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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Samantha Maiden is one of the better political journos around and a terrific sheila but it appears she has been pushed to come up with an exclusive on Abbott... and she has. Unfortunately it’s an exclusive that makes no sense and to be honest, I don’t believe it.

“The Sunday Telegraph can reveal (that means we reckon) that several cabinet ministers (that means no-one) have urged the Prime Minister to replace Joe Hockey with Malcolm Turnbull to forestall a spill motion.

“These Ministers”, says Ms Maiden, “include Ms Bishop, who urged Mr Abbott to take action over Mr Hockey’s performance in private talks before Christmas”. What a load of frog droppings!

Ms Maiden also suggested Senate leader Eric Abetz was yesterday accused (accused by whom? A bloody cab driver?) of ringing conservative MPs to say that Abbott would be ­prepared to dump Mr Hockey to save his leadership. More bullshit!

Ms Maiden continued, “Senator Abetz last night issued an emphatic denial, saying, ‘I continue to ­support the leadership team and all ministerial colleagues’, a spokesman said”.

Oh okay, so a “spokesman” said that Eric Abetz had issued an emphatic denial, eh? If an emphatic denial had been issued, why the hell the need to quote, “a spokesman”?  This is appalling stuff even for a tabloid rag like the Sunday Telegraph.

I understand that circulation figures are at a premium, but for Christ’s sake an “exclusive” needs a little more meat on the bone than, “a spokesman said”, “we can reveal”, “sources suggest”, or “someone was accused of”. At least Fairfax garbage is predictably opinionated.

The strongest supporter of Abbott has been Treasurer Joe Hockey. To suggest that Abbott would replace him with Turnbull in a Cabinet reshuffle to forestall a Turnbull challenge is nothing short of ridiculous. Turnbull’s eyes are firmly on the top job and Abbott would be in a far worse position than he is now if he publicly wasted a close ally to save his own skin.

As suggested here last week, Abbott should bite the bullet, kill the spill motion and confront the Party room demanding a vote of confidence in his leadership, otherwise there will be blood all over the walls with spatter analysts forensically guessing where it came from for the next decade.

The sandgropers who intend to call this spill motion are simply handing out AK47s and chucking hand grenades.

If Abbott loses a vote of confidence in his leadership, it’s all over for him anyway. The Prime Minister’s position will then be declared vacant and an orderly vote will be taken to replace him.

If he wins a confidence vote (and there’s a good chance he will if he catches them on the hop) the Party can immediately get on with normal business and the sharks, for now, can go home hungry.

If Abbott refuses to call for a vote of confidence in his leadership and a spill motion succeeds, a show of hands or even a secret ballot will divide the Party into factional camps of winners and losers with long memories. The scribes will have a field day conjecturing as to who was up who. The Party will be damaged further.

But if Abbott is successful in disallowing a spill motion, it will be a pyrrhic victory, nothing will have been resolved, it will be same place, same time, same contenders in a few weeks time.

Let’s face it, Abbott is damaged goods, but let’s see if he is the good man they say he is and puts his Party before his broken ambitions.



aa... that is OK, the caravan has moved on, so to speak. lol

I'd hate to order pizza's from you:-) A good opinion piece that is shared by many who voted Liberal. Worth reading Marigold , this is me.

I have never had any trouble like that.

Shorthand is a very nasty little grub and it is there on record for all to see.

The slimy little shit would not make that up himself. He said it on purpose, no doubt part of his prepared script from that walking cadaver Ludwig.

Too busy juggling his investments and his PUP funding, I suppose.

The man really is a fool!

Abbott should make Turnbull treasurer with Hockey his assistant. Let Turncoat feel some of the heat in the kitchen. Hockey and Turnbull can then check on each other and perhaps produce a workable economic plan which would be sellable to the mixed up cross benches. It is a given that no matter how good their budgets are, the economic vandals Labor and the Greens will try every dirty trick in the book to block progress. That's just the bad ethic of Labor and the Greens.

Question that has been bugging me for a while. Marigold, how do these people who post get to know the names and addresses of people on this site? There is something not right here.

Are you still complaining?

Have one on me Scotty. Cheers mate.

I totally agree Dante. Good point. A short explanation with a URL link is the way to go people. Keep up the fight...............

BigBoy, if Tman and Lol explained these links they are posting everywhere and clogging up the site we would be a lot wiser. How would it be if we all posted things all over the place. Fucking chaos. It is a good cause which it is, represent it properly.

good one marigold. Tman and Lol are putting these links in but not explaining them. You are doing it very well. Congrats. If TA refrains from signing this Climate Change Agreement it will be a bonus for us.

Seven comments to go to reach 5,000

OMG.. that stupid statement will return to haunt him forever.... stupid man!

That quote ought to be on the bastard's headstone, and I hope he has need for a headstone in the near future.

Tman, the Climate Change Authority was kept on at a cost of $2.5 od Billion a year as a deal was done with Clive Palmer. What makes you say it will be closed down when legislation can be passed. Are we talking about the Senate and are steps in place to close it down?

Yes it was infected by Leftism.