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Friday, 15th December 2017

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…but will the Party Room bite it?

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


So the destructive RET will hang on for another two years doubling our power bills…why? Is it our punishment for forcing the PM to act responsibly? Is it a sop to the Labor Party members of the Liberal Party. This Turnbull bloke and his far Left rabble really need to go now.

As suspected, Turnbull has now confirmed he will shoot through if successfully challenged. A petulant response that would bring down the Government he crippled and entrench his liaison with Labor in history.

The loony Left has always used “infiltration” to achieve what they can’t achieve at the ballot box. Gillard and Jenny Macklin joined with their far Left mates in the Socialist Forum and vowed, via a Gillard authored constitution, to infiltrate the Labor Party and drag it to the Communist Left. 

            Now the unions are using the Marxist "GetUp" to achieve a similar result.

Bernie Sanders used the Democrats to the same effect with some success. The far Left can never succeed by itself, like those who infiltrate successful blogs to promote their own ideology.

Malcolm Turnbull first tried to join the Labor Party but was rejected because he had no union affiliation and there was a long line of unionists already waiting for their turn in Parliament. 

Malcolm was no Edward Gough Whitlam so he did what any decent thinking, spurned Lefty would do, he infiltrated the Liberal Party and set about cultivating the disenchanted Lefty members like Pyne, Payne, Brandis and others, then his coup de grace was to convince the deputy Liberal Leader in Julie Bishop to unmercifully knife her loyal, unwitting leader in Tony Abbott.

Turnbull won’t go… he has too much at stake, including a million bucks he kicked in of his own money at the last election to ensure a marginal win. Turnbull didn’t want an Abbott style landslide. Oh no, one or two seats was perfect for him as it leaves the nervous Nellies not game to change leaders.

                          For 25 years Turnbull has had his eye on the Presidency

His purposefully ill-timed and clumsy Double Dissolution was smarter still… the Senate became even more unlikely to pass any legislation the Conservatives might force him to pass in the Lower House. Turnbull is either extremely smart or extremely dumb... I'll go with the former.

Turnbull, who wants to go down in history as the man who saved Australia from the hideous Right, plans to allow Shorten a win at the next election before he again rocks up to the Labor Party, this time demanding that he join as their saviour. 

He will give the hopeless Shorten a very short time and a very short rope to hang himself with before he forces a spill and accepts the PM’s job… only this time with Labor in power and a Presidency in sight.

Other infiltrators like Latham and Richardson will safely be able to return to their beloved                                                             Left bosom

Turnbull will then rock up to the next Labor Party National Convention, with the Stick Insect on his arm, to unending, wild, applause, with the Silver Bodgie singing “Solidarity Forever” as he has not only brought Labor to government but has completely destroyed the Liberal Party in the process thereby ensuring at least three terms in which, with the Greens’ help, Australia will be converted to his brand of Marxism.

He will be a hero in the UN and the EU as a leader in the carbon credit fraud, one million Islamists will be invited to Australia as favoured Labor-voting immigrants and of course borders will be dismantled for those with enough money to pay the smugglers. 

It will cost $500 to use an electric shaver, and nothing for gender reassignments. Full-term abortions and Safe Schools will be all the rage with Gillard appointed as a highly-paid adviser on "women’s issues".

Can we stop it? Well Hanson and Bernardi can’t be more than pressure groups. The Libs will need to draft Costello, Kroger, hopefully Credlin and a dozen others into the fold before the majority Australian Conservative movement can be saved from a republican nightmare of a now “President” Turnbull’s making.

A drug dealer in Duterte’s Philippines will be safer than a Conservative in Turnbull’s                                                                         Australia

Unfortunately there’s only one year to get it done, and very few willing to stand up.



Don't sound so excited about it Larry.

A piece on AB s blog by imacentrist, About migration into , the nordic countries, .Th author says that there is a shortage of , fertile nordic women , made much worse by the influx of males from the Middle east, . It is suggested that as, a figure two million women from eastern europe should be allowed to migrate to those countries with a cutting back of males from the mid east area,This would have the benefit of balancing the numbers of men v women and also correct the swing toward a ""mixed "" race , by bringing in ethnicaly similiar peoples, ie northern and eastern europeans ,with the result that there would be more european women available for partnership to european men restore the ethnic balance within nordic society, In my opinion a good idea, We should do the same.

Larry, your post sounds so logical and true,l that it has left me feeling quite sick and ready to weep. To think our beautiful country has sunk to this.We could have been so great with the right people in government.The greens need to go, they are the poison that infiltrates everything.

Union bosses frequently rail against the “big end of town”. In truth, they are the big end of town.

The Australian: BRAD NORINGTON
GetUp! has appointed two new directors with strong Labor ties, fuelling claims that the group is a party ‘front’.

From Robert Reich:

1. He called Hillary Clinton a crook. You bought it. Then he paid $25 million to settle a fraud lawsuit.

2. He said he’d release his tax returns, eventually. You bought it. He hasn’t, and says he never will.

3. He said he’d divest himself from his financial empire, to avoid any conflicts of interest. You bought it. He is still heavily involved in his businesses, manipulates the stock market on a daily basis, and has more conflicts of interest than can even be counted.

4. He said Clinton was in the pockets of Goldman Sachs, and would do whatever they said. You bought it. He then proceeded to put half a dozen Goldman Sachs executives in positions of power in his administration.

5. He said he’d surround himself with all the best and smartest people. You bought it. He nominated theocratic loon Mike Pence for Vice President. A white supremacist named Steve Bannon is his most trusted confidant. Dr. Ben Carson, the world’s greatest idiot savant brain surgeon, is in charge of HUD. Russian quisling Rex Tillerson is Secretary of State.”

“6. He said he’d be his own man, beholden to no one. You bought it. He then appointed Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, whose only “qualifications” were the massive amounts of cash she donated to his campaign.

7. He said he would “drain the swamp” of Washington insiders. You bought it. He then admitted that was just a corny slogan he said to fire up the rubes during the rallies, and that he didn’t mean it.

8. He said he knew more about strategy and terrorism than the Generals did. You bought it. He promptly gave the green light to a disastrous raid in Yemen- even though all his Generals said it would be a terrible idea. This raid resulted in the deaths of a Navy SEAL, an 8-year old American girl, and numerous civilians. The actual target of the raid escaped, and no useful intel was gained.

9. He said Hillary Clinton couldn’t be counted on in times of crisis. You bought it. He didn’t even bother overseeing that raid in Yemen; and instead spent the time hate-tweeting the New York Times, and sleeping.

10. He called CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times “fake news” and said they were his enemy. You bought it. He now gets all his information from Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, and InfoWars.

11. He called Barack Obama “the vacationer-in-Chief” and accused him of playing more rounds of golf than Tiger Woods. He promised to never be the kind of president who took cushy vacations on the taxpayer’s dime, not when there was so much important work to be done. You bought it. He took his first vacation after 11 days in office. On the taxpayer’s dime. And went golfing.”

Hahaha, the great Tesla company, you know the fraudster that promised to build the biggest battery in the world in 100 days or it's free with a set of steak knives! For Weathercocks South Australia! He had to sack 400 staff, good luck Sth Aussies, hope you have plenty of candles. PS the 100 days has passed;

Michael Hoffman: America is under Talmudic law, not Sharia law
By Michael Hoffman
My bedtime reading is the Babylonian Talmud. It’s true. I find horror literature relaxing. I take a volume of the Talmud and a pencil and sit on the edge of my bed and study for 20 to 30 minutes every night, secure in the thought that it will not be anytime soon that I run out of material, since the Talmud consists of more than 30 volumes, much of it turgid minutiae about subjects so prurient they boggle the mind (Sanhedrin 82b: “Zimri engaged in 424 acts of intercourse with Cozbi in one day”). It is perhaps the most pornographic “sacred” text of any major religion, with the possible exception of the Tantra of the Hindus.
There are passages in the Babylonian Talmud that would make Harvey Weinstein blush. Sanhedrin 69a: “A girl who is three years and one day old whose father arranged her betrothal can be betrothed with intercourse, as, despite her age, the legal status of intercourse with her is that of full-fledged intercourse. And in a case where the childless husband of a girl three years and one day old dies, if his yavam (brother) engages in intercourse with her, he acquires her as his despite her age she is legally considered to be a married woman.”
Defrauding gentiles is another favorite theme. (Sanhedrin 76b: What is the cause of sin? Returning a lost item to a gentile”).
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Living in Melbourne, and I have a decent small Business as a welder on high rise,
I wish I could leave.

US Air Force AIRLIFTS! ISIS Fighters From Raqqa to Fight Russians
US Air Force AIRLIFTS! ISIS Fighters From Raqqa to Fight Russians - Russian TV Report Despite completely leveling Raqqa Dresden-style, the US deliberately let 1000 ISIS fighters escape, and, get this: AIR-LIFTED! them to Deir ez-Zor, to aide in the battle against Russia and Syria there. Can't make this stuff up. Russian TV keeps hammering away at the […]
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Now that israel’s ISIS terrorists have more or less been defeated, attention turns to israel’s repeated violations of Lebanese territory
For the First Time Since the War Began, Syria Attempts to Confront Israel in Lebanon How a “routine” flight has turned into a fight between Lebanon, Syria and Israel. Lebanon is a country that has come so far since the troubled times of its recent past. A lengthy civil war which wasted just as much […]
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OT - Senate Judiciary opens probe into Obama-era Russian nuclear bribery case

O. T.

They sell the Peoples Utilities, Essential Services, off, then tell you to wait 3 years for pennies in the 1,000's of dollars discount. CHUTZPAH!

Disgusting evil fucking grubs ought to be taken out back and dealt with accordingly.


OT - Former Islamic State ‘Capital’ Raqqa Has Fallen, U.S.-Backed Forces Say

(AP) BEIRUT, Lebanon — US-backed Syrian forces liberated the city of Raqqa from Islamic State militants on Tuesday, a senior commander for the force said, adding that clearing operations were underway to remove land mines left behind and search for the extremist group’s sleeper cells.

OT - James Mattis to Speak at McMaster’s Soros-Backed Former Think Tank

OT - Arab Illegal Immigrant Raped British Woman, Abused Female Police Officer

Augmenting "Pepperpete"'s comments below:

Apart from the good he did for Australia, TONY ABBOTT made the Liberal Party look good as well.

He made his various ministers look competent and even admired. Now look:

• Scott Morrison was greatly admired but it was Tony Abbott and Jim Molan behind the scene that actually secured our borders. He was not much more than the figurehead. Now he is considered an incompetent windbag who is completely out of his depth as Treasurer.

• Christopher Pyne looked good but under the tutelage of Peta Credlin. Now he is considered a mischievous mincing poodle whose political existence in his seat of Sturt is dependent on the inane expenditure of $10 billion, for the partial construction of superseded submarines which in reality will not eventuate.

• Julie Bishop was once admired but under the tight reins from Tony Abbott and Peta Credlin and even had to have a conservative such as Eric Abetz, chaperone her at conferences. Remember? She didn’t like that. Now she is considered a reckless spendthrift, spending borrowed money at the expense of her country’s sovereignty and prosperity. As a protégée, she was supposed to protect her mentor’s back, but instead betrayed him and now is considered with disdain as nothing more than a self-serving, self-indulgent political slut.

• Greg Hunt was admired for his responsibly restrained advocacy of the “Global Warming” hoax but now unhindered is irresponsible and spending untold $billions, unpoliced, on “health” issues which would be vulnerable to financial abuse.

• Malcolm Turnbull was made to look good and portrayed as a competent Communications Minister despite the fact that he was exposed as being completely incompetent on that. As Minister for Communications, he oversaw the;
o greatest cost blowout in Australia’s history with regard to the NBN whilst at the same time, degrading its scope.
o Tony Abbott’s political status as Prime Minister illegally undermined by the taxpayer-sponsored ABC that is LEGALLY BOUND TO BE IMPARTIAL.

Now, Malcolm Turnbull is considered a self-important individual who has no merit to the position he aspired and treacherously connived to achieve.

Considering what Tony Abbott had to endure on:
• the now-evident Machiavellian nature of half the Liberal Party, re: BISHOP & TURNBULL, etc.
• the bloody-mindedness of the Senate,
• the unending political mockery from the left-wing media including the supposedly legally binding partisan ABC


There is as much wrong with the Australian Liberals as there is with the GOP in the US. I can understand why many old Liberals want to bring back Abbott. Principally, the motivating reason for these Liberals is self interest. They believe Abbott will prolong their power long enough to allow them to gain the upper hand over Labor. They are wrong. There are many similarities between the Liberal Party and the GOP in the US. Both led by a group that love power more than their love of their country. Both blind to the reasons why the scourge of socialism has almost taken over the western world. Both lack the courage and strength to steer back to a true Conservative course so, they go with the flow and keep doing the same things that got us into this mess and hope that it will turn out all right. It won't. It will take complete redefining of Liberal policies as well as a leader and a leadership team with the strength and courage of a pride of lions to do that. The Liberals don’t have lions they only have pussies. We know how piss weak they are because we put them there.
If Conservative voters want to get back to the true course then they need to acknowledge that it will take time and more than a little disruption. Shoving Tony Abbott back in as PM, rehashing old policies and slogans won’t cut it anymore. The world has changed far too much in the past 3 years for that to make any long term difference. To meet the challenge before us, what is happening in the US must happen here. It won’t happen the same way because we are not the same country but, the principle is the same. As with appearance of ‘The Tea Party’ in the US, the rise of One Nation and the Australian Conservatives is proof that the move has started here as well.
I could go on endlessly about what has to happen and we all have ideas about what needs to be done. The obvious ones are discussed here on PP daily however, one of the most important I believe, is the Australian equivalent of Trumps “Draining of The (bureaucratic) Swamp”. It has to happen if we are to see any permanent improvement in policy making and economic performance. For a country of our size having a national bureaucracy equal to over one third of the entire nation’s work force with heads of government departments earning more than our Prime Minister is just ridiculous. Without the political inertia of our massive left leaning public sector we will become more efficient and perhaps even competitive once again. Once the “Draining” is achieved all the rest will start to fall into place.
A lot has to happen and it will take time and some hard decisions by some very tough people. Do you really think Tony Abbott is up for it?