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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The newly appointed White House Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci, will not last long in the coveted White House role. This filthy mouthed, vertically challenged jerk, with an unjustified huge ego, will get swept out with the next lot of White House trash. 

It’s really a surprising decision of Trump’s to entertain this talentless grub being anywhere near the seat of power for one moment.

There is a good reason why Scaramucci’s wife has just flicked him and it’s the same reason Trump should flick him tomorrow. Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, resigned after Scaramucci fingered him as a prime leaker (that was not true of course) but it suited his highly motivated ambition to be accepted in the West Wing. 

Prior to that, the affable Sean Spicer felt he had to resign after Trump refused to listen to his advice not to hire Scaramucci, calling the appointment, “a major mistake”. Spicer had performed a less than stellar role as Press Secretary and had copped a shellacking from Saturday Night Live’s comedic assassination. 

Priebus, one of Trump’s earliest appointments, knew only too well what this pumped up, dwarfed dickhead was like and refused to employ him in any capacity in the White House and, at the time, had convinced Trump of the same. Scaramucci then set out to get square with Priebus.

                       A desperate Scaramucci is determined to achieve notoriety

For months he spent every waking hour in Trump’s ear telling lies about who was leaking and included Priebus at the top of his fake list. He was determined to replace him and send him packing as revenge for refusing to allow him to become part of the White House staff. Trump, preoccupied with an Obamacare Bill, fell for his lying lines.

In a “New Yorker” piece Scaramucci said to the female interviewer that, "Priebus is a fucking schizophrenic" and said that Stephen Bannon "sucks his own cock" in an interview he knew was on the record.

Now that Scaramucci has Trump’s Chief Strategist, Breitbart’s Steve Bannon (above) in his sights, he is on dangerous turf, because Bannon is smarter than Scaramucci who will lose if he takes him on. Bannon is closer to Trump and he has his confidence, and Scaramucci’s continued arrogance will be his downfall. 

In the meantime the loyal Priebus has been replaced with the experienced General Kelly who has a far more robust style than Priebus but likely more effective as Chief of Staff.

              Scaramucci wasted no time taking Sean Spicer's position at the lectern

The little New York spiv has usurped the role of the now broken Sean Spicer apparently supported by Sarah Huckabee Sanders (above) daughter of former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee.

Both Spicer and Priebus departed, quietly singing the praises of the President and his successes so far, while Scaramucci searches for other easy heads to spike on the White House fence.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders (above) will soon discover what this gangrenous little rat is all about, and so will the American public.

If you have ever relied on a face or body language to gauge a person’s worth, then look again closely at the above photos. Never trust a person if you can’t see their pupils,

… they tell a dirty story that Trump apparently has not read (yet). 


I liked the Mooch, better than Sean Spicer and Huckabee -- I don't "heart" Huckabee, looks dopey. I don't think he was a low down hoochie coocher.

LP - this is all a strategic game by Trump. Trump never said he agreed with the language - it was a WH anonymous leak. The Scar was employed to do a job - he did it. Both Spicer and Priebus had to go - so do more of the RINO (republicans in name only). It was to get his General into the WH. The MSM are being played.

Hats off to Larry! I think this was more likely a condition placed on Trump by John Kelly in order for him to accept the chief of staff job.

It's what the racist supremacist Jews do. They slaughtered tens of millions of Russians in the Russian revolution. They are casting all sorts of hate and unsubstantiated allegations at Trump. What happened under Clinton when they had the evidence? She was the darling of all MSM especially CNN (the Jewish racist news channel)

You sure got that right Larry.... Trump must read PP.

Had never heard of the Scar before the SHTF this time. I've always been dubious about Priebus. At 1st he was a critic of Trump then got on board. So what changed there? I don't doubt his capabilities, not so sure on loyalties.
But how do you know this stuff Larry? There really hasn't been much on this guy. He would have been known to be foul mouthed so that alone should have put the knockers on him.
I understand he got the gig because he got 3 CNN reporters sacked for telling lies (a first)!

So these ME arseholes have been here since the 1970s. Sleepers indeed.

Illegal immigration on the Southern border, down 70%. Trump is achieving great things, the MSM prefers to portray the chaos narrative.

Latest GDP figures 2.6 %, the best in years. The best Obumma could manage was 1.4%.

Trump isn't a politician, WI, so get used to it. He's a businessman and he'll hire and fire as he pleases. He doesn't need the lying media and that's infuriating them.

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Yep, Good to see Clintons and Obama's treachery getting undone and some Real Leadership in Place...Spot on..

This bloke is the very best for the job of talking to the Press , he won't take any shit from anyone and he'll clean out the traitors to the office of their President and he'll drain that swamp you mob have been screaming needs doing and this bloke is just ticket to get it done and that's why he got the gong for being himself .

That bloke looks like he would be more at home in a Mafia family then the white house.

...I think its a bit of storm in a tea cup Lazza...yea, "the mooch" seems to call a spade "a fucking shovel"...and good, "the Donald" needs some strong people around him as he is very much under siege from every direction...not only from the Marxist Democrats, but also from within the Republican Party....the never Trumpers that hate him as much as the Democrats....never since 1789 has anyone become President who was not a politician or a General, so they see him as who the hell does this upstart think he is...then he is fighting "the Deep State"...traitors from the leftovers from the Obongo Admin...and of course the MSM...I feel that Sessions will NOT go, he's a good man...but Rince Preibus was part of the ruling elite that hate Trump now...Trump will find his way, he is new at this...

saltybulldust. Your neo-Nazi propaganda doesn't bother me.

Disraeli seems to be sensitive to anyone or organisation that shines a light on the treachery that that exists behind the financial system.Do Holocaust deniers upset you too,Dis?

how truely fitting this weekend is multicultural round in the AFL with the benefits of multiculturalism for all to see in Sydney today.

“Trump, preoccupied with an Obamacare Bill”? Can’t agree with that.

DJT doesn’t care if the Obamacare repeal/replace goes through the Senate or not. He has weaponized this bill as a win/win. He doesn’t own it, it’s not his problem, no new Bill has yet crossed his desk for his approval, if it’s not what he promised the US electors he won’t sign it anyway and he will leave the dead Albatross hanging round the necks of of Dems/RINO’s and massacre them in the Mid-Term elections.

As for Scaramucci, don’t know him, never heard of him, don’t know why DJT hired him, what tasks he is required to achieve or what the second tier “position” is that DJT is undoubtedly wanting, but I know there is one and it will have been discussed in detail before Scaramucci’s appointment was made. I do trust that an IQ of 159 and years of corporate experience will always defeat ideological posturing. 3D Chess always beats Snakes and Ladders.

DJT launched dozens of “weeping angels” months ago, they move when you are not looking and many have already “touched” their targets and sent them back in time.

Just because so many do not understand or have never met a “TRUMP” is no excuse for missing the main game.

"Two men have been arrested after a 14-year-old British girl was raped twice on the same night, police said.

The teenager was sexually assaulted at Witton station in Birmingham on Tuesday night and was then raped again after she flagged down a vehicle for help, the BBC reported."

... Presbyterians again?