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Thursday, 21st February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Like our by-elections, the US mid-term elections have traditionally hurt the incumbent Administration, but there is a change in the wind and Trump is about to place another feather in his cap with a clear example of the private sector having a huge IQ advantage over the public sector… which is also the case here.

Clearly Trump is far too smart for the Left so the Left wallowed deeper into the swamp to come up with tactics that defy everything America is said to stand for in a desperate attempt to shift the ideological needle to the far Left. 

But it has backfired!

The silent majority has awoken from its torpor in an acrimonious rage not seen before.

Republicans have stopped inviting Democrats to their dinner parties, replacing the damaged furniture has become too costly. The political dividing line has become starkly defined as the extremes on both sides refashion their ploughshares.

The Washington Post, NYT and aberrant TV networks that once marginally affected voting intentions are now ignored if not pilloried as fake subjective news. It’s the same here as The Age, SMH and Canberra Times are falling into the hands of a battling TV network. 

Our failing un-Australian ABC has become a tedious tool of the far Left and is destined to be broken up and reformed.

Turnbull has gone to play in New York with Rudd. Both are both vying for UN fame pushing the global warming hoax.

So, is Scott Morrison destined to become our Donald Trump? We can’t say just yet. The Wentworth by-election has prevented him from moving either Left or Right, but we will know in a couple of weeks what ScoMo is all about after Labor’s Turnbull is replaced by a Liberal.

Trump surprised many by agreeing to have the FBI conduct a seventh investigation of Kavanaugh, but Trump was way ahead of them all. He knew it would be enough to turn the electorate against the Dems… and it did, just in time for the mid-term elections!

The New York Times leaked Deputy AG, Rosenstein’s suggestion that he would wear a wire into the White House to entrap Trump, who has been itching to sack the Session’s appointee. Again Trump saw them coming and did not comply, thereby avoiding giving the media (and therefore the Democrats) grounds for impeachment using obstruction of justice as evidence.

Across the globe a tectonic shift away from the Left is underway and we can thank Trump as the instigator.

                                                          Me Too founder 

Bumbling bureaucrats, puerile politicians and Me Too morons are no match for The Don.

Comments We want out country back .

Aside from getting the US economy firing and drastically cutting unemployment, Trump has now bested the Dems/deep state the tried to frame him. Most of the US now realizes it was a fraud organized by Obama's minions. It is just about all over except the crying. After the mid-terms, Trump will boot the totally feckless Jeff Sessions (and Rasputinstein) and appoint a tough AG to go after the almost endless list of criminals. The pain on the Dem side will be enormous.

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What a sad, sad, sad, life it must live....dosen't have a family to love or receive love either by the sounds of it.

This say's it all.

Everything is going to plan, the first thing is to win the lawfare. He's done that, now the prosecutions can begin.

Max had a great rebirth.Even passed the fatoms right click inspect element thingy.They forgot to google her name...Sloppy work Viv

No, she didn't go to 'Finishing School'.......
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But this is a good idea for a product for them...even if it doesn't exist.

Sounds like the story line in Wag the Dog. Deny a rumour and let it build and become truth. MSM are poison.

IF Trump wins the mid terms and achieves a majority in the Senate and has the Judges in the Supreme Court, then Australia should re think its' policy... getting in bed with China is not that wise right now.

That's being kind to it.

Hillary and Obama have been noticeably silent during this latest leftist smear campaign.

It is my understanding that Blaisey Ford , her father and her brother are connected with the FBI. Interesting. I wonder if they are running shit scared because Donald Trump has vowed to "Drain The Swamp" and they can feel the net closing in on them. Could she and her family be deeply involved in swamp goings on? Isn't it a bit strange that none of her family stepped forward to back her up?

The impotent rage of the globalists lunatics is almost as delicious as the sense of victory with the appointment of this nail in the coffin of "liberalism". But unfortunately there will now be millions of cognitively dissonant stooges who will be convinced for a generation that the false accusations against Brett Kavanaugh are true.

Here come da Judge, Judge
Here come da Judge...........

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Rita Panahi

The disgraceful antics of the Left in smearing Kavanaugh has finally unified the Republican Party. Well played, idiots.

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When you consider that (then) Miss Blazy would not have been the only girl in the school supplying 'happy endings' to her classmates, (if perhaps with no quite the 'gay abandon' of Miss Blazy), there must have been a lot of very happy teenage boys in that Washington high school.

Just shows how dumb she is too, to think that would never be made public. Like trapping rabbits with these Demoncrats.