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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Don Smith

Don is no-nonsense bloke with a background in the arts and business. He pens unique Aussie banter and has an interest in all things controversial


Remember Albo Sleazy saying that Tony Abbott had no idea about diplomacy? Remember that jerk Burke saying that Tony Abbott was embarrassing Australia in Indonesia? Remember Tania Pilberjerk calling Tony Abbott “Nigel No-friends” when it came to diplomacy? Remember what Short Willy Shorten said? No, neither can I because nobody seems to remember what Shorten says. But I know that he said something equally derogatory.

Anyway, they must be choking on their cornflakes this morning... well and truly choking.

Here were these Labor morons trying to convince the Australian electorate that this bloke had no idea about foreign affairs or international diplomacy, and now he is leading the way internationally in sorting out the formidable MH17 disaster.

Abbott’s controlled anger but firm resolve in regard to this heinous crime is being reported positively right around the globe and we are seeing Tony Abbott for the decisive leader that he is.

It was Tony Abbott, man to man with Vladimir Putin who has managed to convince Putin that it was in his best interest to stop playing the blame game and to use his influence, if not his military might, to ensure that the crash victims’ bodies were recovered as quickly as possible and transported to the Netherlands.

Normally in such circumstances one would think that the US President would be taking the lead in this matter but O’Bummer has been pretty ineffectual and it’s Tony Abbott who has taken the lead, garnering international support both directly and through the United Nations Security Council.

He applied enormous pressure on the Russian President to gain his co-operation.

News services around the globe especially in Britain and the US, including the massive CNN network, have been reporting extensively and positively on Abbott’s controlled but obvious anger regarding this tragedy.

And what about good old Christine Milne? We know how much she despises Abbott and I reckon she would have spat her Bircher muesli and organic yoghurt right across the kitchen table when she read the headlines in this morning’s Oz newspaper.

In between his many conversations with world leaders and our people on the ground overseas, Tony Abbott has also found the time to personally contact the families of the Australian victims of this horrible tragedy. And those are 38 phone calls he would have preferred not to have made.

As for Burke, Sleazy, Pilberjerk, Milne & Co, next time you open your mouths to criticise Tony Abbott, I suggest you put your brains into gear first. Otherwise you may find yourselves looking sillier than you already are, if that is humanly possible.


There is a big difference in being reported positively in areas not affected by a situation, in the Ukraine Abbott's bleatings have been ignored by BOTH sides. An relevant Ukrainian proverb goes: You don't really see the world if you only look through your own window.

Great blog so glad I found you. Abbott is doing the country proud at the moment and so is Julie Bishop. I think labor and greens are miffed because they really have nothing honestly to whinge about but they will make up something

Thanks Jo. Left, right, centre, commie, fascist, who cares but a level playing field is what matters.

Madam Speaker my question is directed to the Honourable member for Sydney and Deputy opposition leader,
Would the honourable member like to give the house an update on her constituent "Nigel No- Friends?
It would appear that the honourable member really likes talking about this "Nigel No-Friends" and I believe that the Parliament deserves an update on Nigel's progress........

For all of the LNP blaster progress is still slow, diplomacy may have had better success.

There are plenty of "Double Agents" on this site Eric. Larry ties to weed out the trolls but they just get a new email ID and start again. The Extreme Right have taken over this site and any Centre's like us are forced to do battle with them. They can't come up with anything except "We stopped the boats". Its just slogans no meat in the sandwich. Hockey, although seemingly a nice guy is hopeless at reducing spending and balance the books!

Trumby, are you meaning some on here assume more than one identity? If this is the case it corrupts any sensible exchange of ideas.

Typical answer from DJT , number one wanker .

At the wank tank club

Would you like to tell us where those looney Labor/ Greens spent our money ?

All you labor / green losers nick off . I cannot believe the crap that you are all writing. TA is the PM this country needs now. I do not give a shit if he tells porkies. All poly have to to get voted in because you blood sucking leaches what money and goodies for nothing. You have nealy destroyed this country with your corrupted left wing ways and I for one would like to stick my left boot right up your looney ass's. You are nothing but low life of this great country. Now piss off

DJT : Is revenue and profit your best come back line ?

JB, all DJT has to do is get out of this site, Google Tony Abbot lies and he will see and he will see lots of stuff like this written by independent reporters: Do politicians lie? Of course they do, including, of course, Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Whether it's the manufacturing of a budget "crisis", or the systematic trashing of election promises, or pretending that taxes are anything-but-taxes, or lying about spying, or lying about lying, Abbott has demonstrated his disdain for the truth.

Read more:

JB, don't worry about this. DJT tells us "The Liberals are running the country well". What does that tell you about him? He is darting around this site with opinions on everything and prickling the people he perceives are not towing the party line and say anything detrimental against TA. If TA goes up one point in the opinion Polls DJT darts around spruiking TA as happy as a pig in shit. He even defended TA when TA praised the Japanese Submariners in the war. I was coming to the conclusion myself that the guy is delusional. JB, keep posting your opinions. You mean well and have fire in your belly. If the Liberals took some advice from you they would be doing better in the polls. Cheers mate.

JO BLOW...........well Joe is a Mans name and Jo is a girls name and that actually is your problem.....all this time you have been trying to BLOW and it just keeps clogging up your brain....

Regardless, he will probably be a frigging 10,000 times better than Krudd or Gillderarse and that is all that matters..

Fair dinkum Brian, "best in 200 years" he hasn't even done a year yet! We have had some outstanding Australians in that office from both sides of politics.

And you are a grubby abusive troll Paul and we will be asking Larry to dump you from the site along with a few of your mates not far behind. Dante - just ignore him and lodge a formal Complaint with Larry. You are not entitled to be abused by this grub everytime you log on. JB.

Has anyone else noticed that with Tony Abbott's international diplomacy success the ABC reporting has shifted from "Tony Abbott's government" to the Australian Government (i.e. no more Tony when its good news!). What a bunch of cretin the ABC.

You said the Liberals are running the Country well despite the Union and Pup opposition antics DJT. We don't have anything to worry about then do we. Subject closed.