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Monday, 17th December 2018

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... of course it is, just ask Bronwyn!

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Most Americans and Australians believe the current US election is a Federal Presidential election. It’s not! All posters here know it’s a two Party struggle to find their best respective candidates and, despite the protests, any party can select whatever candidate it wants for an election to be held later this year. The GOP doesn’t want Donald and the Libs didn’t want Bronwyn. Poor Bronwyn.

 Like here, the US is a preselection process with each State having its own rules and procedures and like all preselections they can be, and often are, rigged!... by both the preselection committees and the candidates.

I was part of a Federal preselection process with nine other contenders for the seat of Fraser in 1974 and it was a brutal experiment. A thorough grilling by the Committee to see if you supported their political line, television debates, women’s groups demanding to know if you supported abortion and free education, multiple questionnaires, etc.

After weeks of more interviews they finally gave me the nod. And then it was on to the back of a truck with a megaphone dodging various pieces of outdated fruit.

I didn’t agree with all the Party’s policies but I understood it was their decision as to who they preselected, after all it was their bloody Party! People can stand as an independent if they want to.

But I did feel sorry for the other nine contenders because the preselection was already decided. I had arranged for the numbers before I agreed to stand and they were there so the other poor bastards went through the same tortuous process for no reason. That’s politics I guess and it’s usually rigged in some way. When I was asked to stand I said, “okay but I need to be sure of the numbers first”.

So Trump is doing himself irreparable harm by criticising the GOP process. What he needs to do is deal with the back room stuff with each individual State and play their game. Promise a new school here and a new bridge or road there. Buy them all a cake or agree to stop shagging their wives but for Christ’s sake don’t get the convenors offside with criticism of the game, learn to play it by their rules. It’s their bloody game and it’s a dirty one!

Once preselected you cannot send your kids to school and you need to duck the bricks flying through your lounge room window. And you need to check the brake lines on your car... never again! The most scary part for me was the 16 per cent swing... I came close to winning one of the safest Labor seats in the country. Too close for comfort, I would have been bored shitless as a backbencher.

Sad about Bronny but she knows the game and she was warned here about partisanship as Speaker. She tainted herself, she should have resisted attending Party meetings after she accepted the Speaker’s job.

Unfortunately she was already dead before she nominated and well before she booked that chopper.  


Even if some countries in Europe put up controls on there borders it will not stop the Muslim invasion,because the push is being engineered by those who want Islamic control of Europe. The UN is dominated by those who want to see this happen, aided and abetted by green/socialists elsewhere, while the third world are glad to get rid of some of its population , what is in it for the democratic ideals of the west is very debatable


Bicycle Bronwyn has had a fair run over 20 years up the top, not to many last that long. At 73 i think Bronny should ride off into the Sunset and enjoy that very, very generous Tax Payer funded pension, plus perks. Just like another aging Rock Star i guess, can't handle the thought of leaving the Lime Light.

Pay no attention to this poster Marigold old chums it is the serial pest DG returned to try and wear down old Harry. I have put up with this charlatan for many a moon and as this lunatic survives it only make me more determined to rid the site of this rat for eternity. Stop denigrating a former poster that we had much more respect for than you DG. Scram you ham.

I think you might be trying on a set of handcuffs very soon DG aka Marigold, KMA, Moist Likely and other distorted minds.

Hi Larry did you notice the piece that said that the CBA are following the lead of the ANZ and stopping lending to foreign nationals ie Chinese, here on temporary visas from buying property, by using fake or shaky employment and residency claims,so called ""investment"" was $97 billion in 2014-15,! given the way that Asia does business, with little if any rules , it is no wonder that we are being bought out, most of that money is being laundered by the supporters of the Chinese government,looking for a luxury lifestyle away from the septic tank of Chinese industry, thats my opinion.

HH's both of you, this guy reminds me of Red Skelton. It's not him is it?

With you all the way HH.... thanks again for your good sensible comments. Let us all now dismiss this ridiculous chat... it goes nowhere with some. All good wishes to you HH.

well if that's the case, then men should be allowed some 'men only'...fair's fair. I have no problem with that.

Winston, well said

Good news from Debbie Robinson, ALA candidate for WA.I am delighted to inform you that the national board of ALA has endorsed Mr Alan Biggs as our second Senate candidate for Queensland.

He has been tirelessly on the campaign trail with our lead candidate, Mr Bernard Gaynor and is well-known to members who attended our meetings in Queensland.

Alan and his wife Lucy are currently overseas celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary and will be returning rested and ready for the hot phase of the 2016 campaign.

Yes HH I imagine you have been spanked many times.

Spot on Rin..

It should be noted that Banks initially have no money. Accounting scams aside it is a fact that "borrowers" finance their own "loans".

I like spanking Rump.

You have a strong leader in Turnbull H.H. You might not think so because you disagree with what he has done. I certainly don't agree with a lot of what he stands for and neither do I agree with almost every thing that Shorten stands for, so I won't be giving my vote away to anybody. I will not vote for the ALA until they have proven themselves. They could turn out the way that PUP did. But to give your vote to anybody other than a Liberal if you are a genuine Liberal supporter, just out of spite, is rather childish and childish acts usually result in justifiable punishment.

Hunter02, Rinaldo. Thanks for the info..

Pablo, note that Promissory notes according to government legislation are considered to be money. Therefore two loans are exchanged one which the Bank doesn't have to pay back and the other which is payed back to the Bank with compound interest. Not a bad scheme for as long as you can get away with it.
Accounting Perversion in Bank Financial Statements —
Demand Deposits Do NOT comply with IFRS (GAAP)
. letter accounting perversion.pdf
Expose the bankers fraud –

Commonwealth Consolidated Acts
"money" includes:
(a) currency (whether of Australia or of any other country); and
(b) promissory notes and bills of exchange; and
(c) any negotiable instrument used or circulated, or intended for use or circulation, as currency (whether of Australia or of any other country); and
(d) postal notes and money orders; and
(e) whatever is supplied as payment by way of:
(i) credit card or debit card; or,,,,,

As you often say Rump, we both only have one vote so in the end we count for little. I would not vote for Shorten in a heartbeat but therein lies the problem my friend, I will not vote for Turncoat either. I will have fun casting my vote in the Senate for the ALA and a combination of votes away from the Liberals in the lower house, but never Shorten. Yes I have parroted a vote for Labor to repay treachery, but I am so frustrated with the Liberals and Abbott for that matter, if he had listened to what we were telling him, he would still be PM. The Liberals are a shadow of their former selves. We need a strong leader to emerge from within but alas it looks forlorn.

The Goon Houdini??