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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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....US must act

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


When a war-weary America decided “I’m out of here”, it left Iraq in an insoluble mess, exhibiting the stupidity of invading a country, killing its tyrant, installing a new government and simply pissing off.

Every country it has touched in the Middle East and northern Africa is now in turmoil due to a basic lack of knowledge of how Arab power structures function.

The reason wars are now flaring up everywhere is that Obama is an absent pussy cat and now the mice are playing. He no longer has an economic or an electoral taste for a full-on war and is content to scout the perimeters supplying arms to the “goodies”. 

The US is abrogating its responsibility to over 4,500 dead American boys (and 10,000 injured) who did its bidding for the better and it cannot simply walk away from this ISIS slaughterfest it created.

Let’s be honest here, the ISIS is a conglomerate of Al Queda Islamic extremist offshoots who were supported by the US in the Syrian war to overthrow the Russian supported tyrant, Assad. But because Obama refused an active involvement, it failed, with Assad the only tyrannical enemy of the US to withstand a coup.

The ISIS was defeated but with all its US supplied military equipment, moved South East to a weakened Iraq that quickly surrendered its US supplied military equipment. In a well-planned attack it immediately took Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, consolidated, then moved on the oil fields to finance its onslaught before capturing dozens of other cities.

But all is not what it seems. The ISIS is very good at shooting a thousand people in the back of the head and raping little girls, but it’s not the potent military force it claims to be. 

Iraq’s 80 per cent Sunni majority, after handing over their US military equipment, assisted the ISIS in the slaughter of their neighbourly Shias. In many cities they were welcomed as “liberators”. 

Now the ISIS is mass murdering Kurds in the north (those remaining who Sunni Saddam Hussein didn’t gas) and smaller ethnic groups, while Turkey assists with humanitarian packets of Weet Bix. 

If Obama doesn’t act now it will be too late. The ISIS is no more than a mob of hoons in utes and is only a threat because no-one is there to oppose it, so stand by for some limited US action.

The ISIS is now a mere 60 mile from Baghdad and the use of its airport is critical. Iraq’s inept minority Shia government of a blustering Maliki will not withstand an ISIS attack simply because there will be wholesale Sunni desertions to the ISIS led forces.

How, after 10 years of fighting, could the US have left Iraq so vulnerable to such a rag tag murderous bunch of Islamic terrorists? 

Why in the name of God did the US ever go there in the first place?

But it must go there now, the US should realise if it doesn’t immediately swoop on the ISIS it will likely be facing a prolonged war on two fronts... the other in Eastern Europe.

[Taking 2 days off... please don't fight.]



Once again we see world leaders not learning the lessons of history. T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) struggled to fully understand Arabic ways, and he was probably the most successful of any westerner to undertake that impossible task. Democracy is not any easy fit with Arabs, but the US has consistently tried, and often failed to instill it in the middle east. You’re right Larry, Arabs only understand force and money.

Joe Hockey on the radio tonight said the new Petrol Levy which will bring in $2.4b will not affect poor people because they don't have cars.

Comment on agricultural websites is mostly against the disruption to our agricultural trade with quite a few expressing contempt for Joyce who shows no understanding of trade realities. Murray Goulburn and Bega are very concerned at the loss of the dairy market. Russia took around 46% of our butter exports and thousands of tonnes of cheese. Indications are Abbott's mouth is going to cost the rural economy hundreds of millions with platitudes but no offers of compensation from the government. This is going to hit Victoria the hardest. Just the same as Gillard and the live trade closure.

BR, well done, I did sim to The Australian, I see that Darth and Portaloo have either removed their personal attacks on you or Larry has, either way good job.

Good, I feel much safer now.

Marcoeloco, it's called national socialism (Nazis) but we had our first lady Gillard who wanted a communistic sort of a way to take hold under her stewardship when her and Conroy wanted to sensor the press well that was for starters anyway. The best way to curb these criminals is by good intelligence and I'm sure that our federal agencies have enough intelligence from around the world (Israel, USA, UK) on how to curb these terrorists and I'm sure that they are in the process of doing and implementing some of their ways.


@trooper5, I must be thick ,I dont understand you last post? I havent been near a computer.

@ marcoeloco , reply, whats taken you so long to call.that,ll fuckem

It doesn't matter who coined the term problem reaction solution it works and it has for a long time. When you get a knock on the door for a suspicious email what are you going to do?

Have just logged onto Google and found that Khaled Sharrouf, the father of the 7 year old boy aloft the severed head of an enemy with the caption "That's my Boy". This animal has already been in goal for plotting terrorists attacks on NSW and Vic. He served 3 years and 9 months. This pig was still receiving a disability pension of $766 per fortnight 2 months after he left Oz. At the moment the Australian law does not have the power to suspend payments to people involved with terrorist or criminal behavior. Human Services Minister Marise Payne won't comment on this particular case (and any other cases for that matter) but said recent events may need more investigation. Let's have some back bone Tony and do something now, you know about this stop all welfare payments to these people at once.

The moslem community are deafening in their condemnation of their moslem "brothers " for their barbarity which is par for the course for this mob of middleage barbarians. Trad ? Waleed ? Mufti ? Immams ? Anyone ?

had a guy from NZ working in my house. my Border Collie was snapping at his achilles, rounding him up. He said: "what is it with your dog?" I said "I think she can smell sheep." He had a good laugh but I'm thinking 18c would get me in trouble would it not?

It might be just my imagination but the ABC seems to be just a bit more respectful of the Prime Minister. Perhapd they are reading the tea leaves or even waking up to the fact that UniongrubsALP are just a mob of never-beens.

those of you who are flippant about this should also take the time and do likewise

I was walking down the road when I saw an Afghan bloke standing on a fifth floor balcony shaking a carpet.
I shouted up to him, "What's up Abdul, won't it start?"

BB. Yes I think so. That's why I push the Australian Freedom Fighters idea. We must stand up and face them off now. Later on will be too late. We all hope that "things will work out for the best" but they won't. That just being in denial. Europe illustrates clearly enough where we are headed.

Still no clarification on our live exports of cattle to Russia. Containers of oranges on the water will have to be diverted to lower value markets. There are also dairy products in transit. The dairy industry is watching to see where the EU moves to get rid of its dairy production. Cherry growers are also upset - the biggest cherry market in the world they were just getting foothold in.

Yeah that guy is Juliers guide in the middle east after all she’s gallivanting around the world she’s copped all our hard earned tax payers retirement funds for the rest of her life and shes so expertly spending buying her new houses with her Timmy and add the funds of the TWU and add her offices in Sydney and Melbourne and the list goes on and on. That is where some of our money goes to and then of course you have the Centrelink wroughts the Disability pension wroughts and it goes on and on. And then we are told that we are the richest nation in the world by labor and that there are no problems, maybe it's because next time labor are in government Shorten and his cohorts want to completely clean us up and send Australia permanently into bankruptcy

Calling for the control and manipulation of peoples minds.