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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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...says Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


I’m going to stick my neck out once again and predict a Trump victory in the US Presidential Election. The press would have you believe that the Hillbanger has it in the bag. They are unashamedly cheerleading for Hillary. Predicting a landslide victory is probably a ruse to persuade Trump voters to stay home on polling day.

In my opinion this is far from the truth. I think Hillary is in big trouble and things will get worse over the next few days. Reports tell of Trump rallies turning people away because they are so full. Hillary meanwhile would struggle to fill a gymnasium.

Here are a few things most Americans have now come (often reluctantly) to believe.

   Hillary Clinton at the groundbreaking of the $2.4 billion Goldman Sachs headquarters.

Firstly, Hillary represents the interests of the elite. If elected she will be beholden to the “too big to fail” banking lobby, the Wall Street lobby, the big corporate lobby, the big pharma lobby, the agro-business lobby, the Arab Gulf State lobby, the military industrial complex and every other greedy cashed up group of elites whose interests run counter to those of the ordinary, decent, hardworking, American.

                                                   The kids get it right for halloween

Secondly, they now realise that Hillary is dishonest. Not just a little bit dishonest like the average Joe, or even a lot dishonest like the average politician. We are talking about a “sell your own grandmother” crook. Her only chance of staying out of jail is to get a political pardon from her cronies or herself (should she be elected).

Thirdly, the Press is entirely corrupt. It is in the service of the elites and is 100% supporting Hillary and 100% against Donald Trump.

Finally, Americans in increasing numbers believe that this election is probably the last chance the people have of prizing power from the 1%. It is the last chance to restore honest, restricted and constitutional Government. This is the last chance of preventing a catastrophic collapse of the entire nation.

This is not just my opinion. This is something that is confirmed by recent polling. This is also an opinion which is rapidly gaining traction as ever more skeletons are slithering out of Hillary’s well stuffed closet.

             These realisations do not sit well with the typical traditional Democrat voter.

The traditional Democrat base which Hillary is depending for support consists of four main groups. Blue collar working stiffs, African-Americans, Hispanics and college educated latte liberals.

The working classes have deserted to Trump in droves. These guys were burned badly by the GFC. Many of them lost their houses and are now stuck paying rent to the banks who foreclosed on them. They may not understand exactly how it happened. They know however, that they have been screwed over and they know roughly whodunit.

They might not have demonstrated on Wall Street with the Social Justice Warriors but they are itching for payback. These are the tens of thousands of adoring fans who pack out Trump’s rallies. They are America’s version of the Howard battlers on steroids.

The African-Americans are racist voters. 97% of them voted for Obama. If Hillary was black, they would probably vote for her too. She isn’t however, so her support will be far less secure. The “Gangstas” will approve of her cosying up to Black Lives Matter. However, these guys will be too busy trying to pop a few caps into their “bruvvers” to bother voting.

Law abiding African-American voters meanwhile are sick of rampant crime and drugs. They want law and order restored in their neighbourhoods and are quite likely vote for Trump. I don’t know what percentage of the black vote these guys represent, but they are the ones most likely to turn out and vote.

It is widely assumed that the Hispanic vote will go for Hillary. After all, the Press tells us that Trump will build a wall to keep the Mexicans out. This is rubbish of course. Mexicans will still be able to come to the USA. They will just have to come in through the front door like everyone else. Illegal Mexicans will be furious, but they don’t vote.

Most Mexicans are hard working. Many are aspirational which is why they came to the US in the first place. I think Trump will pick up more of the Hispanic vote than most people expect.

                                                               Debbie does Bernie

The biggest problem for Hillary however, is the Democratic core. These are the party activists. Many of them went for Bernie Sanders. Hillary not only beat Bernie. She royally and dishonestly screwed him over.

These activists may not vote for Trump. They may even hold their noses and vote for Hillary. What I can’t see them doing is getting out and campaigning for Hillary. They won’t be leafleting and driving people to polling stations on election day.

The Liberals had the same problem in Australia. When Malcolm Turnbull knifed Tony Abbott the faithful deserted the Liberals and they struggled to find people to man polling booths. It nearly cost them the election.

Larry tells me that because of the electoral college system (which I don’t pretend to understand) Hillary should have things sewn up. Despite this, I’ve had a strong gut feeling right from the moment Trump came into the fight that he was going to pull this one off. I feel this now more than ever.

The latest revelation that the FBI has damning evidence yet to come about Hillary doesn’t surprise me at all. Trump wears his heart on his sleeve. We know the worst of him because he tweets it around the world without shame.

Hillary on the other hand, has a stack of dirty secrets and a list of enemies as long as your arm. Combine this with a Presidential election and it’s not hard to see what is likely to happen next.

I think this election will be the upset of the century and the start of a new beginning for the Western world.

My fingers will be firmly crossed for the next few days.


Nice article Harry. Well Trump has been elected as you predicted, along with a republican party majority in both congress and the house. This should provide Trump with the backing he needs to get his agenda through and make America great again. Hopefully he stands by his word and doesn't cave on what he's promised us. He is the wests last hope everyone is counting on him to do the right thing.

Well done Harry, let's see the same momentum in Australia.

Harry, you backed the right horse. I wonder where the media personalities and journalists who had more belief in their in their own self importance than reality and claimed Trump had no chance are now? I almost believed the media hype myself. Happy to say, I won $10 because I backed Trump.

This is a battle between the NWO (globalists) and Trump( probably not one). This cancerous lot will stop at nothing to get where they going i.e. killing 3000 odd innocent people in the twin towers = blame the mohamMADists= destroy the middle east.

Don't be offended Goldie, Petra is just another troll - we'll get rid of her as well. Time my dear, time.

We're getting them IE. Well done you too.

I've got some money on the Donald, I hope he comes through for America.... and me too.

Trump will win and the Left wing MSM will be left behind.

The BENGHAZI tragedy is a very good reason why Hillary should not be the President of the United States.

This video demonstrates the glaring omissions committed by the Left Wing Clinton love-in media. It must be good because the Daily Telegraph culled my blog. Here it is:-

Well stuff me, "global warming" is now part of International Law. What happened to Climate Change? Can they make their minds up? Can we wind back the erosion that gave us the magnificent cliffs around the globe? Can we change the waves and put the sand islands back?

I get it all the time . . . you get used to it . . .

Just trying to show Copthis a bit of sympathy, Lights.

Have a look at this:

Larry has not done his homework Harry. You are 100% correct, Trump is leading, and strongly. I've pointed out most of what you posted in the past, but Larry obviously does not read my posts. The only problem Trump has is the rigged voting machines that have been caught "vote flipping", and many districts have returned to paper ballots, But how dumb are the democrats to rig the machines in early voting instead of waiting for November 8. They've been caught red handed, and if Hillary does finish with the numbers, Trump will challenge. There is lots of evidence (not only of the machines vote flipping) but of multiple voting and thousands of dead people voting.

Dunno about RoseB, but I wrote last night about Trump's wall being the equivalent of Adelaide to Darwin, and I had some moron blasting me saying "no he didn't! He never said anything about building a wall!" Sure are some loonies out there. I wonder if we can use 18C against moonbats!

What now ? Back to the Happyland Asylum For Deluded Optimists for you, dear RoseB.

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