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Thursday, 21st February 2019

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... and they could present you with Shorten!

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Malcolm Turnbull is trying to erase Tony Abbott’s remarkable record achieved under an obstructionist Senate that had joyfully rejected around forty Bills, many of which were part of Abbott’s 2013 election platform. But the suave genius Turnbull is relying on only two IR Bills for a Double Dissolution while Abbott tries to rescue his legacy of a successful but short career as PM.

It’s not that Turnbull disagrees with these forty or so Bills of Abbott’s but he doesn’t want other issues front and centre as indication of Abbott’s Lower House achievements. Even Christopher Pyne’s Higher Education University Reform Bill has been ignored.

Wise? Well, maybe, because Turnbull wants the election argument centred solely on the reform of Shorten’s unions, as advised by Dyson Heydon’s Royal Commission.

But hang on, that RC was set up by Tony Abbott! This was to be Abbott’s and Hockey’s unlosable election, not the Merchant Banker Turnbull and his stick insect sidekick’s.

And what the hell is a Merchant Banker anyway other than a bludger using other people’s ideas and money to steal shareholdings in certainties in exchange for easily-Googled “advice”?

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority in 2012 banned the use of the word “Bank” or “Banker” in relation to merchant pursuits suggesting it was misleading to claim to be a “bank” in such a dodgy industry.

So when Turnbull claimed in Parliament to have been “lucky” on his track to riches and the Prime Ministership he wasn’t kidding.

If Turnbull is serious about a DD he has gone about it in an inept schoolboy fashion... only Turnbull could have left the Coalition exposed by arranging for an election following what should have been an austere “recovery” budget... and he has lost Treasurer Morrison as an ally in the process.

Abbott’s management faults were manifold but he had a politically intelligent blueprint that would have entrenched the Coalition in government.

Turnbull has denounced Abbott as irrelevant and given Shorten a possible blueprint.



Look at the two Turd-ball lovers each waiting to get he/she alone.

Quadrant on line identifies the traitors and the true-blues.

Winstone. Ah! Peace and quite! Envious ! Gudonyer !. IF you do sometimes feel in need of a innocuous conversation ? PLEASE invite WWW PM / MT out to your place for a few years?

mrgg....Oh I don't know I live very happily as a parriah in the Perth hills profound..infact I have come to relish my ivory tower life I have created for myself. Problems only occur when I have to go out into the community on victualling expeditions etc. My presence for some reason sets off the locals whom I believe are the ones with the mental health probs..serious ones.

We need a few dung-beetles in parliament so they can remove the Turd-Ball and bury it.

This country is in deep shit. I am prepared to have Labor for three years if it means we have a reasonable chance of ridding the Liberal Party of its Left Wing enclave.I will not vote Liberal with Turnbull as leader. To hell with the consequences. The guy is a prick.

The ousting of Tony Abbott will bite these fools hard. The Australian voting population witnessed the ALP self destruct by carelessly throwing the people's choice on the rubbish heap. I did not like Krudd one bit, however, he was voted in by the people and then made leader by the pardee.
Now we have a repeat performance by the up till now, stable stiff upper lipped conservative pardee. The voters are getting a bit fed up that this can happen just because a few stupid pollies imagined their snotty noses put out of joint.
I wouldn't blame the voters if they decided not to turn up at all for the next election festivities because it matters little what they think. Then the GG would have to install martial law until things were sorted out.

I agree with BK again. Let the States do their own thieving of the taxpayer instead of forever whinging to the Federal Government. They will soon fall into line. Joh Bjelke Peterson did away with death duties a long time ago and the rest of Australia couldn't get rid of theirs fast enough. They knew if they didn't they would be thrown out at the next election. As for Sovereign laws they had the same outcry in England fifty years ago when the Arabs started buying up big. All it did was replenish the British coffers and eventually nearly all the property deals returned to British control.

Sounds like my daughters description of me at times K. Aren't we all a bit narcissistic?

Abbott was pretty good at sport, especially cycling and Surf Life Saving, yet he still got pilloried. The likes of you people bow to the media campaigns to undermine whoever is in charge, because you believe the rubbish that is put out by trolls and the getup mob who are only interested in their socialistic agenda. They could have replaced Abbott with half a dozen suitable leaders such as Morrison, Bishop, Dutton etc. and they would all have got the same treatment. You now have a new leader named Turnbull. Suck it up!

I met Turnbull, there is nothing there, he is an idiot, ... he is all Narcissist and messed up Psychopath. A real weirdo.

A Nervous breakdown is just round the corner when the so may people despise you ? Life without 'love' is like a clashing cymbal. The cymbal noise will be keeping him awake at night.

He probably thinks he has a beautiful mind!! Why do non sporting quarmbies like Turdbul venture into sporting areas? They only ever end up looking stupid!! Look at Krudd! Who can forget poor Johnnie Howards bowling attempt? Hawkes attempted hook shot ( ouch). Turdbull wouldn't know one footy from another! His stupid comments at last years Gala Rugby League night ( DalyM's) what a shocker yet the press were silent the next day, hmmmm? Very strange.

OMG! Can he not come up with something sensible?

Green Peace have bought out one Abo who's ancestral land overlays Adani's Galilee Basin project. This little prick is causing a road block to the project while living high on the hog with dirty green money while the rest of the tribe who desperately want the project to proceed for employment opportunities go without.

Cant wait to see the back of this back stabbing PM - thousands and thousands of us conservatives are in an uproar. Quicker he goes, the better!

Definition of propaganda , Unbalanced or coloured reporting, suppression of facts, and quoting out of context, are all propaganda tactics, does this remind you of a particular organisation.

How They Brainwash Us
Paul Craig Roberts
Anyone who pays attention to American “news” can see how “news” is used to control our perceptions in order to ensure public acceptance of the Oligarchy’s agendas.

And its all about me me me. Fuck the country, fuck the people, just put me on the podium so everyone can see me.

See what you make of all of this -
PM names former judge Spigelman as ABC chair
Former NSW Supreme Court chief justice James Spigelman has been appointed chairman of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation for a five-year term to begin on April 1.
“With more than 40 years of service to the legal profession and a fierce passion for the arts, Mr Spigelman will be an exemplary leader of the ABC,” Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Communications Minister Stephen Conroy said.
........Opposition communications spokes­man Malcolm Turnbull said earlier his long-time friend had the ability, because of the high respect he commanded, to represent the ABC across all sides of politics

Read more:
With friends like this….
At the weekend launch of Parliamentary Friends of the ABC, Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull enjoyed a happy moment with ABC Chairman Jim Spigelman, Labor MP Melissa Parke and the national broadcaster’s $770,000-a-year “editor in chief” Mark Scott.
Turnbull’s friends will be particularly impressed by his latest utterances. Andrew Bolt, he swears, is precisely the sort of supporter the Coalition does not need.
Unlike, say, Mark Scott, who has had quite a few years to hire a conservative broadcaster but has not quite managed to find one.
Chief Justice Spigelman committed one last criminal act in the James Hardie matter before he resigned as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New South Wales in May 2011. At the same time he had some major questions that needed to be answered in relation to illegal deals that his registrars were approving between the NSW Crime Commission and criminals. Questions that go unanswered to this day.
The High Court of Australia overturned the NSW Court of Appeal judgment in the James Hardie director’s matter where they were trying to rip off people dying of asbestos related diseases.
Well known criminal James Spigelman headed up the three NSW judges who handed down the judgement, that was overturned by the HCA, in one of his last judgements as Chief Justice of NSW just before he retired early. Why did he retire early? Well he was a criminal on the run to say the least and not just for the James Hardie judgement.