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Monday, 25th March 2019

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…and not before time

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


It was Britain in 1926 that fell over itself to recognise the new State “kingdom” of Saudi Arabia. The US fell into line after the second world war when the world’s largest oil reserves of the Saudis became important in that it allowed the "kingdom” to effectively govern the price and amount of oil the West was entitled to. In return the Saudis did pretty much as they wanted. Not any more!

The West ever since has turned a blind eye to the outrageous lack of human rights sanctioned by the bureaucratic Whahhabist form of extreme Islam that governs the “kingdom”.

         The unremarkable Lawrence who mysteriously spent much time in Afghanistan 

And don't think that the Turks are the goodies in this international fracas. They and the Saudis are bitter enemies since the vertically challenged Lawrence of Arabia led the Arab uprising against the Ottoman Empire over 100 years ago.

Because of its favoured position in the geopolitics of oil, it has in the past 70 years, been free to carry out Romanesque executions on an industrial scale in Riyadh’s Chop Chop Square each Friday following prayers, where there was no criticism from the West despite hundreds of women being publicly beheaded for their inability to successfully resist gang rape and many Europeans being hung and tortured for the most minor of the “kingdom’s” infringements.

The entertainment must go on.

Australia has followed suit with Governor General, Peter Cosgrove, opting to ignore Australia Day of 2015 in favour of attending the funeral of the Saudi King Abdullah.

The fawning adulation of this self-claimed corrupt “kingdom” by the bent-kneed Obama and endless UK royals, leaves one thinking that human rights don’t really matter when it comes to the worst of all offenders, the stinking Saudis.

Jamal Khashoggi, the missing (presumed killed and dismembered) Washington Post journalist, is (was) a cousin of the infamous Saudi arms dealer, Adnan Khashoggi. 

His cousin was Dodi Fayed of Princess Diana fame and he was condemned by the Saudis for his criticism of the Wahhabists’ lack of reform after “crown prince” Muhammed bin Salman became leader and had conned the West into believing he was a Saudi reformer… nothing is further from the truth.

The West, including Trump, will come to realise the Saudis are not, have never been, and will never be, allies of the West. They are former Bedouin nomads vaulted to so-called "royalty" by Britain and its Lawrence of Arabia fantasy. They have become obscenely rich as heads of OPEC at the West’s expense.

Arabs detest the West and always will… for instance while pretending to be loyal allies they spawned Osama bin Laden and planned and financed the attack on the Twin towers. 

They concocted and still run the tax on Western food they call halal certification with a value they proudly estimate at between $2 and $3 trillion a year. 

They are the creators of the most evil anti-Western force in the world, the Taliban, who attended the Saudi built and managed universities (madrasses) to learn how to administer the extremes of Wahhabist doctrine on the defenceless Afghanistan people. 

They tanked the price of oil, making US exploration uneconomic, while sending many international oil companies to the wall, to protect their own oil reserves supremacy.

No, the Saudis are not “royals” and there is no “kingdom”… they are merely extremely oil-rich Taliban, the same people we have been at war with for 17 years.

Muhammed bin Salman has ordered the murder of Jamal Khashoggi... it could not have happened without his authorisation and blessing. 

Unlike Obama, Trump will retaliate by sequestrating the Saudis from Western interests now that he has achieved US self-sufficiency in oil and gas.

Muhammed bin Salman has conned the West for the last time and America should thank Trump for the bold action he is now bound to take. 

Hmmm, it will be interesting to see what sort of spin the Washington Post applies to it.

The Saudi Wahhabists had better start flogging off their fleets of A380s and gold Mercedes and half their seraglios. 

Without oil to bargain with they had better start dusting off their mouldy Bedouin tents piled up under their gold-plated four-poster beds.    


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Jamal was a member of the mozlem brotherhood who hated the idea of westernizing islam.

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the Saudis have an arrogance about them as the alleged beginnngs of islam was apparently upon their soil. Within Islam the religious pilgrimage or "hage, hagge" to Mecca or Medina is exploited by the Saudis by way of visas, accommodation etc. and again disgusts many other islamics by the way they are treated by the locals.

the SAUDIS are loathed by many other Islamic countries, their men visit them on a regular basis for sex tourism and disgust many by the way they lavishly throw money about bribing the young local girls one way or another.

The also send copious amounts of their religious books to the UK.

the other side is that the Saudia have been one of Americas best arms customers in recent years, the best tanks, planes etc all sold to the Saudis for trillions.

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