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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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...unless he is smarter than he appears

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Not since Gillard has an assassin of a first term PM had such unqualified adoration of media. But was it due to their love of the Left-leaning Turnbull or their incandescent hatred of Abbott? Throw an unelectable Shorten into the mix and the rich bloke from Point Piper becomes an instant reason for Christmas cheer.

But Turnbull’s dream of becoming PM is about to become a new year nightmare with a list of urgent shit that must be fixed soon or he too will become yet another PM part termer. So far, he has been skipping puddles and dodging anything controversial.

He has no mandate and has already strayed too far from Abbott’s. As I said here many weeks ago, a new-year snap election (with or without a DD) is Turnbull’s only road to legitimacy. If he tries to bring down a May budget without a mandate, when 44 (now 43) of his own Party members and most of the Nats are still seething, he will have no wriggle room.

The trigger is there for a DD but that would put the Senate offside unnecessarily when most of the swill sort of like him anyway and besides, it’s even possible he could have a workable Senate after only half has faced the ballot box.

There is little doubt, given the Shorten factor, that a snap election would win Turnbull a sizable majority as the hustings could be geared to a philosophical agenda on the back of a TURC report that will be devastating for Shorten. Turnbull with a mandate can then legitimately drag the Libs further Left and the horror budget that has to be, will be the first budget of his three-year tenure where he can avoid the electorate punishing him.

If he hangs on for a September election he will still be in dirty air without a mandate and the horror budget will give Shorten a chance to make up lost ground as the TURC report will be old news.

A snap election will not allow Labor the time to draft Albanese.

We will soon see that Turnbull is no Messiah, he never has been really. His last stint at leadership was a judgmental disaster and his handling of Conroy’s NBN as Communications Minister under Abbot is starting to unravel. It was always a white elephant in waiting as is Gillard’s NDIS and Gonsky... but the cupboard is now bare.

The downside to a snap election is that our new PM will be accused of dodging a very nasty budget... not a huge price to pay for a noted squib who won't even stand down Mal Brough.

Turnbull’s most serious of many challenges will be his handling of the ISIS menace and the Islamic threat here. He has no plan except for tea and bickies for the Clerics, Mullahs and Muftis, after each Islamic “incident”, and they won’t turn up anyway.

Listening to Immigration Minister Dutton this morning would give most people cold shivers. His assessment of Islamic terrorism was an example of naive Government group-think administered by a derelict ASIO. He blandly suggested that Islamic terrorism was not “fundamentally” Islam.

WTF does Mr Dutton think fundamental Islam is then? An international Enid Blyton book club? Fundamental Islam is at the very core of all terrorist activity... it is fundamental to ISIS, al Queda’s al-Nusra, the Khorosan and a dozen other offshoots, the Taliban, Iran’s Shia government and the Saudi’s Wahhabists.

The Turnbull Government clearly doesn’t get it! Islamic extremism is not acquired on-line and a Muslim cannot be “radicalised” or “de-radicalised” on-line any more than serial murderers can be produced and cured on-line.

It is not the result of lone-wolf activity, it is part of a world-wide network of support for devotees who have been indoctrinated in mosques by those who control mosques and Islamic schools, overseen by the Saudis who finance the building of them in pursuit of a world-wide caliphate.

Muslims are not the problem. Islam is the problem! How far are we from understanding Islam when Egypt’s Muslim President, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi himself says, “Islam is the problem and it must be brought up to date”. Well good luck with modernising Islam ... you would have a better chance of convincing the Pope to denounce the Trinity as a load of crap!

A feckless Obama blames US terrorism (or “workplace violence” as he prefers to call it) on lack of gun control.

The Turnbull solution seems no less ludicrous.


This is the list for Victoria Victoria Traitors (8) E&OE

Name Electorate

FIFIELD Mitch Senator Vic
HENDERSON Sarah Corangamite Vic
O’DWYER Kelly Higgins Vic
RONALDSON Michael Senator Vic
RYAN Anne Senator Vic
SMITH Dean Casey Vic
STONE Sharman Murray Vic
WOOD Jason LaTrobe Vic

HUNT Greg Flinders Vic Switcharoo

This is the list for NSW NSW Traitors(16) E&OE

Name Electorate

ALEXANDER John Bennelong NSW
BALDWIN Bob Paterson NSW
BISHOP Bronwyn Mackellar NSW
FLETCHER Paul Bradfield NSW
HAWKE Alex Mitchell NSW
HENDY Peter Eden Monaro NSW
LEY Sussan Farrer NSW
PAYNE Marise Senator NSW
RUDDOCK Philip Berowra NSW
SCOTT Fiona Lindsay NSW
SINODINOS Arthur Senator
TURNBULL Malcolm Wentworth NSW
WICKS Lucy Robertson NSW

MORRISON Scott Cook NSW Switcharoo

This is the list for Tasmania and WA Tasmania Traitor (1) E&OE

COLBECK Richard Senator Tas

West Australia Traitors (9) E&OE
Name Electorate

BISHOP Julie Curtin WA
CASH Michaelia Senator WA
IRONS Steven Swan WA
JENSEN Dennis Tangey WA
JOHNSTON David Senator WA
MARINO Nola Forest WA
SMITH Dean Senator WA
WYATT Ken Hasluck WA

This is the list for South Australia South Australia Traitors (7) E&OE
Name Electorate

EDWARDS Sean Senator SA
PYNE Christopher Sturt SA
RAMSEY Rowan Grey SA
RUSHTON Anne Senator SA
SOUTHCOTT Andrew Boothby SA
WILLIAMS Matt Hindmarsh SA

I have tried to compile a list of the traitors by state , name & electorate Queensland Traitors (13) E&OE
Name Electorate

BRANDIS George Senator Qld
BROUGH Mal Fisher Qld
CIOBO Steven Moncrieff Qld
ENTSCH Warren Leichhardt Qld
GAMBARO Teresa Brisbane Qld
LAMING Andrew Bowman Qld
MacFARLANE Ian Groom Qld Switcharoo Now National
McGRATH Nola Senator Qld
PRENTICE Jane Ryan Qld
ROBERT Stuart Fadden Qld
VAN MANEN Bert Forde Qld
VASTA Ross Bonner Qld
WYATT Roy Longman Qld

Turnbull does not want intelligent people around him to thwart his attack on Australian democracy. Note the experience of his new "Ministry" He will have to get Labor supporters to hand out flyers and man the booths at the next election. This site has been updated and everyone in Australia should read it!

I was at my local Liberal Party branch Christmas get together last night. Strangely only half the number of people from last year. Speaking with the Secretary, he informed me that almost a third of the members had indicated that they would resign from the branch. And this is in a blue ribbon Liberal electorate. Interesting times ahead for the Liberals. I think Turdball has a lot to answer for.

Something that nobody is saying - the Religion is Islam the people are Muslims. Saying that the problem is Islam (is true) but without Muslims (the people who follow Islam) there would be no Islam so there would be no problem. Muslims are the problem too.

I think that ISIS is not the big problem with Muslims, all they do is take the focus off the big picture which is the breeding rate of Muslims compared to non-Muslims. Muslims are taking over western society by out breeding the rest of the world and the big joke is that they are doing it via immigration and western welfare. We have lost already unless something is done. Trumps idea is one way of slowing the tide.

I don't have an answer. We're snookered. I will never, never, never support a party that propels an ABC loving wanker to the PMship. This is a guy with not an ounce of conservatism. MT detests Conservatives like me. He supports Bill Henson and proudly displays his works. He speaks highly of Kevin Rudd. He believes in catastrophic AGW. He thinks men should marry men. His disdain for the tradition of the monarchy is profound. He thinks that Islam teaches respect and tolerance and is a religion of peace. He wishes to be friendly to criminal unions. He thinks that raising taxes for big govt wank is a good idea. He leaks to left-wing media and won't chat to conservative media. And on and on. The Libs put him in charge of the party's legacy and the country' future. They can all fck off

Tony is hanging around because of the Lord Monckton prophecy. I am now calling him Tony Trump.

Shorten needs to be knocked the fuck out

We need some of these pollies with balls

Here's one reason we need TA back amongst others :

Tony Abbott advocated a more robust defence of "superior" Western values in the struggle with Islamic extremism; and said his first budget was fine.

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Am quoting, not sure of facts - correction welcome if wrong! If Turnbull calls early election to avoid budget will be House of Reps only, as half Senate must go until end June, but will have to have another election for Senate prior about Feb 2017. People do not like two elections - and the cost is un-affordable waste. Alternative is double dissolution for whole Senate at early election time with House of Reps.

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