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Wednesday, 23rd January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Donald Trump will find it lonely at this G20 only because he has walked away from the fraudulent Global Warming Paris Accord. But others will follow him now that a US absence makes the Accord even more unviable and disastrous for an energy hungry world. 

                                Angela displays two of her very few good points

In fact as disastrous as Germany’s unlimited Muslim immigration intake. But don’t expect this Euro powerhouse to give a stuff about its civilian welfare when it comes to the “greater ideological good”. Angela Merkel believes a few decapitations are a small price to pay.

                                                   CNN's sheepish Wolfe 

Television networks are still carrying the warming flag… so since when have those networks ever been right or when have they ever told the truth?

Nup, this global warming garbage is finished, over, defeated, cremated and buried. The people have woken up to the fraud and are voting for sensible politicians who want no part of it. They have seen how facts have been twisted to promote an ideology that has never been viable.

One example is that now the Antarctic ice sheet has expanded to twice the size of Australia, it is starting to break off at the edges. CNN explains it is an unusual warmth that is causing the fissures where the ice is breaking. If you believe that then I’ve got a harbour bridge you will certainly be interested in.

The Antarctic ice beyond the land mass has spread north to a few hundred miles off Patagonia on the tip of the South American coast and it is that much closer to New Zealand and Tasmania. Again we are experiencing more record cold temperatures as a result of the lows that are dragging that colder air north and ever closer. 

A thoroughly confused and thoroughly Left “The Guardian” rag asks in a bold headline accompanied by the above pic: 


It went on to say, “Antarctic levels are confounding the world’s most trusted climate models with record highs for the third year running.” WTF? "The world’s most trusted climate modelling" that has always been wrong???

The tragedy is that the energy that keeps us fed, warm and cool is diminishing and becoming unaffordable due to these insane global warming “initiatives” (like windmills and solar panels) that are pricing our clean coal out of reach just when we need it most. All organised by the UN’s corrupt IPCC that is competing with Al Gore to see who can tell the biggest fibs.

Say what you like about Trump, but he is a smart bastard and he (and Abbott) knows that these hideous wind turbines that are staining our countryside and keeping us hungry, shivering and sweltering, are all nearing their use-by dates, and all at once. 

So the subsidies that made them possible, and our coal unaffordable, will stop dead. Even a global warmist like Turnbull cannot possibly justify forking out another $10 to $20 billion in subsidies to pay for thousands of new wind turbines costing between $2 million and $5 million each. Well, hang on, he might justify it.

The solar panel scam is also finished as consumers wake up to the fact that rapacious energy companies will never operate at a loss. Almost no-one has the outrageously expensive base-load capture infrastructure that enables energy to be sold back to the grid, and even if it could be sold the energy companies don’t want it!

Why would they want it when they are in the business of selling energy to you at inflated prices, not buying it from you?

We are stuck with risking our necks cleaning grime laden, inefficient, rooftop panels that are useless unless the sun is out and shining directly above them. Only then can they be efficient and only when you’re actually using a household appliance… did you really think the energy companies would let you get away with lower prices despite the solar panel, con-job advertisers and lying Green, subsidy-promoting, governments?

Green Governments like Turnbull’s, SA’s idiot Weatherill’s and Vic’s Marxist moron, Andrews’ are determined to leave you sweltering in summer and freezing in winter so they can conform to a UN and Brussels insane global warming, income-redistributing hoax while at the same time collecting Green preferences.

                                     SA has gone to the dogs under Weatherill

But I should be fair to SA’s Weatherill after all he has just made something cheaper! Hooker prices are a lot more competitive now that he, as his eternal legacy, has legalised prostitution. That should be great news for Craig Thomson and all the attendees at the next SA Federal Labor Conference. But most freezing and stoned Crows will opt to stay home and shag their wives to increase their temperatures. 

What must, and probably will happen, if sanity eventually prevails, is that we build a bunch of brand new coal-fired power stations in each State (just as China and India have said they will continue doing until 2030) and flog them our clean coal until we can bring efficient and clean nuclear-powered generators on line. So it will be 15 more years of ever-increasing power prices before we get nuclear. 

Thanks Greens, Labor and piss-weak Libs!

By that time Turnbull’s idea of pumping water back up hill will be safely buried with the nuclear waste. So hang in there Donald, and don’t fold to the G20 Marxist pressure they will surely apply to you.

You are right, they are so bloody pig-headedly wrong!


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They are not telling us that our neighbouring planets are warming also. They also fail to mention the "Roman warm period" or the "Medieval warm period" when temperatures were hotter than current. Also, how about when Green land was lush, warm and green and the Vikings moved there. They died out when it got too cold. There was an expedition for "Climate Change"that went out into Hudson Bay this year but had to turn back due to unprecedented ice packs 5 m thick. Damn.

CS :)

Has anyone wondered why the TURD has adopted Labors policies?? My take is that the TURDs "adopted policies" can have an easy passage through both houses, Labor, Greens, the Zenophobic idiot will support them. The he can boast to the sheeple that " I, me, the greatest PM since Christ walked the earth on crutches has had d more legislation passed in Parliament than Abbott ever did". This egotistical piece of rectal matter is all mouth, no substance.

Some one was talking about Merkels tits ( yuck) , when I found this in the DT, Gina Liano on the Project!!! ;

I can't believe that stupid effing channel 10 has that big fat liar al-fucking-gore on tomorrow night. That little Muslim cock-sucker, with his stupid smile - enough is enough

The lefturd scum infiltrated the education system years ago, with the sole purpose of brain waning young children, with their lunatic leftist garbage

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I was wondering why IHW was being accused today of being Arcy, now I know why. "Buzz buzz" an oldie but a goody. Sorry, IHW is not Arcy and I should know. LMAO.

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I can agree that George Orwell was before his time in much of his thinking and perhaps it was because of this that he was percieved to have mental issues. He is listed as second in UK's to 50 writers which says a lot. I agree with him on sexual deviants. Dying at such a young age in 1950 was a tragedy as I feel he would have liked to reach at least 1984.

Wot CS said. Gracious of you pelican.

New post up folks.

Climate Change EXPERTS......Just think about it. What would you do, if you determine the outcomes of Any Testing or Results, that will ensure your Financial Future and to stay Employed? Do You, 1:. Make the best case and “produce” the required results you can, to protect your family income, OR,2:. lose your income and livelihood, and come clean about the fraud and send ALL your work colleagues to the wall in the process?......Without Climate change they are out of a Job, so of course they are going to say whatever it takes to continue receiving a paycheque. No Climate change = No job…Talk about a conflict of Interest. It is nothing but Politically Motivated Extortion.

I hereby certify that I am not my friend Tricky Woo, have only passed through Ballina a few times, am male, anti-moslem, anti-Labor, anti-LNP (now), anti-Greens, anti-multi-culturalism, anti-poofter lobby, anti-Emily's List and anti-PP trolls. Anyone wishing to biff it out with me should contact my second wheelie bin laden in order to make an appointment.

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What warmed up the World 2 Ice Ages ago, before there was Coal and Power Stations?? Which animals paid for the Carbon Tax and built the Solar and Wind farms...Answer:..Nobody.. The World still warmed and cooled and warmed again. One thing that Mother Nature has ALWAYS done and ALWAYS will, is Change the Weather....

What can you tell about a man who would stab a First Term duly Elected Australian Prime Minister in the Back in order to Steal his job. Since cleaning the Blood from his hands, he has Single Handily Gutted the Liberal Party to the Point that you would need a Cardiologist of Good standing to find Australia's Conservative Pulse as it beats ever closer to Labour. You can only Imagine the Contempt he has for the lowly Australian Public...