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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The reshuffle sees Kelly O’Dwyer as a definite plus, Defence is way beyond Kevin Andrews’ ability and he will fail miserably. He will not withstand the might of a Defence bureaucracy that delights in chewing up and spitting out its Ministers. Peter Dutton takes on Immigration, but that's a job that’s already done.  

The unspoken job description for Morrison is to rein in an epidemic of Islamic rorting of our welfare system and the disability boys out west had better start job hunting now while there’s still a few spots left with the ISIS.

Any Muslim who took the back door option to Australia, and there are 50,000 of them, learnt from those Muslims already here how to rort every cent possible from our welfare system.

There are an unsustainable 892,022 people on disability pensions right now and at last count that figure was increasing by more than 2,000 every week.  

Complaints to Centrelink by doctors who have refused to give applicants disability certificates, despite letters of confirmation from Labor lawyers, are ignored.  Middle Eastern “doctors” known to be complicit in the fraud go unchallenged.

Frustrated Aussie doctors have stopped reporting the scams aware that nothing will be done about it.

During Gillard’s tenure, welfare fraud had risen to an estimated cost of $600 million p.a. with more than 700,000 incidents reported in the one year.  Over 15,000 cases of welfare fraud were reported involving foreign students who have overstayed their visas (there are a reported 60,000 visa overstays in Australia).

Incredibly, illegal entrants given E bridging visas by the Gillard Government have been illegally claiming full welfare entitlements, including disability pensions.

The epidemic is now entrenched after the High Court found, under existing law, omitting to inform Centrelink of changes in circumstances was not a criminal offence.

The law was made retrospective to cover up to 15,000 prosecutions since 2000, so the word has got out that Australia is the “go to” place if your intention is to live on welfare.

The director of Civil Justice at Legal Aid Victoria, Kristen Hilton said, "The implication of this High Court decision is that the DPP cannot now rely on backdated legislation to create an obligation on people to tell Centrelink of something that didn't exist at the time.

"So what this means is that those 15,000 prosecutions that were progressed during that period when that legislation was said to apply, are now in doubt."

Earlier this year $23 million of welfare fraud was discovered in the child-care industry.

The Department of Human Services said that 575 people (502 from Victoria) were working as family day care “educators” but had failed to declare their income, while at the same time claiming social security.

The average defrauded amount was $40,000, with one person having received $416,000, and 51 individuals scamming an average of over $100,000 each.

In only one of many clever scams, Islamic families, mainly in western Sydney, are known to be legally rorting the welfare system by up to $3,000 per week under foster carers’ subsidies. It’s simple really, Muslim families swap their kids (only on paper of course).

This is how it works: The mother (and in some cases there are multiple mothers in the one family) complains to child welfare authorities that she is unable to cope with seven or eight kids and requires a foster carer. The nominated foster carer, due to cultural and early learning needs, is of course another local Muslim mother who very soon complains she now needs a foster carer for her own large number of kids. Of course another Muslim family down the road offers to care for those kids. And on and on it goes. I mean it’s not acceptable that an Australian foster carer be appointed to look after Muslim children when other Muslim mothers are volunteering.

Now, all the parents involved are either on unemployment benefits or disability pensions and receiving Government housing or housing allowances. Each mother (carer) also receives $200 per week per child cared for, all of whom are actually close relatives.

And there’s another pot of money available for early learning difficulties, speech therapy and behavioural problems. The Islamic schools the children attend receive massive State funding plus special grants related to cultural needs.

But that’s not the totality of the scam. You see, the children never actually change families. If inspectors arrive, they can’t possibly know which kid belongs to what family, all the boys are named Mohammed, they all play together in the same street anyway, suddenly no-one in the family knows a word of English and there will be advocates screaming racial insensitivity if anyone to tries to unscramble the mess.

And anyway, it’s all completely legitimate.

The tragedy is that aged people and needy Australian families not savvy to the sophisticated legitimate scams miss out. And if they were savvy, they would probably want no part in them anyway.

Abbott has been made aware of why our welfare budget has ballooned to such an unsustainable level and his “go to” man is Scott Morrison. But Morrison will find turning back welfare fraud much harder than turning back boats. The boats stopped the moment the Indonesian military brass was slipped a few million.

Morrison will not only have to contend with “legal” fraud, he will be faced with concerted opposition from the courts, the legal fraternity, immigration advocates, the Greens, Labor and Islamic lobby groups.

The next few months will show just how good this Morrison bloke is.



Ive got a soft spot for muslims..........In my back yard!!!!!!!!!!!!

what a bunch of whinging assholes


I used to be a Field Office/Counter Officer for the old Department of Social Security and I was required to drop a % amount of clients each month. I also had my fair share of catching those that would rort the system, with many of them having their bank accounts frozen and home sold to repay the Commonwealth. The biggest mistake the Government made was to abolish the Department of Social Security and create Centerlink, very few expert Public Servants were offered positions or absorbed into the newly created Centerlink. I honestly believe that new immigrants should not be allowed to receive any Federal Government benefit for at least 5 years and when the come to Australia they have to be supported by their own WORKING to be a Field Officer there now!!!

Yeah right, it's all fun and games until someone says get a job and then whinge whinge whinge.

People have been complaining about those rorting the system for years Larry, no one cares. I have given the DSS full details of two families, one claiming the DSP and working, given employment details, references from these employers, video, everything while this grub, a foreign national claiming she was bed ridden. Nothing was done about it. Yet Abbott wants people to work until they're 70 to pay for this crap. Did you know the department employ people who's only job is to make sure these scumbags get every cent they can. But if your a citizen and paid taxes for most of your life you get chased out. I think that's because they believe it's your job to supply them with a living. It's bullshit!!!

You are correct because Morrison wont have those wonderful RAN Gals and Guys to assist him just Public Servants who are as good as Sheltered Workshop workers, apologies to those who are really in Sheltered Workshops! Public Servants give you guys a bad name!!!

Course it will Scotty. Just go back 7 years and draw a line. Sack all the staff and tell them to re-apply. Cancel every recipient of all payments, including DSP and tell them all to re-apply and have every one of them reviewed. Persue all the overpayments. Sack the staff who are ripping off the taxpayer with unjustified payments and replace them with carefully selected people. Of course, if they qualify for and deserve help, then give willingly. I think you can do a good job of this Department too Scotty. We're lucky to have you there.

Sounds like a Scottish that just ate a crook haggis!

He's got a huge job in front of him, but by the Cringe I hope he gets stuck into these bludging, worthless scrotes ... I spent 30 years in the Defence Forces, paid my taxes, did as I was told, accepted where-ever and how often I was sent away from my family without question, in order to preserve the way of life we treasure in Oz. That these, and locally-produced grubs, are taking advantage of a system that the LiarBore WOFTAMs introduced in the early 70s with Boof Shitlam and his thieving cronies, who gutted our military pension scheme to cover the deliberate misuse of taxpayers contributions, is reprehensible. That this has been allowed to continue and propagate is worse ... a pox upon their camels. I hope that the systems introduced by Minister Morrison put an end to the thieving.

Scott Morrison has a big job a head he has to take away all the Bird Feeders and bird Seed , Honey and sugar all the stuff Miss Plebersuck put on the table when she was in charge of Centrelink.

Next time , do up your fly and stop dribbling.

I wonder how many get deported over the coming months.

This is the only solution I can see. Get the parents and make the take the kids with them.

sailor2 you are not a happy person. BTW are you a "genuine" Aussie? I wonder?

I'm willing to bet Larry, that Morrison will begin his crackdown on soft targets, i.e. the unemployed (and they are that in many cases because of poor government policies), cohabiting aged pensioners etc. The Muslim thing is in the too hard basket I suspect, who can be bribed to prevent them claiming fraudulent welfare such as you've just mentioned considering that they are already in Australia. But, we'll just have to wait and see. Merry Christmas to all!

G2, i would reduce all foreign aid by 10% twice a year until there was none.

how old are you? and which party do you vote for, or are a member of?

And will be saved out of their AID budget . Maybe it is an offset exercise

BRA, i hear your disappointment and frustration, we all feel it. our entire public sector no longer works, or does what it is supposed to. Make Australia a better place. it has been re-designed to make Australia worse.

Brian I was under the impression that's the way the Indos did business . If true and a few million was spent how much was saved ?