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Tuesday, 23rd October 2018

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...but it’s not safe for Bill to do so!

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


It’s a Whitlam style “crash-or-crash-through” gamble on a high risk boat policy in an attempt to succour the electorate’s middle ground. Shorten is attempting to out Abbott Abbott with a ridiculous 50% RET, much like his nonsense 5% company tax cut proposal that one-upped Abbott’s 1.5%. What a joke this bloke Shorten is!

Discussing on-water activities cannot be avoided at this week’s National Conference as a furious Left closes in on Bill. He has spent all his remaining capital on a last race long-shot.

Shorten still doesn’t understand how Abbott stopped the boats and many in the Coalition are still scratching their heads and Labor's Left doesn’t care how because on-shore processing with a cost of a thousand drowned was a price it was always prepared to pay.

Its ability, along with the Greens, to dismiss the thoughts of hundreds of wide-eyed little children silently clutching their helpless mothers as they descend to the ocean floor is inexplicable.

But now it’s a massive lurch to Labor’s Right that will leak blood on the floor of the Conference... and it could be all Bill’s.

Stand by for a few days of feverish factional fisticuffs.

Shorten has also slipped a disc with a triple backflip on carbon tax, but his ETS (read carbon tax) was an obvious sop to the Left ahead of his new “boats” policy.

But again Bill lacks political comprehension. You see, Labor’s loss of trust was never about the carbon tax itself, it was all about lying about the carbon tax, and Abbott is suffering from similar unabashed pre-election lies.

Rudd said he would have a carbon tax, Gillard said she wouldn’t, Rudd then said he wouldn’t, then Shorten said he wouldn’t and now Shorten says he will... they are kidding aren’t they?

Both Abbott and Shorten still feel the electorate will forgive bald faced lies. Well, it won’t, it never will. If you can’t believe what is promised before an election WTF is the point in having an election?

Right now Abbott is about as popular as a fart in a two-man lift and Shorten with his loaded nappy is even more odious. Both are about to face voters where two leaders have never been so universally despised, and the funny thing is that neither really understands why.

Delegates to the ALP Conference will be confronted with a leader who has not only knifed two of their sitting Prime Ministers but now stands for a boat policy they can never agree to.

They could kill two birds with the one stone by replacing Shorten as soon as possible and that proposition has never been more likely than when Caucus next meets.

Shorten’s problem is that he is of the ruthless Right and he gained the ALP leadership over the Left’s more popular Albanese with a rash of Left appointments to the Front Bench.

Those Left appointments are about to prove his worst nightmare as his control of Right faction numbers disintegrates.

The Greens are livid at this “turn back” business and will now benefit by a shift away from Labor in the inner leafy suburbs. But so what! Greens will never vote for the hated Abbott so Labor will sit back and cop the usual preferences anyway... no change!

The most likely change is a Labor epiphany that the decomposing Shorten can never lead them back to government.

Comments African told me straight that they have around 10 kids and expect half not survive to middle age...the remainder are expected to look after them in their old age

Western knowhow as allowed food and health security for the wogs but this is no good without economic security (old age pensions etc.) so the bastards breed like rabbits in the hope one of their kids will look after them in their old age.
All the bleeding heart geniuses have stuffed up again.

Check out the population of Afghanistan, even after years of war it is still growing exponentially.

yes Radar...and so far we have had no say in the matter...

Yes Willey...the UN's plan to turn the west into a third world shit hole.

AND SOME WILL SHOOT THEMSELVES IN BOTH FEET & VOTE FOR LABOR? How much more taxpayers’ money did Labor just promise to spend at its national conference? More refugees: He has promised to double Australia’s refugee intake to 27,000, phased in over 10 years from 2016 to 2025. This will be hugely expensive. Every refugee or asylum-seeker arriving in Australia costs the government, on average, $78,000 in their first year. Last financial year, the cost was $1.077 billion. More money for the UN: Labor would provide $450 million to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for regional refugee processing centres. Doubling renewable energy by 2030: ACIL said the total capital cost would be in the order of $100bn — about three times the cost of the National Broadband Network. Plus there’s the cost of changing the China free trade deal: Trade Minister Andrew Robb has repudiated a resolution out of the national Labor conference to modify the China-Australia free-trade agreement, warning that any delay to its passage through parliament could cost Australian industries at least $300 million next year alone.

Ethiopian population has in the last 20 years gone from 33.5 million to 78 million or there abouts. It is expected that by 2050 their population will have gone to 178 million who can't even feed themselves and labor wants to bring boat loads of these ferrel, neanderthals here to breed like rabbits and live on welfare while killing their kids and others.

@ The NEXT 'LECTION there's only ONE Person worthy of Your VOTE....
Pauline HANSON!!!!!

The ONLY Politician who SAYS what She MEANS
Means What She SAYS!

We must also not forget the largess of the previous Grandiose Rudd escapades. All parliamentarians excluding NSW state pollie Ted Mack lack morals when it comes to collecting taxes from us to live the high life. It is "all" reminiscent of the Iron Curtain days where these equals, read thieves, had their own lanes to travel on the roads.

the avowed turn-back concept is only an option that turn-coat bill will abandon as soon as possible. note that electricity bill has reinvented himself.

If that's the best you've got Tman then perhaps it becomes more obvious why you continually support this enormous snout in the trough... You follow a seeming, not a doing. I will always call (as Blackroo so correctly identified) disgusting, unethical, immoral actions for what they are. Greedy, $360,000 salary earner who pays for nothing in office still finds a way to spend an additional $811,000 of our money. Just make her out a weekly direct deposit of your own money, if you support her abuse so much, but leave mine there for use in defence, education, health and other valid government obligations.

I'm with you 2dogs, no matter which side you're on, its disgusting, unethical, immoral and lacks integrity! One could legalise murder but I'm sure commonsense would see that that might also be abused. I'm currently hit with a massive tax bill and this sure as effing hell doesn't sit well with me!!! I'm the type that does not claim for charities. You do it in good faith or not at all!

$811,000 in a year in expences and you seem to think it is nothing!!! Not sure what world you come from but that isn't her money. It is mine... and yours. Bishop is an absolute disgrace and to keep calling it treasury compliant is sublime. Treasury isn't bleeding votes... the LNP is. Nothing she has done, including the latest wedding revelations, when everyone else paid their own way and she charged us, has been above board. She lives high on the hog on our taxes and that is NEVER good enough, no matter who she is...

OT. Busch started the f.g wars in the ME and caused all these F..........g destroyed countries and displaced persons and refugee disasters... HOW CAN WE HOLD HIM AND NOW OBUMMA TO ACCOUNT FOR DESTROYING THE WORLD'S'STABILITY'. Can we 'tar and Feather' them?

BDS, you've been hypnotised by BS. Those same policies worked for KRudd and Gillard. So Bill recons they're worth a shot because he can't think of anything could he possibly come up with broad ranging policy and economically rational fiscal policy when he comes from the union empire. The union empire wants their members to sit on their arses all day, be paid to do so and get free houses using money obtained corruptly. It's good to be a union official isn't it Bill?

From the photo above, I guess BS is praying to someone that he'll last until the next election so he can show Ostraya what an economic and political genius he really is. I mean he must be halfway there...the polls keep telling us Labor will win even with him.

so true, Tman... Just political hot air, nothing of substance. Labor's idea of government = Greek idea of government. All socialist BS, spend everyone else's money and pretend you care about the "little" people. All the while helping themselves, union mates and socialist intelligentsia with government sinecures and any kind of grant you could ever dream up. The Greek formula for economic prosperity - spend your way to it...the Euro mates will come to the rescue like they always do.....BUT wait Bill, who's going to come to Australia's rescue when you spend our money to 150% of GDP? Oh, I see, the savings will come from wind power and solar energy savings....sounds like a lot of hot air to me...

Like I said we need a set up.

Hahaha, yeah "Show bags" got nothing! The actual show bags at the Easter show or the Ecka, would have more worthwhile and beneficial products than any promise made by Bill, I am a corrupt union rep, raping lying peice of shit, Shorten!

Unions and ALP know how to do it. They are as cunning as a dockyard cat and they were the prime reason John Howard was unseated. I have said it so many times before. The Unions and ALP understand base politics, whereas the LNP with their airs and graces don't know how to get into the gutter and fight at the same level. Queensland and Victoria were both one term coalition governments following absolutely atrocious ALP governments and with Bronwyn Bishop spending our money like a drunken sailor the same outcome is almost assured...