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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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... where the hell was she!

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


An exclusive report from an ex-staffer on Christmas Island lifts the lid on how Triggs has shockingly politicised and all but destroyed the Human Rights Commission. Her Commission’s role is now entirely untenable.

Contracted to chair of the Commission for a five year term by Kevin Rudd soon after he was elected in 2007, with her contract being renewed by Julia Gillard in 2012, Gillian Triggs proved a godsend to Labor as she simply ignored mountains of human rights violations in detention centres until after Tony Abbott had gained Office.

The way then became clear, with advice on timing from the Opposition's shadow GG Mark Dreyfus, to unearth human rights violations but only subsequent to September 7, 2013.

Serious incidents of theft, rape, sexual and physical abuse of children and even murders reported prior to that date were completely ignored by Triggs.

If Pickering Post can get its hands on reports of these incidents why wasn’t Triggs able to? The answer is she didn’t want to because it was politically untimely.

The truth is that since Rudd’s and Gillard’s demise the Abbott Government has largely reformed a dangerous and disgusting environment that persisted unchecked under Labor where many of over 2,000 children were callously abused by Afghan and Iranian men on a daily basis.

Somehow that did not concern Triggs (who already has form when it comes to caring for her own handicapped child) nor did she concern herself with the 1,200 deaths at sea that occurred under Labor, nor the deaths in custody, nor the rapes and murders reported in transit, nor did she seem concerned at the number of women who were thrown overboard after they had been gang raped by male illegal immigrants.

Today, despite the screams of foul play from Triggs and Hanson-Young, offshore detention centres hold a diminishing number of 100 children who await processing of their parents.

They skip to school each morning in their blue and yellow uniforms to study subjects, including English, provided by centres that are run like happy holiday camps with quality extra-curricular facilities and supervised activities way beyond anything available on the mainland.

Ms Triggs claimed the Abbott Government was responsible for “armed guards”, “areas without a blade of grass”, “torture with night lamps”, “sick and diseased children with no medical facilities”, etc, etc. Blatant lies she still refuses to retract.

Horrific stories are now emerging from during the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd regime where Serco was required to conceal reports before they could be acted upon.

... an easy task where there was no investigative oversight by the HRC anyway.

An ex staffer who interviewed arrivals at Christmas Island during 2010-11 said suitcases full of women’s clothing were often left on the jetty unclaimed. “We knew what was happening but no-one would talk until after the perpetrators, under orders from higher up, had been quickly moved on through the system. I have no idea where they are now”, she said.

“The suspects were mostly Afghani military deserters or Iranians. They had claimed responsibility for the children without parents but we later found the same kids being sold for sex in exchange for cigarettes. It was horrible.

“Gordon Thompson, a Labor Union guy, had been employed to help keep stuff quiet. He is another who only became vocal about conditions after the Libs got in.

"He is a crook and as corrupt as the rest of them", she said. "He is the man who fed the ABC and the Greens false information but current Administrator Barry Hasse has Thompson in his sights now, and Thompson knows it."

The information supplied by the ex-staffer confirms many other reports I have had. “The weakest link is often chosen as the ‘sacrificial lamb’ to garner more sympathy in pursuit of visas.”

“I happen to know the young kid found hanging in the Curtain centre was not a suicide, he was murdered by a group of Afghanis hoping to get permanent visas.

"Other kids were forced to sew their lips.” This and other incidents at Curtain were corroborated by my Derby informant who worked as a tradesman at the centre.

The ex-Christmas Island staffer (who now lives in South Australia) explained, “The spate of female suicides was due to a visit from Labor/Greenies from the mainland who instructed the women to self-harm for an increased chance of a visa.

“We were left to clean up the mess after they left. We had signed confidentiality clauses, but I don’t give a shit now that the Triggs woman has got involved. She is telling lies about everything.

“The 5yo who is now suing the Government over trauma related things was given a razor blade by her mother and told to slash her arms so they could live in Australia.

“We knew that women were raped or murdered on boats coming from Indonesia as the AFP would be on the jetty taking statements from everyone.

"DIAC and SERCO would hide or move (allegedly) guilty parties so charges could not be finalised, therefore hiding the problem. Rapists and trouble makers were always fast-tracked through the system to hide the criminal elements arriving”, she said.

The horrors that prevailed under the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd reign were hidden until there was a change of government, only then was Triggs jolted into action with her outrageously false claims against the current administration.

She was, and still is, ably supported by the ABC and Fairfax of course.


I wonder WTF is going on here. Who's up who?

I agree Merv - Tim is a nice guy and talks alot of sense so his resignation would make a strong statement. But then again, we may need him there to take over when Triggs eventually does the right thing and resigns.

I'm just disappointed Tim Wilson has not yet resigned. I would have expected that of him, under the circumstances. Instead, he is going along with the charade that the HRC can still function effectively. Well it can't for good reason ... the government has lost confidence in Triggs. Her reports will be treated with a pinch of salt and carry no weight with the government.

Hadenuff has just joined in - ah well let them have their fun. Your approach is the best one dodo. If you descend to their level you will only get dirty.

He's found all of my posts and gone crazy!

The man is sick - and the poor fellow doesn't appear to be too bright.

Can you make any sense out of his figures e.g. [Polio (cases of lifelong paralysis) 640,000 550,000 90,000 86]. I can't.

There is no link

Kevin Freer 6 minutes ago

Let us have a look at just one aspect of the ludicrous policies to which The "Harmless Rinaldo" and his Comrades, Marco eloco, Dildo, T S Cabot and Ruby Red aspire.


Annual deaths
(all ages) if no
immunisation Prevented Occurring

Smallpox 5.0 million 5.0 million -- 100
Diphtheria 260,000 223,000 37,000 86
Whooping cough 990,000 630,000 360,000 64
Measles 2.7 million 1.6 million 1.1 million 60
Neonatal tetanus 1.2 million 0.7 million 0.5 million 58
Hepatitis B 1.2 million 0.4 million 0.8 million 33
Tuberculosis 3.2 million 0.2 million 3.0 million 6
Polio (cases of lifelong paralysis) 640,000 550,000 90,000 86
Malaria/other parasitic infections 2.2 million -- 2.2 million 0
HIV/sexually transmitted diseases 1.3 million -- 1.3 million 0
Diarrhoea/enteric fevers* 3.0 million -- 3.0 million 0
Acute respiratory infections 3.7 million -- 3.7 million 0

Either these people are totally insane or indoctrinated beyond redemption. How just how! Could one want a return of statistics like those above. It is a form of madness surely?

The One Bank
"....What is the crime being perpetrated by the One Bank? Anyone who reads even the diluted accounts of the Corporate Media will already know that the One Bank is involved in a cornucopia of crime, with the Attorney General of the United States, himself, publicly pledging to cover up all this (literal) organized crime. The One Bank is a crime syndicate.
However, among this litany of financial/economic atrocities, one grandiose scheme stands out above all others: nothing less than the economic enslavement of all humanity. While the “web” of corporate fronts which hides this obscene/illegal monolith may be intentionally convoluted; its strategy couldn’t be simpler.
Persuade/coerce all the Puppet Governments under its influence to intentionally become over-indebted, literally to the brink of bankruptcy…and then blood-suck. Steal a (large) portion of all the labours of all productive members of our society as so-called “interest payments” – forever.
The One Bank is above all else a gigantic parasite, claiming a large piece of all human production while earning none of it.
Understand that in one way or another, all of the massive/unrepayable bond debts of these Deadbeat Debtors are thoroughly tainted with fraud. How did (nearly) all of the West’s governments bury themselves in debt, far past the point of insolvency? They had a lot of help........

I am still haunted by some of the photos sent from Christmas Island by Shariz (?) to Michael Smiths blog.

One of which was of a terrified young child whose hand was being (forcibly) held by a muscle bound fighting age moron who would fit the profile of an army deserter. After reading Larry's blog I now wonder what happened to that child's mother.

Was she raped and thrown overboard by that prick and her child stolen to advance his chances of being accepted into Australia.

They now walk amongst us.

But he will say, ‘I tell you, I do not know where you come from. Depart from me, all you workers of evil!’ In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth (Luke 13:27-28)

It is said that a man reported to a Finnish newspaper, ammenusastia, that they had dug into hell and recorded the cries of damned souls. The man who reported to the newspaper, Dr. Azzacove, was one of the scientists who were drilling the Kola superdeep borehole in Siberia, Russia at the time the cries were recorded by use of a special microphone designed to detect tectonic plate movements. The microphone was lowered down through the shaft of the drilling equipment.

LARRY have you Emailed this trollop this story? She should be made to read and respond to this.

Message to government:
1. cut the funding to the AHRC to nothing. Let Labor and ABC pay their salaries and expenses instead
2. establish the new Australian Human Rights Organisation with objective and non-partisan candidates.

Why is all this information not used by the government to shame LaborGreens and their ABC bedmates?

Triggs said on radio late last week that she has no intention of resigning because she is doing her job in accordance with the rules and besides all the other commissioners are supporting her. If that is the case then shut this toxic commission down and get rid of these leeches that are more interested in protecting their own arses with tin than telling the truth.

Is Triggs even an Australian? Born in the UK she may hold dual passports. Perhaps we could cancel her PR visa?

Can we have the names of the Afghani and Irani thugs that were hurried through the system? We need to know so that the AFP can tag their activities. I just don't believe that this scum will instantly repent and become model citizens; do you?

I prefer "Triggs under a Bus"

The ABC, Fairfax also Ch7 are so determined to pursue Abbott on the supposedly $30,000 paid to People Smugglers that they are blind to Shorten doing deals with Employers to rob poorly paid Cleaners of their rightful wages. Shorten is one of the SCUM that bellowed Work Choices diminishes wages before the Howard election while Shorten was doing exactly what he accused the libs of doing robbing workers while filling the Union coffers with cash to fund Labor election campaigns including his own what a low lying Slimeball.

Everything Rudd/Gillard touched is vermin - they have wrecked the country and god only knows how many lives. Triggs? She also is a liar and vermin - why do we have to keep this moron on our tax payers list? Surely something can be done with her - she is a traitor to Australia and if the ABC and Fairfax and all the other left winged journalists keep protecting her vile lies, they are also traitors. Let's trust Larry you can find the paperwork!