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Friday, 22nd March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


According to Tim Sumbugger of the Racial Discrimination Commission, three quarters of the top jobs in Australia are held by Anglo-Celtic-Euro white people, and he reckons that’s simply not acceptable. Hmmm, it sounds about right to me!

In a race to the bottom with the disgraced Gillian Triggs, this little bloke, with a head you’d never get tired of kicking, is determined to demonise us white blokes and we have to pay the bastard $500,000 a year (with his globe tripping expenses) to explain to we non-Asians we are not wanted here. Okay, you ugly little wanker, you had better go back to pulling rickshaws in Laos or someone here will rearrange your teeth again for you.

We don’t need to pay obscene money to super racists like yourself to tell us where we stand… this is Australia and we have built this nation with the help of many nationalities, but I cannot recall much of a Laotian contribution.

In other words, just fuck off back home where you can re-engage with your ancestors, knee deep in shit, plugging rice shoots where you belong.

                                             Super racists stick together like shit

A Rudd (understandable) appointment for five agonising years, this ungrateful immigrant grub had his start at the far Left Fairfax’s “The Age” (where else) before imposing himself on the discredited Sydney Uni (naturally) as a “doctor” of some bullshit.

And how did Rudd come up with a maggot like this aesthetically-challenged little racist prig? I guess it was while he and Gillard were arranging for their “cash for clunkers” debacle, because there was plenty of borrowed cash available for this little screwed up clunker.

Why don’t you come around to my place so I can perform a quick facial reconstruction on you, or is that racist?

Because my wife, who is also Asian, (I have run out of well-bred Aussie brood mares) also wants to plant a high heel in your nuts, but she doubts you have any. 


Ever notice how many presenters on the ABC are not white?

Ugly to look at, ugly in the mind - another racist towards us Aussies - good photo - two racists against us white Aussies - oh, but, isn't Goodies 1/4 white and living with a white woman?

Larry, I get the impression you were slightly cranky when you posted this........bye the way, I totally agree with you.

To whom does this idiot respond? Get him a promotion, cleaning shit houses.

No Government should be allowed to appoint ANYONE to a position beyond their leading reign, the incoming government should be able to decide if their contract continued during their reign and that possible should include HC Judges IMO

Too many white fella's here, we need more coon's, spear-chuckers, jungle-bunnies and niggers to show the white-eyes here how to milk welfare, turn accommodation into a shit-house's, drink oneself into oblivion, and bash and sexually abuse children and the gins. Hey, we don't know what we are missing out on, anyway thanks to Tim Sumbugger of the Racial Discrimination Commission we are achieving this.

You Little rat soupspoon.Look around you, this modern wonder called Australia, how it was built and the people that built it, predominantly from the British isles with the current system of government in place, and those English speaking universities that awarded you a doctorate of whatever is proof of the core group of people you should be thankful for, you idiot, you! Otherwise you'd be bending over in some obscure Rice Paddy or washing greasy soupspoons all day.

What a racist, intolerant hater! Obliterate him!

Well said Larry!

Why do I think of Abbott & Costello looking at that photo ?

Is Sumbugger a dwarf?

According to Southpaw and his lefty mates, only whites are racists, while asians and blacks are not capable of racism ... and pigs do fly!

The trouble with people like Soupspoon is they have no idea what Aussies are all about. A quick read of your post would give him a hint.

Us Wadjellah's better band together or we will be over run.

Top post.

Would be interesting to know where he bought his "Doctor". Just Google fake certificates and degrees and there are plenty available from the Philippines, Thailand and most likely Laos as well. For fear of being called a racist no one would have dared to scrutinise this pricks credentials. This idiot is even stupid enough to wonder why three quarter of top jobs in Australia are held by Europeans. Simple, you idiot, more than three quarter of Australia's population are of European descent !!!. By the way, if some politically correct idiot wants to call me a racist, i am a European and for many years happily married to an Asian lady.

Well, don't these two super racist match well together, both stupid, both ugly and both extremely overpaid. But shit and shit does stick well together.

Who received skilled visas?

The skilled independent visa program has been dominated by recipients from Asian countries.

South Africa
Grants are for 2016-17
Source: DHA Get the data Embed

The first photo of him is in the Dictionary if you look up the word C...t

Another one of those whingeing foreign midgets, if they dont get what they wont throw out the racist card ,probably because somebody who was white told him what he was when he was an obnoxious self serving prick teenager and never got over it ,go back to where you came from take Ray Martin with you