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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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... but who to engage for your outstanding parking ticket?

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The answer is neither, unless you have just had a serious fight with your wallet. On the left is the Liberal Party’s bright spark, Gregory Burton, SC, earmarked for Bronwyn Bishop’s seat of Mackellar.

This is the bloke who is arranging this year’s Sir Garfield Barwick Address and, as late as last Wednesday, sent an email to Commissioner Heydon’s chambers apparently still encouraging his attendance by pleading, "As you know, although nominally under the auspices of the Liberal Party's lawyers professional branches, this is not a fundraiser...". Hmmmm.

Not a fundraiser, eh? Hang on, the standing invitations were advertising Commissioner Heydon as the keynote speaker and were replete with a donation form at the base.

Golly, was Greg Burton, SC trying to hoodwink Justice Heydon into turning up anyway?

Or was he perhaps unaware that Justice Heydon was presiding over the current TURC? Or perhaps he was unaware of any TURC!

... or perhaps he’s just a dickhead.

If this bloke is the future face of the Liberal Party, we had better hurry and get used to Shorten as PM.

On the right is the ALP’s Mark Dreyfus QC. On his Facebook page yesterday he wrote, above an unflattering pic of Heydon: "Justice Heydon should step down. If he does not, then Prime Minister Tony Abbott should remove him." This silly statement was backgrounded by a derelict Fairfax Press screaming, “Commissioner Dyson Heydon must go over perceived bias”.

Well, stone the bloody crows, you would think the title of “Royal” in Royal Commission and maybe “Queen” in Queen’s Council would have given them a clue that Justice Heydon was appointed by the the Royal assent of the Queen’s Representative, the Governor General, and Abbott simply has no ability nor authority to sack Heydon as a Commissioner any more than he has the ability to sack the lying Human Rights Commissioner, Gillian Triggs.

If Bill Shorten was to become Prime Minister tomorrow, the TURC must continue sitting. Once a Royal Commission is established neither an incumbent nor an incoming government can sack the sitting Commissioner nor disband the Commission.

The powers of a Royal Commission, within its terms of reference, are extensive and soar way above any crass political jurisdiction.

If this were not so, Royal Commissions could be manipulated by numbers on the floor of the House when things started to get a bit hot for Honourable Members.

(Much like when they all agreed to accept Bronwyn Bishop as collateral damage and to close ranks after they were all discovered with their greasy mitts deep in the public purse.)

Yet the SMH clowns editorialised yesterday with this cracker, “Justice Heydon should step down. If he does not, then Prime Minister Tony Abbott should remove him and find a replacement”.

(These are the Fairfax newspapers we once depended on for accurate information.)

Not only are Fairfax scribes and Dreyfus, along with his vitriolic Labor mates, in contempt of the Commission and liable to jail sentences under SEC. 6O of The ROYAL COMMISSIONS ACT, they are totally ignorant of how an RC is constituted and how it must operate.

It will be interesting to see which way Dyson Heydon jumps now. He could summons half the ALP and Fairfax before the Commission and demand they all be charged with contempt under the Act.

But I suggest he will ignore these fools and carry on regardless, unearthing illicit ALP fundraising via their corrupt union partners.

Is it any wonder Dreyfus, Shorten and Co, want Heydon gone?

Oh well, barristers who can’t make a crust from the Inns of Court are now driving cabs or standing for pre-selection for a safe seat in Parliament.

It seems the idiot Gregory Burton, SC is planning on joining the hopeless Mark Dreyfus, QC and the hapless George Brandis, QC on some cushy red or green bench with pay packets well beyond their worth.

How the hell any of these galahs passed a Bar exam is beyond me... but they sure pass for Parliamentarians.


I was of the belief that lawers who practice law have an understanding of the law just as journalists who practice journalism understand what is really news

meant don't get.

If the LNP aren't taking notice of these posts, they deserve every vote they don't because this is where a substantial number of the potential supporters are. Most are regretting their poor performance, unwilling to bring themselves to vote for the Labor rabble but looking for the "come the moment, come the man". FCS get us out of this!

dusty, visit Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens and you will see these mobs take over the walled garden to stick their arses in the air to pray to Allah! In your face intimidation!

rin..yes well interesting tidbit about the Jews bombing the Catholic church in Nagasaki..hardly of any real import i would have thought, given the low profile of Christianity in japan in the first place..bombing Nagasaki however was a war crime as was hiroshima. The Japs werent allowed to surrender, and many Japs lost their live pointlessly as well as many Australians..thanks to our treacherous politicians, and the cabal which ran the war..and we know who they least on PP

Pelican, Thought this would interest you -
"...Hiroshima got the first atom bomb, Nagasaki the first plutonium blob. More people died at Hiroshima than at Nagasaki, but for various reasons I will not go into here, the bomb dropped on Nagasaki was considered more devastating — partly because it was intended by America’s Jewish-controlled administration to deliver a death blow to Christianity in Japan. This it virtually succeeded in doing, given that Nagasaki had always been Japan’s most Christian city, containing the highest concentration of Christians in all of Japan. The Nagasaki plutonium bomb was specifically aimed at St Mary’s Cathedral while Japan’s largest Roman Catholic congregation was celebrating Mass and receiving Holy Communion. The entire congregation was vaporized in a single instant at 11.02 a.m. on Thursday morning, 9 August, 1945 — much to the delight of the Jews in Washington who knew exactly where the bomb would fall.........."

Paul Sheehan just bade a very good point on Alan Jones this morning. Whatever happens by the end of this week regarding the Justice Heydon issue, This puts the Royal Commission back front and centre in the minds of the public.

This whole saga for the past year and a half has been buried and run dead on by the main media controllers of the left who are against it.
There are a whole lot of unions and unionists uncovered for their corruption as well as labor and green corrupt connections. THEY ARE GUILTY.
The must go on and will go on. The unions legal actions this week in their attempts to protect Shorten will do exactly the opposite.
This is shouting to the whole of Australia and the world that union labor green power and money is so huge...they will attempt to close down the investigation

In case you didn't know

Truth time approaches.
Memo to Tony Abbott & media - follow the phone taps - CFMEU boss Brian Parker "I'll f*ckin' bash him, put him in hospital"
John Dyson Heydon AC QC must go because of bad behaviour? That's the focus of our media and parliament?
Here's CFMEU boss Brian Parker, still in his job, still getting paid - and still the same old thug. Tony Abbott and his team need to get on with the job of leading us away from this mire and towards a future without thugs like these. To do that Tony and his team needs to tell us regularly about why we need to change, why we needed the royal commission, what it's uncovering and why it matters.
Here he is with George "luv ya Sparkles" Alex:.
And the strong man Joe Antoun - shot and killed on his doorstep

Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction

Roman Catholicism is Babylonian paganism dressed up with Christian terminology
"The Two Babylons" or The Papal Worship Proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and His Wife
By the Late Rev. Alexander Hislop
First published as a pamphlet in 1853--greatly expanded in 1858

Frankly Bruce I find the whole thing quite diabolic. Here we have the Libs trying to protect the working man from the thugs fleecing them of their hard earned wages which should be the Unions job, but the workers still keep standing up for the Unions.

One could also put the argument that he is biased towards the Left. Didn't he give Gillard an easy time really? I thought she got off rather light. Little boys with matches shouldn't light fires they can't put out. Heydon will not stand down and will make mince meat out of them all which they deserve. Skating on thin ice, but they really are so smug at the moment aren't they?

You have to laugh. Richo tonight called Dyson Heydon a boofhead. Dyson Heydon, the man who became a professor of law before the age of 30, a boofhead !

jug..Pope Francis has already done what you suggest..telling Catholics they worry too much about abortion and homosexuality...seriously, the guy is satan, and Catholics still love him..does that make Catholics the New Satanists?

Q A is going OK. The British Spiked magazine editor Brendan O'Neill is making Dastiyari and Green's Di Natale look like absolute fools. He's cleaned up on the TURC issue. Now he's shot them to bits on homo marriage. Crowd appear to be cheering for traditional marriage.

I'd just like to see those 'polls'... just where'n when people are approached etc.... seems to me it's all very much 'iffy'. Wouldn't trust them at all.... a good example might be to think about the recent election in the UK?????

We are all idiots in this country, just consider the ABC and in particular Q & A. That mob are only an advertising arm of the Labor/greens lefties, and who pays for it ? the tax payers. The labor/greens are just as smart as the Muslims, dragging moneys out of us via Halal taxes, then using that money against us. Unbelievable.

Micky C... my prayers are that you are right here..... it's more than a worry!

The left get what they want. They'll kick and scream and spit and hiss until the good guys cave. Big wins on abortion, welfare state, multiculturalism, Kaynesianism, AGW, and control of UN, courts, workers, savings, education, media, arts, sport, HRC. The left is the Don Bradman of politics (sorry Don) whilst conservatives are too afraid of the ball to walk to the pitch. We win nothing. We compromise everything. The left will again have its way. Unions/ALP can't control DH so they'll assassinate him. Who will defend him? He questioned the integrity of the messiah. For this he will be crucified.