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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


With Tony Abbott becoming more proactive by the day and with the gay Greens determined to delegitimise marriage, the middle ground has become vacant real estate. 

Australian politics has been cleaved into a polarised Left and Right like never before, with white hot anger on one side and what is an unattainable, asexual, “Gay Green World” minority of wind-chimers on the other.

Not since Arthur Calwell, over a half century ago, has a politician been physically attacked by a voter. And now "Yes" voters are desperately trying to distance themselves from the violence they said homosexuals would suffer, but in fact it is now they who are clearly the violent culprits.

Survivalists like Turnbull, Frydenberg, Morrison and Brandis, along with crass, opportunistic corporates, have opted for the safe, “let’s all have a hug” path. But people with IQs above their boot size who understand what the minority is up to know this path is full of unseen potholes.

                                     A typical judicial liar without a moral GPS

                                          More moves than Nadia Comaneci 

                        No Heaven for Scott. An Evangelical supporting a Yes vote?

“Yes” or “No”, Turnbull can’t lose. He is politically and sexually agnostic when it comes to his own survival and to be honest, no matter how many Libs want him gone, (and that list is growing fast) he is safe for now, and probably up to and past the next election.

                                           I've never been near a sheep, sir!

Turnbull’s manna from heaven came with the High Court’s refusal to hear seven Parliamentarians’ possible dual residency cases until late October thereby ensuring rulings won’t be made until late December or even until the new year. This makes a challenge in the near future impossible without risking bringing down the entire Government.

He has another insurance policy in the precariousness of a one seat majority. If Turnbull is rolled he will certainly exercise his vindictiveness by departing Parliament, in the same way he has done before, leaving a new PM with no choice but to recall the Speaker just to maintain that one seat majority. 

But there would not be one of those cross-bench idiots you could sell the Speakership to who understands Standing Orders, let alone administer them, leaving the Parliamentary process in a state of bedlam. Gillard was lucky she was able to co-opt Slipper, who did know the Orders, but was an embarrassment to all except Gillard.

In the meantime this is Turnbull’s plan and it’s actually quite a good one: Media are intent on highlighting the Two Party preferred vote in every poll. Yet the more important poll is Turnbull versus Shorten where Turnbull has always held a healthy 10 point or more lead.

Of course this lead is not an appreciation of Turnbull but a condemnation of Shorten, who is polling Gillard figures and would be easily beaten by any mentally retarded chimpanzee.

Turnbull’s plan is to stay as close to Shorten as ideologically possible, even if he disagrees with him. As long as there is no point of ideological difference, and as long as Turnbull promotes himself presidentially and devoid of Liberal Party ties, he cannot lose. 

                                            What Party was that again Mal?

That’s the way he campaigned in the last election… it was all about Turnbull where the Liberal Party emblem and colours were rarely seen.

He wants a Turnbull v Shorten election where there are no policy differences to choose from, the only difference will be between him and Shorten, and polling has always shown he will win that race.

Meanwhile Mal can helicopter his way around the Snowy with his idea of pumping water back up hill so he can send it down again in case someone in Cooma needs his shaver recharged. That idea was canned in the 80s but it won't do Mal any harm if he "appears" to be doing something to negate the effects of wind and solar subsidies damage!

Unfortunately his grand plan will mean the demise of the Liberal Party. But Turnbull has no love for his Party of second choice anyway. The Labor Party didn’t want a bar of him for good reason and he finished up turning to a Party of Menzies’ creation, yet Turnbull despises everything Menzies stood for.

Turnbull stands for nothing except Turnbull and he will be harder to get rid of than a severe case of genital herpes. 


Come on, Larry - Morrison has said on repeated occasions that he will personally vote an emphatic NO.

I feel sick - alas you are spot on Larry.

Peta Credlin this evening - Turnbull is an environmentalist posing as a conservative.....Winston says - I think we realised that during his leadership of the opposition.

It's no laughing matter. Before the major Mabo con this land was Crown Land belonging to all Australians.

Ask yourselves how much has this Native Title bullshit advanced the cause of Aborigines?

They are still costing taxpayers $Billions while multi national companies, thanks to brand new red Toyota agreements, continue to rape our natural resources.

Michael Chertoff, Homeland Nominee Aided a 911 Terrorist

Well the abo's invented the boomerang - they could be well on the way in the space race.

Joh Bjelke-Petersen set aside land up in Cape York Qld for a space station and quietly last month the Qld Labor gov. gave it to the Aboriginals there. How smart was that!!

Farts .

Onya CS.

Well, here in WA Shorten is preferred. Reason. The GST.

I saw Brandis on the box after Abbott got headbutted and before the offender had been arrested or identified Declaring that the Offender had Nothing to do with the Yes Vote.......How on Earth could he possibly know that??..........A bit like the ASIO Boss saying Islamic Immigration has nothing to do with Terrorism in Australia......You can see a pattern of deceit and blatant lying by those in charge...........

New post up. Run along.

North Korea has Nuclear Weapons and is able to manipulate China,Russia,Japan,USA,S/Korea all with a Lunatic in Charge......BUT.....We in Australia have Turnbull running around borrowing Cash to hand out to all and sundry, and if we are Lucky we will have diesel submarines in a few years time, if the power doesn't stop first.....

What do you call a Scotsman with diarrhea?


Almost threw my empty stubbie thru the TV last night when that fat, jowled, lying, trough sucking Brandis was interviewed on Sky about the poof and les vote. He makes the remaining 98% of crooked lawyers look like canonised saints..Jeeeeeese I despise these bastards for what they are doing to my Australia.

Yes, arrogant.

I wasn't discussing free fall. At least you know they were demolished and didn't "fall" or "collapse" due to alleged weakening of the structure.

How did they need inside US help to rig the buildings. Silverstein had property rights over the buildings and controlled the contracts for the security.

The only thing that draws attention to the US agencies is "war games" simulations on the same day. Was that just a normal parallel false flag smokescreen without air force knowledge any further than a normal war games operation, or was there a component of actors in that that knew of some or all of the whole operation?

You can say for certain that there was concealment after the fact. This is evidenced by the CCTV seizures at the Pentagon and never released afterwards, despite numerous requests.

Fact is, Islam and Muslims didn't do the attack. Yet it was blamed on them, how surprising, another false flag like USS Liberty.

If the public knew the truth and ties with Israel severed, AIPAC and dual citizenships were cancelled, and Jews removed from political appointments and government agencies, there is a good chance we wouldn't have another war for a century or two.

Likely seen? Well at least be sure on that. I prefer not speculate.

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun
an hour ago
Can anyone beat Tim Blair's example of a deranged Abbott hater?

Surely they couldn’t pin this on Abbott, right? Wrong! Writing for The New Daily, Paula Matthewson declared: “Tony Abbott didn’t deserve to be assaulted — because no one ever deserves violence — (but) he is at least partially responsible for what happened.

“That’s because Mr Abbott helped to create the hyper-partisan and aggressive political environment that we have today; an environment that encouraged his assailant to think it was OK to physically hurt the former prime minister of Australia.”

This line of argument is identical to blaming a sexual assault victim for wearing a short skirt...

Following the Hobart attack, loss-making hobby publication The Saturday Paper presented the Left’s ultimate position on Abbott and anybody like him. “There is no real place,” its latest editorial decided, “for a person such as Abbott in contemporary society.”

Interestingly, precisely the same view is held by a certain Tasmanian who’ll be facing court next month. The blame-Abbott crowd really ought to start blaming themselves.

Not for the first time I wonder how Matthewson ever came to be a media adviser to John Howard.

Is there a treatment for her Abbott hatred? After all, she also peddled a disgraceful (and false) suggestion that Tony Abbott had snuck away on a holiday in Croatia with Peta Credlin.


MILO Marches on Berkeley for Free Speech Week Despite Event Cancellation

Just shows that kids have more sense than most adults today. Simple what they really wish for. So touching!!

Good old FB, faggot book has banned me for circulating the phone number of that piece of shit member of parliament who organised the mobile phone text call for the yes campaign over the weekend. Fuck faggot book too.