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Sunday, 27th May 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I copped some flak last week for suggesting that Donald Trump would, "never see the inside of the White House". Well, stand by for Trump’s slide down the polls and out of contention and watch out for the ascendancy of some serious contenders.

US politics is making for scintillating theatre as the selection process begins to determine the mettle of the next President.

The only reason Trump held such an extraordinary poll lead was because of the 17 candidates so far, voters only knew the name of one... Donald Trump! The others were only known within their respective States.

But things are changing as the cream starts to rise to the top and the junk sinks to the bottom.

Trump has refused to say he will not run as a third candidate (an Independent) if he loses the nomination. A third candidate would split the Republican vote handing the Presidency to the Democrats’ Clinton.

In other words Trump is nothing more than a treacherous time bomb for the Republicans and they would do well to dump him ASAP.

Last night’s debate highlighted two exceptional unknown non-politicians, one of whom, if not next year, will eventually take the Presidency.

Neurosurgeon, Carson is a zephyr of fresh air with an engaging mix of intellect and humour but unfortunately he is the only black candidate, and after eight years of Obama, you can put a line through anyone with even a serious sun tan.

The other didn’t even make the main debate and was relegated to the warm-up ‘secondary seven’ in an empty basketball stadium.

Her name is Carly Fiorina, the only woman, and an unknown except in business circles. She is about to be launched on to the main stage with serious contender status. The autopsies seem to have missed her, preferring to concentrate on a clueless Trump.

She cannot win the nomination but she will certainly be on the ticket as a running mate for whoever does, thereby negating any remaining feminine enthusiasm for a damaged Clinton.

A bold prediction? Not really, not if you’re a political tragic like me. This woman is exceptional !

My book:

GRAHAM: Good presenter but shallow. Has a slim chance. 33/1

HUCKABEE: Evangelistic wanker, dangerously right wing. 66/1

GILMORE: More money than sense. 200/1

PERRY: How they made a Governor of this galah is a mystery. 50/1

RUBIO: Impressive but too young. Later maybe. 14/1

SANTORUM: A chance with the Latinos. 12/1

CRUZ: Huge Latino appeal but needs much more of the Mid-West. 25/1 

PAUL: Diminutive try-hard. Always a starter, never a hope. 150/1

FIORINA: About to take off and a likely VP. Watch her closely. 7/1

TRUMP: Will implode spectacularly. Watch for poll slide. 33/1

JINDAL: You’re kidding! 500/1

WALKER: Frontrunner, keeping powder dry for a late finish. 6/1

KASICH: Hometown appeal only. 80/1

CHRISTIE: Boyish Governor. But broken promises and toilet seats. 12/1

BUSH: Wrong name and gaffe prone. 20/1

CARSON: Wrong colour with foreign policy blind spot. 250/1

PATAKI: No. 500/1

At this stage it’s a huge asset to have “Presidential Candidate” on your business card, so the field will fall away well before the primaries.

The Democrats' list of candidates is increasing as Clinton wanes.


Does it really matter... by the time Sep 2016 comes around America will look like a basket case and whether it be Republicrat or Demolicin nothing will change. Personally I suspect military dictatorship to be the order of the day prior to another US election...but hey that might be pushing it a bit far.

Do not underestimate Doctor Ben Carson who, if he makes it and wins the Republican candidacy, is demographically unbeatable. And is better prepared to assume the office than has been any president - ever - including the best-prepared-to-date, Ronald Wilson Reagan! I'm With Ben! -- Dick!

CONTINUED ... I estimate his net worth to be well south of a billion in real terms since he attributes massive value ($3 billion) to the “goodwill” of his name, the Trump “brand.” He takes future projected revenues (like TV show contracts) and calls them assets.

He is no conservative, not even remotely. Rather he’s a populist saying what he thinks will get him attention. He’s a lover of cronyism, a big supporter of Hillary, and in no man’s land politically.

It’s the GOP leadership’s shame that this guy can emerge due to their ineptitude and the voters’ exasperation with them. That said, his candidacy will end like the Hindenburg.” UNQUOTE -- Hard to disagree with any of that. Original ($) at:

a symptom of the cheapening of our culture like Kim Kardashian. He got his start with his father’s money made from subsidized housing projects in Queens, and his father’s ties to New York City politicians. He’s been a crony capitalist from day one.

In the 1980s, when he tried to become a client at Goldman, I and the other senior partners there turned him down because of his seedy reputation and that he was de facto bankrupt. It was the same a few years later at Lazard.

He’s lost his money on these tacky casinos which use just his name for a fee while the bond holders control the equity. He was bailed out by his cheap TV reality shows. In truth, he has no real business other than clever capitalizing on his name. CONTINUES ...

First thing to get right about Mr Trump and that you've Left right out is that he's no more a "republican" than Paul Keating was a pig farmer. Mr Trump's been a registered "Democrat" all his life and a huge contributor to the likes of the Billah-Goat-Blythe "Cli'tons" and to Chuck Schumer et al. And nor is Mr Trump a conservative. Never was, is not and never will be. At best he lives in a political no-mans land and at worst he's an opportunistic populist. A trusted acquaintance the other day wrote this about Mr Trump: QUOTE A close personal friend of mine has a net worth much higher than Trump’s, has known him for many years, and has intimate familiarity with his business dealings. Here is what he tells me:

“Trump is an incoherent wind bag – CONTINUES ...

Fiorina is a dog and she destroyed HP.

Trump will be President. .. even Anne Summers recognises his abilities, .... Trump, ... you can't just wish him away.

Cruz & Fiorina ticket will corral the Latino, Conservative, Evangelical and Woman's vote.

The 'slapping in the face' of the Russians was the same thing that happened to the Vietnamese whose main heroes were the pantheon of the American Revolution. Then it was the Military Industrial Complex; now it's the same crowd doing the slapping.

A long-deceased Scottish mate went to Russia just after the War - as part of the youth movement of.the CPGB. He had a similar experience to the one you describe. Of course the hyper-friendliness of the women he described in his case can be partly explained by the huge gender imbalance resulting from the huge losses of the Red Army in the War. I was in Eastern Europe at about the same time as you and saw the intact nature of their cultures along with the considerable and widely dispersed high-culture. Putin's purging of the Oligarchs - Russian style - and replacing them with more obedient, immediately recallable ones has never been forgiven as their predecessors were tools of Wall Street. Russia went back to its ancient religion, a move of respect for their nationality, a good thing.

My first trip to Russia was to Moscow just after the Soviet era. I stayed at a hotel called the Dynamo right next to the Dynamo Stadium. It was like being in a 1930’s movie, thread bare sheets but immaculately clean. I was told it used to be the KGB hangout. The two most attractive girls imaginable at the reception giggled every time I walked off. Still not sure why, maybe my western aftershave? What a place it was then, crazy drivers, beautiful women, art, history and culture on every street. My last trip was five years ago, things had changed, Mercedes, BMW, Mc Donald’s and all the rest of Western business hunting for a buck. The people were the same, still proud and forever Russian, no false polite smiles but generous and friendly.

It is a tragedy the West, particularly the US has treated them like a vanquished enemy, we have lost the opportunity to have united with the Russians, they wanted it but were slapped in the face. A new generation Russia is a threat to the corrupt EU, the greed of corporate America and the neoconservative’s quest in Washington for world hegemony.

The view expressed in this video is wrong as to fundamental cause but right as to form. It therefore shifts the blame onto the vector rather than the fundamental germ. Who's killing us ?

You are right about Trump Larry. He cannot win because he does not speak from a prepared text. He says what he means, and he actually says what many Republicans are thinking. Sure he makes gaffes. That's what happens when you "speak of the cuff". But his non gaffes are biting. He is telling it like it is - the truth! And that's why he's got no chance. As Clinton, Bush, and particularly Obama have demonstrated, Americans don't want the truth from their presidential candidates. Americans want to be treated like mushrooms, and that's why America is bankrupt and about to implode.


I hear you Eric. The Rightist very original thinker Francis Parker Yokey in the late 40's said that it was better that - even Western Europe be occupied by the Russians because they wouldn't have the ability or desire to destroy cultures of nations (which are treasures indeed). In the event, the Russians only occupied the Slavic nations and at the end of Communism they were largely culturally intact. Not so the West, which was and still is undermined by the contemporary version of 'Americanisation' - a kind of hyper-liberal cosmopolitanism. But the Slavs still have a lot to learn about the dangers of the invasion, going on accounts of I heard.

You completely underestimate Donald Trump's appeal to working class white Americans. If it wasn't for Trump, the issue of immigration would not have even been discussed by this year's Presidential nominees. For many American GOP voters, immigration is a 'make or break' issue and yet the Republican Party, and their Neo-con and Libertarian Right arrogantly refuse to acknowledge or speak for their base on this issue. The last ten years has seen a flooding of American borders, and not just from Mexico. Tens of millions of third world immigrants have changed the face of America irrevocably. The US media refers to a figure of 11 million people who have entered illegally but the real figure is close to 30 million. Meanwhile millions of migrants from third world impoverished countries pour in legally every year and the country is transforming from first world nation to third world hellhole, at breakneck speed. Big business can spruik the economics benefits till their blue in the face, ordinary white America is no longer buying it. They can see that this is nothing more than a genocidal policy of population replacement which spells the end to America's heritage in less than forty years. Trump deserves kudos and praise for his courage in breaking the political moratorium of silence on the issue and the white Republican base dont give a FF how many Megyn Kelly's Trump insults and offends in the process.

dusty, it makes you want to weep and leaves a sense of despair to view the link you put up. My first wife was Irish and my second is from Irish convict stock, both are fiery strong women. The NWO has created a softness in western manhood who fear being branded racist more than death, at least the Slavs still have a masculinity that may save western civilization yet.

What I want to to know is where are all the heroic 'Pro-Irish Partisans' of the Far Left of yesteryear on the question of Irish (indeed Western) Nationality today when, unlike then, it is deeply challenged by this horde of the semi-criminal lumpenproletariat from the Third World? Not to mention the social marginalisation of the Irish working people by this invader horde, something of profound significance to the political balance of the West...

Good to hear from you again Eric, my truly rural friend. A coup by patriotic junior officers? 'tis a consummation/Devoutly to be wish'd...but also unlikely, for it is the young who are most brainwashed/selected/co-opted. A mate of mine in the military tells me that there are now no fewer than FOUR senior officers selected for being trannies, symptomatic of the problem. It - appears - as a problem without a solution. But there are subterranean forces at work, say here... This is Dublin Today -

Dusty hit nail on the head. The subservience of the Poms can be seen in the way they worship the so called royal family. Maybe they need another Cromwell type in the modern ilk to save the nation.