday, but conclusive evidence of various dinosaurs that dwelt here is measured in millions of years and where are the dinosaur paintings on rock walls? What! No rock art depicting the dinosaurs?

If Aborigines had decided on other than a nomadic existence, tracing their heritage would have been easier but certainly not back to dinosaurs.

The UNSW would do better to teach its students literacy and the time tables rather than this load of old platypus poop, because the term invasion is divisive and simply untrue.

If it was true then every nation on this planet has been “invaded” rather than “discovered” at some time.


The first ship to discover Australia was the Duyfken in 1606 (Captain WIllem Janszoon) followed by Dirk Hartog in 1616. This year is the 400th anniversary of his landing at Shark Bay. The Lost White Tribes of Australia: 1656 The First Settlement of Australia can be purchased through my website at or on ebay. The first two European "settlers" were tow mutineers from the Batavia. They were marooned south of Kalbarri in 1629. (See my ebook 1629 Mutiny on the Batavia.) What was extraordinary about Captain Arthur Phillip was his determination to make friends with the Aboriginals. Time after time, he risked his life to confront Aboriginals unarmed to show that they had peaceful intentions. He did this once too often at Manly where he was speared.

I watched Stan on TV when he had that Today show years ago and didn't even think he was Abo. With a last name Grant he must be an invader too!

Unlike the Federal Racial Discrimination Act, section 18C which only carries a civil penalty, in Victoria (surprise, surprise) it is a criminal offence to attack or ridicule a religion with a penalty of six months imprisonment under the " Racial and Religious Tolerance Act" if it can be proved to have the ability to threaten harm to the mosque. Even if it doesn't it is still an offence in Victoria to ridicule Islam.


Offence of serious religious vilification
(1) A person (the offender) must not, on the ground of the religious belief or activity of another person or class of persons, intentionally engage in conduct that the offender knows is likely—

(a) to incite hatred against that other person or class of persons; and

(b) to threaten, or incite others to threaten, physical harm towards that other person or class of persons or the property of that other person or class of persons.


"Engage in conduct" includes use of the internet or e-mail to publish or transmit statements or other material.

Penalty: In the case of a body corporate, 300 penalty units;

In any other case, imprisonment for 6 months or 60 penalty units or both."

The bimbo reading Channel Nine News this morning, said the Victorian police were investigating. As demonstrated by the Cardinal Pell leak by VicPol, they do what Andrews tells them, and it looks like the banner people run the risk of imprisonment for daring to insult Islam. Seems strange when Labor politicians and the ADF march in the Gay Mardi Gras where Christianity is pilloried and nuns vilified, and no one on the left gives a damn, certainly not McGuire. This is no longer the Australia in which I grew up.

Posted by the Flysa Legal Institute

..Cook , in the moments before his death was RETREATING backwards down the beach toward the waters edge with a handfull of his men, while being pursued by tens of hundreds of tribes people attacking them, some of cooks men were first to be killed , Cook by this time was standing in the water defending his life firing at two close tribesmen intent on killing him, one was uninjured , the other was fatally shot. While Cook was standing in the shallow water a tribesman attacked him from behind and struck him on the back of the head with a stone club, Cook fell to his knee's while an iron spear was thrust into the back of his head , a knife was repeatedly thrust into his back, the turn of which was shared by many of the are an illiterate, foolish , simpleton mr franco...

Gentleman, when confronted he ended up firing shots just like any armed thief would do. But we do have to balance that view of history with one that made Australia one of the most wealthy nations. Life is ultimately about survival of the fittest culture. Regardless of the outcome of history, First Australians would have always been the losers. Papuans in Indonesia are facing far worse problems today that what First Australians currently face.

In the end Cook trespassed one to many times and paid the penalty.

Most definitely he would have J .... like any good British Officer would have

G, I believe if there was an immigration office, being an officer and gentleman, he would have reported there to have his papers processed.

He never went uninvited ... he stumbled into it ... and so went ashore to have a look

He never knew that small numbers of scattered stone age groups of people would be found ..

And when he met them he gave them some gifts ...

If I am undertake to do a scientific study of frogs, I just don't walk uninvited into peoples' backyards as Cook did.

Its okay now for Islam to cleverly invade every country in the West under ''Refugee Status '' ,milk our welfare system, breed like rabbits ,assault and rape the Host countries inhabitants ,scream abuse at them ,state ''Islam is going to take over this country '' [go to you tube have a look at the UK etc] and if you dont like it, the populist brainwashed imbeciles accuse you of muslim bashing and racism and Aboriginal Invasion ? hmmm Red Herring ?

The day civilisation first dawned on Australia. Thank you James!

It was a scientific voyage of discovery ....

tony: Voyages of discovery were undertaken as a first step for appropriation of resources.

Pretty sad when a boat carrying less than a 100 people can invade a country and conquer it. Doesn't really say to much about the so called custodians of the land does it ?

Gee, i am surprised SunTan Stan had the time to get out of the SunTan machine and bless us all with his wisdom.

.....Cook was on a voyage of discovery for goodness sake' would do you , and Stan well to read some history .....

Populations move. Societies shift. Climate changes. Always has, always will. These frigging professors probably still think their generation discovered sex. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can these idiots just get out of our lives and do what they are paid to do and that is TEACH. Not preach, not moralise, not indoctrinate but TEACH.

So the Aborigines were here first and for some 40,000 years. During that time they accomplished what, exactly? They were still nomads, hunting and gathering, effectively not far above cave man, while the rest of the world had built houses, had the wheel, had built ships, was exploring, was farming, building cities etc etc. Captain Cook probably had a look around and saw no dwellings, no cities no infrastructure of any kind and said "Wow. Vacant land!!"

He brushes on shoe polish every morning ....