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Sunday, 24th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Donald Trump is miles ahead of the DC beltway and even further ahead of the Australian media who are crying doom and destruction over his threats of aluminium and steel tariffs.

Australia’s Bluescope would be only marginally affected but it has larger plants across the rustbelt and Washington State that would benefit to a forecast $US200 million.

Hasn’t anyone in the ABC or Fairfax noticed that Trump prepares very well for every battle? What he is doing now is gathering his chips for a game he intends to win… that’s what he always does.

He puts himself in a position where he could hurt his opponent if necessary before he sits down to negotiate. Otherwise he can't win

This time he is scaring the crap out of Europe and China with steep tariffs. It is they who have been gaming the system for centuries and he had foreshadowed (indeed promised) that he intended to stop the trade imbalances all through his election campaign.

Why does the Left complain so bitterly when all he does is exactly what he promised to do?


lets remove ourselves from the commonwealth, ok we miss out on a truckload of medals, implore Donald to make us the 51st state of the usa and perhaps then we can move forward

Why does the Left complain so bitterly when all he does is exactly what he promised to do?. Because the Left never does what they promise to do.

Go the Don ! I must be getting old , but haven't I been saying that for about 2 and a half years ?

Trump is only doing his same stuff. If you read his books, he asks for the Stars and then settles for the Moon.

Laughing about the EU threatening standover tactics to make the bad man change his mind.

When will they ever learn, oh when will they ever learn?

Game, Set and Match.

Shock, horror as an election promise is enacted.

The Australian MSM are blowing Trumbles horn loud and proud as the New Saviour, because Trump has offered Australia a deal..Trumble has grabbed this and will squeeze all the sugar he can from it, in an attempt to get the taste of Shit and Lemons out of the Australian Voters mouth. The more he tries to talk it up the bigger the Goose he appears to be, and the Stronger Trumps position has become. Trump has OFFERED, to drop the extra duty on Steele and Aluminium in exchange for an appropriate military agreement. Now Trumble has announced it and effectively claimed it as His, and a Done Deal, He has NO bargaining chip against what Trump puts in the Military component of the deal..NONE.Trumble will have to cop what ever Trump, the Dealmaker tells him he wants or be seen as incompetent...

Bid to rewrite Abbott removal
Tony Abbott Addresses Media Following His Defeat As Prime Minister
As deadline nears, the PM and his ministers are trying to change the narrative around why Tony Abbott was dumped.

The Left cannot not complain about Trump. If they were to act like a normal person and listen to what Trump does and acknowledge his successes the cognitive dissonance would literally kill them.

I`d turn gay for the The Mighty Trumpster.....................................

He is the best person to ever take office in America in recent years. We need someone of his ability to take over in Australia.

Go, the Donald.

UK : Just 5% of illegal migrants sent back, thanks to 'completely useless' EU rules...Fewer than one bogus asylum seeker in ten arriving in the UK from the EU is transferred back, thanks to "completely useless" Brussels rules...The so called Dublin 111 regulations allow EU members to deport asylum seekers if they have already passed through another EU country, on the grounds that they should not be in any dangers in any of them....(Winston says - Same the "boat people" illegals who passed through "safe" countries (manyof them Muslim like themselves ) before pushing their way by boat into Australia via international people smugglers )....However migrants can only be transferred back to the first EU member state they arrived in which is generally impossible to determine if they

Trump should push China even harder. He should insist that illegally produced American copyrighted goods be seized in countries where they are sent from China. The world trade mob should agree with that one because China copies just about anything & everything they want. US cars in China have a 25% tariff, theirs have a 2.5% the USA. China likes to flex its muscle on the world stage put comes the *poor bloke* when it suits let them come to the *level playing field* & see how they fare.

He has been promising since 1988, same threat to USA trade , with more participants. Why are they surprised at his consistency ?

If only Abbott had done that - did exactly what he promised to do - he would still be here.

for years China in particular flouted copyright laws of american products and churned out their chinese copies. I daresay America and Trump have some scores to settle and we will hear all about it in due course

We need OUT of the UN and the Paris agreement Now, and probably a Host of others we have not even been told about.......You would think these Peckerheads were on commission for every deal that some Leach can place in front of them for a Signature.......Yet here in Australia we have Aid Agency's advertising in Australia for help to put shoes on school kids, and make sure they are fed, Here in Australia People, HERE in Australia, whilst this bunch give Billions in Aid to Despot Regimes who are hell bent on Killing us.......Where the HELL did all this fall off the rails and down the cliff into oblivion?????...........

See Paul Keating has come out and stated that Trumpy is OK. Knows how to play hardball with Global competitors and isn't soft or misguided like Obummer, Clinton (both of them) and Bush.