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Friday, 16th November 2018

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... either way he will have his way

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Voluntary disclosures over a period of 21 days eh? Well, hate to tell you PM, but that is exactly what we have had for months and it hasn’t worked. Only an independent audit will force you dishonest bastards to disclose dual citizenships. And there are still plenty of you, sitting on your hands, hoping it will all go quietly away.

Just go and console your Party room, they must be getting very frustrated with your permanent, unresolved misjudgment… no, stupidity. You have outdone Gillard and Rudd which no-one thought possible!

Of course you hope to hang on ‘til Barnaby gets re-elected, giving you that extra seat buffer, but this is about the legitimacy of our Parliament, not your tenuous longevity.

And don’t be surprised if your colleagues suggest a spill. The forces of Lib Conservatism are mounting now that the Lib Lefties have led the Party into electoral oblivion. Don’t bother reading Sharri Markson (the poor person’s Grace Collier) in The Australian promoting the Stick Insect as a plausible replacement for you. Sheeez!

Bishop, as she hides her true treacherous intentions behind the protective shield of DFAT, is many times worse than Turnbull, Gillard and Rudd combined.

Lib Conservatism is still a little short on numbers in the Party room but backbench self-preservation is gaining strength as they eye the numbers and the diminishing possible leaders who could save them from a Centerlink queue.

Turnbull is rich, he needn't worry about Centrelink queues. His dream was to be a Labor Prime Minister but unfortunately the Labor Party didn't want him and even refused him membership. So why wouldn't he seek to kill two birds with the one stone and destroy the Liberal Party in the process of getting exactly what he wanted for Australia anyway... a UN sanctioned carbon tax, a republic and a homogenous, socialist society. 

God must look on him kindly surely, like a latter day Christ accepting death before rising triumphantly to the cheering hoards. 

In ten years' time the Liberals can read his book to see exactly how he did it. They are too dumb to see it happening now.

So, could a genuine Conservative save the Party now? Many think not, yet the latest true Conservative to be elected Lib Leader all but destroyed Labor in a record-breaking landslide that should have left the Libs with a 15-year tenure, before the Left's Turnbull, Bishop and Pyne coup destroyed the Party.

So, if Abbott was able to reflect the will of those Australians who ignored media’s bias against him, as voters did with Trump, why can’t another Abbott be found? Is there one in the Party room? Not really, except for the untried Dutton, and we can forget Morrison who has his clapping hands in the air, swaying and warbling mournfully in the Hillsong congregation, praying for familial stability.

Why not Abbott, you ask. Well, he is mistake-prone and didn’t keep promises. He ignored the cries to dump his mad Parental Leave Scheme, he ignored the party factions and coddled them all under his right wing. Predictably, eventually, they killed him. 

                Abbott was a nice bloke but no leader... and leaders are born not crafted.

Media never gave Abbott credit for stopping the boats because they didn’t believe he could and they still don’t understand how he did.

But PP said he would do it and explained how he would do it… and that is exactly what happened.  

With the fourth estate lost in an ever-diminishing circle of communal masturbation, it will take the silent majority to once again drag Australia back to sanity. We need to get out of the failing Paris Accord which is now morphing into a new Bonn Accord, get rid of this farrago of crazy renewable energy targets, disband the ABC/SBS disaster and tell the corrupt UN to go take a long walk off a short pier.

There are other possible leaders outside the Lib Caucus who could be drafted into a safe House seat or parachuted into a Senate spot. But time is of the essence and the only certainty now is that Turnbull will hand us Shorten. 

Make no mistake Turnbull hates the Liberal Party... he always has.

A Shorten win will be a spectacular victory for Turnbull, he will get exactly what he wanted via the divide and conquer rule,

… while he pretended to be a Conservative.  


Your final two paragraphs sum it up: the man is a fraud, a Labor Trojan Horse inserted to destroy a once great party once and for all. He hasn’t done much successfully, but he has succeeded triumphantly on that goal. WHERE IS THE ALA? We are going to be stuck with a Labor/Green far left coalition, with open borders, super inflation and a debt that will cripple our kids and our grandchildren.

Turnbull; IMHO is a traitorous toe rag of the first order. There are many politicians past and present for whom I have no respect but this scum bag takes the cake!

This is a classic case of what happens when the community allows the left to run the show, we can see it every where , from Qantas , to the schools , to the military, even to the local bakery,Much like Islam ,(who the left support) once they get a toe in they expand their influence and eventually want to dictate and inflict ,their marxist views onto the community, Hence we see the stacking of public and private institutions with others of their own ilk, Much like Islam , they could both be classed as religions , of the left and of the right.

You need one Oliver

It's an abuse of power! The little Irish fuck should get smashed! Where is that champion that smashed the little fuck in the face with that cake, classic moment!! Priceless.

betcha Gillard is as well

Hi! I'm the PM, and Im a Fungi

More bullshit today from ABC and now Ch7 about coral bleaching. There must be a climate council and or an election on somewhere.

Corruption is everywhere and often council staff have no way of resisting.

Yes, too many councillors of no value to ratepayers.

A Dickhead

New Lebanese Country & Western singer, his name is Sahlim Dusty.

One Nation hits hurdle in Townsville as a candidate is outed as a sex shop owner by a reporter.

Can't even consider voting for the major parties anymore. Here, in Queensland, there is an ad on TV saying: Flick 'em. That is what my household is definitely going to do in the Qld election. You wouldn't believe the Labor candidate in my electorate. She was driving an unregistered vehicle; had no licence and for 3 years, or so, did not pay her property rates (in the end, the Unions paid her arrears). As far as I know, she was subject to no fines for her disgraceful behaviour. She is also useless.

O/T.....Check this story out.Young Aussie chick faces leg amputation in a Thai hospital ,because they cant pay the hospital bill.The Fíng DFAT can throw thousands at a bloody harlot drug dealer ,but cant help this kid get home.....

One way to fix this total chaos we find the Australian parliament.
Call a double dissolution,
Wipe the slate completely clean ,
Make ALL candidates re apply AFTER they have produced clearance papers from whatever country their ancestors came from with NO exemptions<Also make it mandatory they take the oath on the Christian Bible for those who do not like the bible then I don't see why everyone should be required to swear and oath on the flag of Australia,

do not understand why the constitution can not be rewritten to reflect the modern Australia. Not the 1901 version. . If any one is born in Australia or has been naturalized then they are Australian. It should not matter where their parents or grandparents were born.

Turnpile is a duel, I'd have a fifty on it.

Jack The Insider. See in reply.

Going across the road for a pint.