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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Footage has emerged of Syrian rebels yelling Allahu Akbah while shooting at pilots parachuting from a crippled Russian warplane over Syria. The Russian plane appeared to be attacking the Syrian rebels north of Homs and some distance from al-Raqqa, the home of ISIS. At least one of the pilots was killed while parachuting. And Obama and Turnbull are suggesting a power sharing arrangement in Damascus with these people?

The two-man SU-24 Russian jet had overflown a tiny sliver of Western Turkish territory before turning South-East where it was well inside Syrian airspace when the Turks made the decision to shoot it down. There is only one baddie in this little cameo and the goodie is hopping mad.

The Turks were closely tracking the jet and it was clearly intending to bomb Syria’s rebel militia when it was brought down at least six mile inside Syrian airspace. The question is, would a momentary infringement of Turkish airspace be enough reason, despite claimed radio warnings, to conduct an act of war against a major power like Russia?

Turkey may perceive its justification to be in response to Russia having destroyed up to 200 ISIS tankers ferrying illicit oil into Turkey. Turkey buys this ISIS oil at a discounted price. Turkey is also a supporter of ISIS and Obama agreed with Turkey that it would drop pamphlets to the tanker drivers (some of whom were suspected of being civilians) warning them they were about to be bombed.

Unfortunately, these pamphlets, dropped from 30,000 feet, can take up to 45 minutes to float to earth and with varying winds at different levels there is no way to tell if they landed anywhere near the ISIS tanker drivers.

This uncertainty meant that Obama’s rules of engagement were never met. Therefore, as was usually the case, the US war planes returned to base, munitions intact.

But none of this sort of pussyfooting around for Putin he bombed them anyway... and much to Obama and Erdogan’s chagrin. So as far as the fight against ISIS is concerned the main baddies are emerging as Turkey, the US and the Saudis.

Edogan’s Turkey is part of NATO where Article Five commits other members of NATO, including the US, to come to the aid of any member under attack. So, will this dissuade Putin from taking retaliatory action? 

For the moment, yes!

But let’s not forget who is a seriously aggrieved participant in this war with ISIS... yep, it’s the Russians, and if Turkey and the US Administration think they can blunt Russia’s revenge on ISIS, they have another think coming. And this Russian warplane wasn't spying on, nor was it interested in, Turkish territory.

Turkey’s provocative and foolhardy warmongering is symptomatic of the cold war’s U-2 spy plane that was shot down over Soviet airspace with its pilot Gary Powers allowed to parachute to safety after ejecting. Krushchev returned Powers to the US in a spy swap two years later.

No such niceties for Obama’s mates, the Rebel Syrian Militia... you know, the Sunni Islamic nutters he wants in a power-sharing arrangement after Bashar al-Assad is disposed of back in Damascus.

... and there is still one year to go under Obama’s executive orders. 


Off topic, but I have just read another sob story of some Pacific Island sinking beneath rising sea levels whilst an adjacent island is totally unaffected. Can anyone with even a basic knowledge of science - liquids find their own level - try to explain this by any other fact than that some atolls actually are unstable and sink?

Something I don't get ; Why is it a War crime for trying to kill fighter plane air crews in parachutes who a couple of minutes earlier was doing their best to kill everyone on the ground who bought them down ? Chivalry doesn't exist anymore when Clans of Scotland stopped warring at a certain time of day to come back the next day to do it until they gave up and went home , that was until my mob the Clan Campbell changed the game plan and made history by attacking at night time whilst their opposing Clan were on the piss , this action caused great grief in Scotland and it was looked upon as a big no no so the point being why are their rules of war between parties who are doing their very best to kill each other by all means possible ?

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This does not make sense. 'Russian President Vladimir Putin said the SU-24 was in Syria’s skies when it was shot down, while Turkish officials said it violated its airspace for 17 seconds and ignored “21 warning messages in five minutes.”'

Peter Jennings, Executive Director of the Strategic Policy Institute wrote an excellent article in the Melbourne Herald Sun today. People should read it and get a fair indication of the real situation in Syria with Russia... He exposes the real Putin for what he is and the hole he is digging for himself. I sort of wish he would have a bit of a stouth with Turkey and then try to deploy his Black Sea fleet through the Dardanelles. He knows they have got him by the balls...

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Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression

like News Corp publications perhaps? who are the major shareholders in fauxfacts these days?

Onward Christian Soldiers
A review
Jewish publications of all kinds should contain a prominently placed statement that they are Jewish. This would automatically brand them as being completely unreliable and people would read them at their own risk, or would know what to expect. - Donald Day, 1942.................."

Onward Christian Soldiers
A review
Jewish publications of all kinds should contain a prominently placed statement that they are Jewish. This would automatically brand them as being completely unreliable and people would read them at their own risk, or would know what to expect. - Donald Day, 1942.................."

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