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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Trump is having his thunder stolen by South Korea’s overly pacific Moon Jae-in who is looking for another Presidential term. “Unification” is his game which can only lead to greater North/South enmity. PP has said from the start that Kim will never give up his nuclear toys and his partner in crime, Iran, will never give up theirs. I think it was Mao Tse-tung who said that, “power comes out of the barrel of a gun”. He was right!

Nuclear capability is a permit for power, prestige and compelling persuasion.

Those who believe Little Rocket Man will denuclearise need an appointment with their shrinks…  and Moon Jae-in cannot be trusted to take over from where Trump left off. He is already signalling a capitulation to Kim (his newfound cuddly best friend) in suggesting that sanctions should be lifted, when Trump insisted they would not be lifted until denuclearisation was complete.

A red light alert was flashing immediately after the Singapore Summit when, on the very next day following the conclusion of talks, Pyongyang State News declared that their dear leader had “negotiated” a deal where Trump had been forced to agree not to engage in joint war games in the area.

That news item was unusually accurate, Trump had agreed to that but only while denuclearisation was shown to be in progress. State News made no mention of any denuclearisation agreement at all… and that should have been a moment where Secretary of State Pompeo and Trump had said, “Hang on, WTF is that little bastard up to?” 

They probably did ask each other that, but so far, the kudos of cementing a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula has not been allowed to diminish.

Let’s face it, Kim is nowhere near having the ability to deliver nuclear warheads. Instructions on making a nuclear bomb can be found in the latest edition of, “101 Things a Boy Can Do” but getting an ICBM out of, and back into, the atmosphere without disintegrating, and with a semblance of accuracy, needs more expertise than NK will have for years.

But the greatest threat to tyrannical regimes is invariably their militaries. They can only survive with military backing on a knife edge of precarious compliance.

The "reward" medals of honour on the coats of Kim’s military are so ridiculously numerous that they stretch to their trouser legs. But eventually food will prove just as honourable.  

The dual nuclear nutcases of Iran and NK have been dealt a dire death blow with Israel ready to take out Hassan Rouhani’s facilities (and not for the first time) and Trump ready to take out Kim’s.

At least Obama and Kerry can no longer encourage either of these budding rocket boys. 

Although Kerry is prancing around Europe undermining Trump with assurances that his and Obama's Iran deal had virtue. And Europe is infatuated with anything Democrat.

This love-in between Moon and Kim spells disaster and Trump needs to quickly take back the reins and stop pretending that all is okay.

It will never be okay with Iran’s Hassan Rahouni until his military wrests back the old, more stable, Persia. And that is looking slightly likely.

In the meantime Trump will bathe in the glow of a temporarily united Korean peninsula.


"Mr. President, tear down the wall hiding those FISA abuses"

Quote: "Europe is infatuated with anything Democrat".
The unelected Brussels bureaucrats and self-proclaimed elites are, but I don't think the same applies to the masses.

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Victoria Police no-show hits probe into car theft say federal Lib MPs-The chair of parliament's law enforcement committee has accused Victoria Police of shirking responsibility for tackling car theft and its links to youth gangs and organised crime after the force's top ranks declined to take part in a parliamentary inquiry into the problem...The federal government's joint parliamentary committee on law enforcement will go to Victoria in October to continue its INQUIRY INTO CAR THEFT AND THE EXPORT OF STOLEN CARS, AS WELL AS POSSIBLE LINKS TO GANG VIOLENCE, ORGANISED CRIME AND OFFSHORE TERRORIST GROUPS.....BUT THE MEMBERS OF THE COMMITTEE SAY THEY ARE WORRIED THE FACT FINDING MISSION COULD BE HAMPERED BY VICTORIA POLICE'S DECISION NOT TO PROVIDE A SUBMISSION OR EVIDENCE IN PUBLIC HEARINGS

If North Korea didn’t exist the US would create it
There is only one reason why the US is obsessed with North Korea. It allows the US to maintain a massive military presence in East Asia. If not for tensions on the Korean peninsula, the US would lose its rationale for its network of military bases in the region, which are primarily meant to threaten and contain China
……………To top it all, U.S. performs, twice annually, the largest war games in the world with South Korea, in which it practises an assassination of North Korea’s top leadership, the invasion and occupation of North Korea, and a nuclear first strike against North Korea with imitation armaments.
The Foal Eagle war games include 300,000 South Korean soldiers and 15,000 US troops. This year, the exercises also feature Navy SEAL Team Six, which is best known for assassinating Osama bin Laden on Obama’s orders.
Moreover, an American plan was made public last September proclaiming that “the North’s capital city will be reduced to ashes and removed from the map if it shows any signs of using a nuclear weapon”.
THAAD provokes anger
The US also installed an advanced missile system in South Korea, known as Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD). This provoked strong opposition from China and Russia who consider it a provocative move and a threat to their national security. Chinese Foreign Ministry said:
……………Undoubtedly, Kim Jong Un knows only too well how Gaddafi ended his days, the way he was overthrown and then lynched under US/NATO command. By surrendering his military weaponry, he signed his death warrant. He submitted his weapons and deposited some $200 billion of Libyan national wealth in Western banks. Yet in the end the West took its skin.
In the West it is rarely brought to light that the US has repeatedly turned down North Korea’s offers to end nuclear weapon development. Offers have been put forward by North Korea back to the Clinton administration in the 1990s but were then rejected by the US.
The most recent proposal was made in 2015 when North Korea offered to “halt nuclear testing if the United States would cancel an annual spring military exercise with South Korea”, but Washington rejected the proposal………..”
Read on –

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Italy - Salvini : "We do not take lessons on 'law' or 'humanity' from Mr Macron. Italian Interior Matteo Salvini called out the hypocrisy of French President Emmanuel Macron after Macron bashed "nationalism" at the UN...In his address Tuesday at the UN General Assembly , Mr Macron denounced the "fallacious statements made by some in Europe and elsewhere that we would be stronger were we to close the borders" and insisted on "unconditional protection of those with the right to asylum"...In a tweet Wednesday , Salvini noted that France had sealed its southern borders with Italy to prevent migrants from moving north out of Italy and had "rejected more than 50,000 migrants , mostly women and children".In Tuesdays address Macron took up the mantle of globalism, countering

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DOTS CONNECTED: Regarding “accuser #3” Julie Swetnick—a decade ago she sued her employer for sexual harassment...
representing her in the complaint was the firm run by Debra Katz, the lawyer now rep’ing Dr. Ford.

Anyone know what Zoe Daniel got up to in High School? Or any of the other 'paragons of virtue' from their abc?

I don't usually watch the ABC, but sometimes I catch the tail end of the news while waiting to watch a repeat of a repeat of a repeat of some BBC or ITV programme. Emma is sometimes on commenting on some economic issues or other . . . I've often wondered how she managed to morph from a current affairs generalist to an economic guru in such a short time.

UK, Ecuador seeks end to Assange stand off.....Ecuador's president says his country and the UK are working on a legal solution for Julian Assange that would allow the Wikileaks founder to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in "the medium term". President Lenin Moreno told the Associated Press on Wednesday that Assange's lawyers are aware of the negotiations. He declined to provide more details because of the sensitivity of the case. Assange has been holed up in the embassy for more than 6 years. The famous whistleblower and computer engineer faces an arrest warrant in the UK and fears he could be extradited to the US, where high level officials have spoken about prosecuting him for stealing classified information. Moreno says his country will seek to protect Assanges rights.