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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The Kyoto Agreement failed with almost all nations realising the futility of such a Gore inspired hoax. But since then the same hoax has had billions thrown at it to convince formerly sane world governments to comply. A new round of scientific data has been projected to show that we must believe the science (the trouble is that these are only scientists employed by the UN’s corrupt IPCC, and many are not even familiar with the climate, let alone practising climatologists).

                       Without this the Titanic might still be plying the Atlantic

Regular clips on committed TV networks show glaciers breaking off into the northern seas... no mention that this pressure is caused by the ice actually increasing at the glaciers origin.

                  David Attenborough attends to another heat exhausted Polar Bear

Have you noticed the programs of the once great naturalist, David Attenborough? All have a serious indoctrinal global warming focus now? Hmmm, a lot of Euros must have changed hands for that much re-scripting.

                                  A turtle reckons the reef is doing okay

Have you noticed that our reef has been declared dead by everyone including Barack Obama. Hmmm, bleaching is as natural an occurrence as fire is to our bushland. It allows for new growth and kills the old growth in a process of renewal and regeneration. 

       And how could our brilliant white beaches have evolved without 4 billion years’ of                                  cyclones pulverising that dead white coral?

The seas have not risen one inch as they still experience natural temperature changes over countless millennia. 

The southern ice cap, now over twice the size of Australia, has expanded so much to the north that our normal South-East weather patterns have now bordered it, and swept up the coldest temperatures in 18 years.

If you believe the utter nonsense that emanates from the IPCC then you have trust in this bloke, IPCC Boss, Rajendra-Pachauri, who departed in disgrace after charges of sexual molestation of staff. Perhaps he might have been a scientist? No, he was a railway diesel mechanic. 

And you know he's a crook because he was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.

Not one of the 30,000 Pacific islands have experienced even a fraction of one inch sea level rise. But many said they have after it was disclosed the UN would be redistributing US and Australian income.

The UN’s IPCC has decided it wants to own every weather anomaly on earth including yearly monsoonal flooding, drought, famine, typhoons, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. 

The term “Global Warming” didn’t work too well for them after Northen ice-cap affected Europe had five consecutive years of record cold temperatures, so the "brilliant" minds of the IPCC’s pretend scientists decided that “Climate Change” would be a better option... “Then, yipeeee, we can claim everything that happens, weatherwise, as a catastrophic CO2 development.”

Bloody hell, how dumb has the world become when it takes a Donald Trump, to call global warming out as a hoax? Trump at least realised it was not a good move to have to give billions of Americans' taxes to poorer nations so they can purchase more coal. How stupid does the UN think we are?

How dumb are the French to elect a miniature moron like Macron?

How dumb are Australians to elect... oh shit, I forgot, we didn’t elect him.

                                       I'll just have to let this one go Mr Obama 

I should not have equated Trump to Moses as Moses was an Abrahamic prophet that Islam was also derived from. And we will soon see just how Abrahamic the US Supreme Court is when it decides the future of Muslim migration to America.

If only we had a Supreme Court.   


I wish Janine Parrot would shut up. She's an irritant on PM Live.

A friend sent me this short and very clear explanation on video of Cultural Marxism. Don't let the title put you off. It's brief and easy to follow. It explains clearly what the western world, aka WE, are dealing with right now.

buraq2 Sun 4 Jun 2017 06:59:39 pm

Not as sick as Moses, Tosir. That psychotic maniac killed women and little boys.

Just your average jew.

I see what you did there.

Hmmmm just taking the piss wbl?

Meteorology, yes, I'm typing faster now and spell check is sacrificed

Fuggin' idjit wbl.


Good news . Samantha Stoser got arseholed out of the French Open . This fool has done herself lots of PR damage. The great Australian Cricketer who played in the same 1930s side as Donald Bradman was Bill O Reilly . They detested each other. O'Reilly wrote for one of the Newspapers and one day was asked how it was that he never gave Bradman a hard time in his column . "Never piss on an Icon." , was his answer.

They are more afraid of pig fat than they are of bullets. A bit of pork will put off their 72 virgins, so dying will not be worthwhile. Fight fire with fire and it's legal!

Another Islamic attack unfolds in Britain as a direct result of multiculturalism, political correctness and moral relativism. Career politicians and their useful idiots will once again engage in the usual excuses and defeatist talk. #NothingToDoWithIslam

Dangerously, our own career politicians and heads of security, are no different.

The jihadists could not be clearer in what motivates them to terror and mass murder. “This is for Allah!” last night’s attackers yelled in London as they stabbed people. ‘Allahu Akbar!”

These jihadis are not misinterpreting Islam. They understand it very well and are following the teachings to the letter. How condescending of us to presume they are wrong.

Many Muslims are good people, not because of Islam but in spite of it. We must accept this reality and take the necessary steps to protect Australia, our communities and our families.

Australian Liberty Alliance has developed and published practical steps to stop the Islamisation of Australia. These are sensible policies to address Islamisation on every level. We must confront this barbaric ideology, its proponents and apologists.

The policy document is in the attachment and available from our website .

We are running out of candles, now is the time for action.

Debbie Robinson
Australian Liberty Alliance

Contact: [email protected] | ph 1300 188 869

Do you mean meteorology ??

First they said there'd be no more rain
. . . and I did nothing
Then they said the ice caps would disappear
. . . and I did nothing
Then they said sea levels would rise by 100m
. . . and I did nothing
Then Mr Gore said the Earth would end
. . . and I did nothing

Doing nothing works! Be a responsible world citizen and don't do your bit today!


Old Soldier? @OMGTheMess 1m1 minute ago

Old Soldier Retweeted Sky News Australia

We dont want to insult muslims Kim Beazley says ---- I find random murders pretty insulting Kim

It's encouraging and calming to see the crisis teams have swung into action with the usual polite response to murderous terrorists and Islam....hold a rock concert, send in the flowers and candles blowing in the wind. How touching. I imagine the moslem ratbags will just get more incensed at the infidels laughing and gesturing "up yours" over the attacks - that will really solve the civil war now on the streets of a city near you and I. Good time to be a florist and candlemaker - time to stock up on both before they run out...

Hope you are joking. I studied Meteotology 4 decades ago and every day of my life, the warming stopped 17 years ago and no one knows why. It is too simplistic to believe co2 is the culprit when it's a tiny part of the equation

Nigel Farage: ‘Words Are Not Enough, People Want Action’, Slams Sadiq Khan, Theresa May on Terror Responses

Watch those fridges.....they kill more than ME terrorists...or so I have heard.