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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


“A watershed election”? “The most important election ever”? Well they always say that don’t they, but this time the outcome could send shivers up the back of a moribund Westminster and the ripples may extend all the way to Canberra because the astonishing similarities in public discontent are spooky.

Nigel Farage (second from left) has taken his UKIP to a likely balance of power in the Commons and an opportunity to reform the once conservative Tories to an unrecognisable political force. One Midlands' poll had UKIP a mere eight points behind Miliband’s Labour.

Neither Labour nor the Conservatives will gain a majority so it will come down to the minors to decide who they will support and the major minor is likely to be UKIP which has a platform eerily similar to what mainstream Aussies are screaming for.

Just listen to this!

• Reform of tertiary education.
• $28 billion in foreign aid to be spent on urgently needed projects at home.
• Veterans to have affordable housing and new allocated hospitals.
• Redress the failure of multiculturalism (read stop Islamic immigration).
• Dump costly EU membership saving $23 billion in contributions to Brussels (for Australia read UN).
• Fix UK’s broken borders that allow uncontrolled numbers of illegal immigrants to usurp its social services (that cannot be done as an EU member).
• Replace the NHS (read Medicare) with an insurance-based system that allows big business to take it over and streamline it.
• Only migrants who have paid taxes in the UK for five years will be able to access non-urgent free medical services. Other migrants will be required to take up private health insurance.
• Flat rates of tax.
• Reform the Left bias of the BBC (read ABC).
• Increased VAT (read GST) on luxury items.
• Stop all unskilled migration into the UK for five years.
• Abolish the Department of Energy and Climate Change.
• Any money made from fracking would go to social care for the elderly.
• LGBT (there is no policy regarding same sex anything) but the one I like is relaxing the Draconian laws on smoking that are causing 31 pubs (Pom centres for social interaction) to be closed each week.

If David Cameron is able to align with UKIP to form Government and the above policies are music to the ears of beleaguered Australians (except for the smoking thing of course) then both major Parties here will have to sit up and take notice.

Of course we are hamstrung with an unrepresentative Senate while the Poms have an archaic House of Lords but the Lords cannot reject legislation, they can only delay it.

... and anyway they are mostly irrelevant drunken oafs with gout.

But here’s the big but... if UKIP proves successful tomorrow then Australia will rush to field a centre-right Party to fill the gaping vacuum in our political landscape, and at last we may see some shift away from debt ridden majors intent on increasing a reliance on entitlements.

Unfortunately any new Party can only make a dent in half the Senate, but it would be one hell of a start.


Yes agree with Larry need a new party but slowly due as he said Senate unless a DD but have to be miracle co-incidence to strike that time and win. We need to slow or stop all immigration apart from true emergency need of skill so rare, until we have got sorted out with infrastructure for cities, transport and housing and have such a lot of job vacancies and a huge pool of money we cant find how to spend it. Well we can dream cant we? One would be to value the older folk as once did. Life experience does count more than we seem to realize. Reason too why in a mess as forgotten to respect our elders. That much loved and respected old Aussie character is rare these days. Too busy being trendy or mostly the Look at Me Look at Me - I wannabe on TV

Not surprising similar demands - as we are same stock - mainly do a DNA test and all are related from the too'ing and froo'ing across what is now UK and Western Europe. Vikings got here too as well as NZ where Maori's acknowledge some red hair blue eyed natives when they arrived.

Lots of posts missing here, before JB

what is the warning and for whom?, socialism is on the nose?, splinter parties have had their day?, polls based on small samples and loaded questions should be ignored?

Lisa and Peter, Sydney's Pearly King & Queen.

to whom do you refer JB

David Hockery...Telegraph UK...'Too many gay men now want to lead boring lives" ..perhaps AIDs has something to do with so many gays jumping off the carousel. Rather a boring life than no life at all..hey.

Watch SBS Next Tuesday "Dateline" 12th May
Should be interesting TV next Tuesday at 9.30 pm on Dateline SBS “Vaccination – Pakistan Vigilantes”

ATT LOL , Juggers n Sandra E. mrgg. Aust Future planning thread. My TAX proposal was WRONG!! THE ANSWER to a quick Aust recovery of it's own economic situation and to quickly become a most desirable business and residence destination is: to immediately terminate ALL CONFUSING DEMOTIVATIONG CRAZY TAX SYSTEM & GST & ELIMINATE ALL THE COSTS AND SOCIAL PROBLEMS OF ENFORCING IT AND..IMPLEMENT THE ‘TRANSACTION/CONSUMPTION TAX’ ACROSS THE WHOLE NATIONS BUSINESS. Say! start at 10% on every transaction, every day. PAYABLE TO TREASURY EVERY 30 DAYS. Even Larry P. saw the wisdom of this recently. I’ve been harping on it since 1996. LET'S DO IT!! NOW!!

The ABC presenters I have seen so far this morning are looking very miserable

OT - Michael Costa rubbishing Bull Shitten on the Bolt Report. Calling him Ed Miliband all over again. Hope he is right. Bull Shitten must know he is in trouble when ex Labor ministers are having a go at him.

Peter Van Onsalen what's it, no more Sunday morning Sky Australian Agenda for me. Even Paul Kelly is giving me the shts.

The cost of multiculturalism in Australia
April 21, 2015

So what has been the benefit of multiculturalism to Australia? Dim sims, stir fry and kebabs?

The social costs are not worth it. The undermining of Australian Culture and encouraging foreign cultures to bring their baggage and set up in ethnic enclaves. Multicultural domestic violence is an epidemic. In Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia effectively now has social apartheid.

One can’t even get a decent coffee in Sydney or attend an ANZAC dawn service without the threat of some islamic extremist attack.

For the first time in Australian history, armed guards are protecting our elected members of Parliament and senators in both chambers of our national Parliament in Canberra.....

CS Your position sounds like that of a wonderful Doctor on the GC who built Nursing homes for the poor and was cheated by a business partner. Are you he????

Islamophobia: Thought Crime of the Totalitarian Future
In the aftermath of the jihadist attack in Garland, TX, leftists and Islamic supremacists are moving swiftly to blame Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer for their American Freedom Defense Initiative/Jihad Watch Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest for supposedly “provoking” the violent attack. Once again, advocates of free speech are being slandered while any attempts to examine the real motives of the ISIS-linked terrorists who tried to slaughter them are being labeled as unjustified and “Islamophobic.” Magazine&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=c293978afe-Mailchimp_FrontPageMag&utm_term=0_57e32c1dad-c293978afe-156891997

Norway ends blasphemy law because of Charlie Hebdo jihad massacre
Norway has scrapped its longstanding blasphemy law, meaning it is now legal to mock the beliefs of others, in a direct response to January’s brutal attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Watch Daily Digest&utm_campaign=6722266ec2-Daily_Digest&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_ffcbf57bbb-6722266ec2-123434633

I know there are a lot of good people on this site, give your mother a hug, think about her, because every mother loves and thinks about her children.

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers.

Labor party in england is more weird than the Oz labor party. Favourite to replace the beaten labor leader milliband is a cove named CHUKA UMUNNA who is an african just like Obama and has 32 million of his tribe living in Nigeria so look out pommies if this charcter becomes prime minster as you will have a few million more nigerian immigrants running the streets of London decapitating soldiers on their way to work

Sad to see that joylene is one of your mates IE, but anyway. Surely you don't hate people because of their religion, otherwise, why did your Father come here ? What the fuck is going on, your old man would slap you around the ears, if he knew you were talking crap about immigrants. Give it a rest mate.