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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Nationals Senators Ron Boswell, Barry O’Sullivan and John Williams may have detonated more of Tony Abbott’s arsenal than they realise by declaring they will cross the floor to defeat his Paid Parental Leave scheme.

Abbott could have used his PPL as a bargaining chip to get his suite of other more sane measures through the Senate. Nat Senators have now destroyed that possibility by suggesting they will cross the floor anyway.

Abbott’s PPL scheme was a silly over-the-top policy designed solely to gazump Labor’s appeal to women. 

Its intention was patently clear, productivity negative and anathema to everything else his budget aims to achieve. It was doomed to fail.

An Independent, David Leyonhjelm, who misleadingly used the title "Liberal" on his ticket, is now suggesting the co payment may be reduced down from $7 and that shows just how out of touch the new Senate is. 

The current $7 ($2 for the GP and $5 for the medical research future fund) was already mostly usurped by administration costs anyway. 

Any further reduction would place it in Labor’s category of a mining tax that doesn’t actually raise any money.

Ricky Muir’s performance, as a Clive recruit, clearly indicates the quality of Senators we can look forward to under the current voting system of preference manipulation, and both major Parties should put a stop to it.

But there is no excuse for the Coalition’s Nats Senators to pull the rug from under their leader as soon as he leaves the Country.

It’s hard enough to deal with intelligence-deprived Greens and a chaotic Clive without your own Party joining them.

They have just destroyed part of Abbott’s opening gambit when he sits down to deal with this aberrant lot of misfits.


Wonder what his white rellies think about him giving them the arse?

Really. I thought you were doing it on purpose. Because some of your posts were okay. Naughty!

Sorry about that. A lot of rotten stomach bugs and colds around.

Greetings Sheeples, Welcome to CONSPIRACY 105
Today let’s focus on Joe’s Horrific BUDGET.
If it ever gets passed by our Sheennate (Which is NOT looking Likely)
Will the co-payment funded Medical Research be used for Cancer Research?
And, if so,- Will they investigate the use of VITAMIN B17 as a Cure?
The answer is – NO.
Why? Because It WORKS!
Because Cancer is a Multi-Billion $ Industry and Big Pharma doesn’t want a Simple Cheap Solution that Works to undermine their existing money making research programs which DON’T Work.
Vitamin B17 treatments in the “Land of The Free” is BANNED! Under the Quackeries Act and Doctors risk being Struck if they prescribe B17. Fortunately, the Yanks can cross the border into Mexico and receive this Life Saving Treatment.
Similarly in Aussie – You may be able to get it in NSW, but definitely NOT in QLD.
And WHO runs Big Pharma? The Rothchilds for starters. Ha! - The ILLUMINATI strikes AGAIN!
What do THEY care if millions of people die each year?
If they can Murder JFK, Cause WARs in Vietnam and Iraq etc. just to make a Profit, they are capable of Anything.
So don’t Hold your breath waiting for Research into B17 to commence.

Oh Yes – Almost Forgot;
9/11 WAS an Inside Job!

is there a brain amongst these 5? not a clue - not one clue have any of the PUPetts got, all paid for by the biggest PUPett of all - what a joke these "Senate" idiots are.

He has bought it all upon himself - no one respects this bloke with his racism against white Australians - the man is one big joke.

If he foolishly perseveres with this ridiculous plan he will singlehandedly put us back into Labor and this time we will not shake them off for years! I suspect that all the yelling about a "Budget Emergency" is a furphy!

OR and others, the message is "Thimk befor u post".

This is how embarrassing Tony Abbott is according Tanya Pleasemakemesick. Can we expect a retraction? No on your Nellie.

I agree TW.. let's sell off the ABC.... sooner rather than later!

Always working to help others aren't you waldo.

lol, thanks waldo, will do,.

How long have I been saying the PPL scheme is a hugely stupid policy? Plenty of Lib rusted on's here defending Abbott with this vote loser and shouting from the roof tops how Palmer is a nutter. Now we see the TOP boys in the coalition agreeing with Clive. Finally sanity starting to prevail, suck it up fellas, Tony Abbott is lacking in so many areas it isn't funny. It's a great pity Australia can't get it's act together with it's choice of political leaders.

yes I will thanks d/t, then I will take the threat and ram it down her throat. I doubt she will make another threat, the weak piece of piss that she is, but time will tell.

katie, same happened yesterday, best to copy threat and save for when you challenge formally

Only a coward makes a threat, then deletes it.

Veni Got a headache this morning?

Mind you the stupid coward deleted her threat to me, next time she wont be so lucky to get away with it.

Thanks boys, you may well be right, I took a stab at oh really, but I see Arcy was onto who it was earlier, when he mentioned she would be close by and if waldo says its her, then its probably her. Who ever it is they better watch what they say.

ok then waldo, will bow to you're experience...smartgirl it is..