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Thursday, 21st February 2019

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... despite Justice Rares' "political motives"

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The Federal Court today overturned Justice Rares’ decision to disallow James Ashby a hearing regarding sexual harassment complaints against Peter Slipper. If Justice Rares’ ruling was designed to keep the Gillard Government in power he succeeded, but he did Slipper no favours as today he was lumbered with Ashby’s court costs.

Justice Rares ruled Ashby’s claims were an “abuse of process” and “politically motivated”...  an outrageous ruling devoid of any judicial precedent in similar circumstances.

Now Ashby and Slipper can tear each other to pieces in a sordid court process that will publicly expose them both for the tawdry grubs they are, while Justice Rares rues yet another of his politically motivated decisions.

See the background to this grubby tale here:


Typical of most women is Ashby, waiting and waiting, tolerating the sexual harassment until a sufficient number of incidents have happened (the David Jones case is a perfect example of this) to up the payout when it finally gets to court. A sexual harassment claim should be filed immediately, and sexual harassment claims should be thrown out if they are more than 3 days old. Unless of course the harassee was so traumatised that only years later do they recall those heinous happenstances, these memories brought back by deep cerebral analytic hypnosis. As for these two slags, they should cover them both in oil, strip them naked and put them in a room together, and let their loving embraces envelope the other. Oh such sweet loving could be had.

oops that should be Ashby, I think.

I wonder who slipped it in. Was is Arsby or Slipper??????????

The fact is that Ashby regardless, deserved his day in court. The Criminal Roxon as AG compromised her position by being actively involved. Her interference helped the decision ,made by Rares. The only politicisation of this matter was that Gillarse needed Slipper in the Speakers chair, therefore, needed that extra vote to retain her tenuous hold on Government unethical, sinister bitch sacraficed a good man in Harry Jenkins in the process. Had Slipper not been such a key figure Ashby would have had his day in court by now and Slipper would be dealt with! His behaviour was disgusting, if had been any of us doing the same thing, we would all be in jail by now! Roxon and anyone else responsible for interference should be investigated.

meant 'heard'

I think I hears it too.

Heh heh. Too right.

That's the unions for you.

Delete Britney, insert Schapelle.

Another socialist idiot given an important job to look after the rest of the socialist idiots when they are in the shit. The judiciary is rotten to the core after years of Labor.

Bottom feeders, the two of them.....

The biggest criminal and grub in all this is Rales....

Number 96 made it seem fun and funny, this is not Their ABC's agenda. We have to tow the Gay line so everyone has a gaytime.

What is it about bloody Labor politicians? Their whoring ways are so endemic, that it is almost compulsory once you adopt the Socialist mantra of Labor office - that you must start shagging something. It comes with the territory. I'm sure there is a memorandum in their welcome package that says - "Got elected to the Labor Gumment? Great! Then get your willie out and pick your quarry! We are the Shaggers party! Please note that in line with political correctness- we welcome fetishists and same sex fornicators."

This slippery bastard Slipper did not have conventional sex with a secretary as she laboured over his dictation late at night. He was not missing the missus and through the loneliness that is part of Australian politics - become distracted into a tryst of moist convenience. No - he apparently harassed a junior Labor poof -half his age- and sent the grubbiest of texts in which he drew quite vile comparisons about women's genitalia. What a creep. What did his wife really think of that? She thinks he is misunderstood. Well bloody oath he is. He's a grub by any standard. We don't understand.

Of course he was not the first of this bunch to dip his Parliamentary rod. Hawkie was famous for shagging his biographer while keeping up the pretence that he was happily married to poor old Hazel - probably the only Labor linked woman that I felt genuine sorrow for. And once his term was over - so was he- right into the arms and the New 'Oideas' centre spreads with Blanche. The one subject author.

And then there was Chifley. A patron saint in Labor circles. In 1951 Ben Suffered a heart attack in his secretary's arms after hours - dying potentially on the job. It was alleged that they had been at it for years.

And who can forget that despot of Labor dogma - better make that dog shit - Jim Cairns - who only recently lost his place as Australia's worst political economist to Wayne "What's another 100 billion" Swann. Jim fell into the arms of his female staffer -the accommodating Junie Morosi - which effectively brought so many tut tuts from the public in 1974 that he lost his career. Unwilling to divorce his missus he then wrote a book about himself and went senile -which he spent the next 20 years trying to sell at Prahran Market. While his fingers stumbled hopelessly over the National calculator- he could undo Junie's bra with two fingers like a magician! That's my point. If these blokes put as much effort into finances and governing as they did shagging - Australia would be a better place.

Take this grub Thompson. This bloke has spent the better part of 7 years up to his apricots. And dare I say it - with anyone who would lie down for a buck. This bullshit we hear about them all being 'High Class Escorts' is more Labor fudge. They are hookers. Plain and simple. They have no special skills except for shagging and playing the pink oboe. Wearing a co-ordinated outfit and a pair of glitzy stilettos with an ankle chain does not make them high class anything. They root for a living for Chrissakes! Rooting is not a profession. (Unless you are a Labor rooter onviously.) And going by Craig Thompson -they are none too careful about who they root.

Take John Della- Bosca - another Labor champion. Head on him like a robber's dog. Up to his walnuts with a 26 year old while poor old Mrs Della-Bosca was doing the dishes.

Take Mike Rann - a South Australian Labor heavy - Premier no less - unable to keep it in his pants. He went for the Parliament House barmaid -attracted by her French name no doubt. Michelle Chantelois. And not content to do it in taxpayer funded holiday resorts like every other shonky politician and union boss- he did her across his desk. This you see adds excitement to the mix. It thumbs a Union bred nose at the dignity of the place. "We done it on the desk in Parliament House. That'll show 'em." Well done!

What about good old W.A. Labor Leader Troy Buswell. Not content with just shagging barmaids over his desk- his fetish was even more pronounced than Slipper's. He liked to sniff female Liberal staffer chairs. And did. Got sprung for it too. You have to admit - that's out there -even for a politician.

And then there's Gareth Evans. Good old Gareth who looked like a University professor - deep down was a Greens Shagger. There he was - pontificating on the manifestos of Labor while slipping it to good old Cheryl Kernot on the side. I don't know what he inseminated her with - but she ditched the Greens and became a 'Labah' girl from then on. At least he had the decency to shag someone his own age.

And what about Democrats leader Janet Powell letting old Senator Sid Spindler slip her a length. Spindler- a name nearly as bad as Slipper. Labor Politicians at the time no doubt welcomed him into their sanctum by saying - 'Slipper a length Spindler?'

Now there has been the very odd Liberal infraction if I'm honest. John Brown for example - another desk shagger. But at least he called the missus and said "Come in- I want to give you a letter". To which she relied "Is it French?" You can't knock a bloke for missin' his missus.

But these blokes pale in comparison to the new Labor rooters. Gillard - who it emerges shagged half the Union movement - half the Labor bench and a few others besides and Shorten who has trouble keeping his flies in an upward situation.

And grubby bastards like this Slipper - who likes boys as well as girls it would seem. I always worry about a bloke who can cross the divide like that. And not just the sanitary concerns either. It shows a level of debauchery that few can countenance. And I haven't even scratched the surface here!

or parliamentary positions with Liebour / Greens.

i hope the coverage for these turd burgulars get wold coverage , ive got that T shirt larry and could make a motza on it on ebay LOL

To Baz below......perhaps before a senate committee ah la S. Conroy and the good General......but....separation of powers old Poy......but seriously we need to develop a mechanism which allows the parliament to ask the judiciary to "please explain"......JF

This Justice Rares should be charged with an abuse of process, he disallowed the claims of Ashby, and blasted Mal Brough for political interferement just to keep the Labor Party in power, I content that the actions of Rares was political interfence through the court therefore an abuse of process - that can now be a justified statement can now be justified

OT.>>> Has anyone else noticed that QT Thursdays has the highest number of grubs tossed out than other days, Would this be because the slimy GRUBS are not interested in what is happening in parliament and just want to get an early start to theit long weekend??

G2>>. I think you are 2 hours behind me , I am in Brisbane , the place where curtains don't fade and the cows sleep in an extra hour.