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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I may be a conservative at heart but fair dinkum this Coalition kite-flying is giving me vertigo. A “deficit levy" now? Does Tony Abbott want us to financially remember the pain of Labor’s profligacy next time we vote? How about you blokes in Government feel a little of the pain yourselves. How about a bit of pruning at the top... we’re struggling down here!

When I’m broke I don’t take up a collection in my street, I stick with my clapped out 11 year-old Jag, my pet projects get put on hold and I certainly delay buying a new state-of-the-art aircraft.

Which brings me back again to Tony Abbott’s Paid Parental Leave scheme. Crumbs, please tell me he’s kidding, because it’s the most inane “pet project” I’ve yet heard of. If Tony wants to see more women in the workforce why is he giving them an incentive to get out of it?

He says the PPL will increase productivity. How? Bloody how? The largest 3,000 companies, those that are expected to foot the bill for all the other companies (even their competitors) will be dodging employing sheilas with serviceable ovaries for the next 100 years! And in 100 years the wheel will have turned and mothers will want to be paid to care for their own babies again.

Even if his silly scheme did make sense, what about the bloody child-care cost component? That’s if you can get child-care. Has Tony considered miscarriages? Has he considered adoptions? Abortions? Failed or successful IVF procedures? Has he considered same sex couples’ parental plans and which gay partner will qualify for the largesse, or will both? Gender non-specific persons?

Multiple payments for twins, triplets? What’s the timing on premature births? Phantom pregnancies? It’s a legislative, administrative  and policing nightmare.

How about surrogate pregnancies, which parent qualifies then, or will both? Hmmmm, betcha Tony hasn’t thought of that one.

Has he considered that companies will certainly be targeted by couples wanting to start a family where the mother has no intention of returning to work but is happy to cop the $75,000 for a new car and a European holiday? Has he considered any bloody thing?

Has he considered that the new mother, after collecting this $75,000 is entitled to choose to stay home, or will it be a contractual thing where she can’t change her mind? If she does, will Tony insist she reimburse her employer the $75,000? Good luck with that one. 

How can an employer keep a job open for six months? Does he retrain someone else to fill the vacant role only to sack her when (or if) the mother returns? Or will the newly-retrained person then decide to get pregnant herself?

What if the mother doesn’t return to work and the employer, believing she would return, hasn’t bothered retraining anyone else? It’s a bloody dog’s breakfast of a rort and an illegal immigrant gold mine.

Far from improving productivity, it’s flat out counter-productive!

It’s another back-of-the-beer-coaster brainwave concocted by someone who has never been an employer, well, not in the private sector anyway.

And employers in the public sector don’t count because all things wonderful and gold-plated are possible in the Public Service.

Dump the dopey idea, Tony!

You have painted a fluoro target on your back for the Opposition and most of your own Party to aim at.


Drink the Cool Aid..........

CT....This cretin was not born he crawled out of the slime.....
Rule Number not post anything anywhere you would not have the guts to say to somebody personally....
Rule Number two...If in doubt apply rule number one...

Except for where Oz is! Hey, do you use rechargeable batteries in your toys? I hope so, the amount of times you fantasise about Oz would be breaking the bank if you had to go out and buy replacement batteries all the time.

VS and A, keep on keeping it real guys! SG and OR, well you know what you and your sycophants can do, just make sure you don't push up the cost of batteries too much.
Highly imtelligent I must say Kaos:..Actually I was about to say that H20 was pretty misguided and probably and oxygen thief as well...Until I get to this highly belligerent piece of monumental crap from Kaos......Dick head...if somebody spoke to your Mother or missus in that manner, what would your reaction be??? I doubt that you would appreciate it...
Now I'm a pretty liberal bloke, but I can assure you that if you spoke to my missus like that I would put you in intensive fucking care for so bloody long you would think you were born there.....Get a life moron..

.......or he could be saying "I know you think CO2 is crap - but your softies run a close second "

I also think it is time we disengaged our country from the United Nations who are just a front for the New World Order and don't need to interfere in the affairs of this country. Labor gleefully signed us up to all sorts of things and we need to get rid of them

I agree DS. It is all pure media speculation according to their instructions from Labor.I have given up listening to all of their crap. They are still campaigning for the next election. Wait until the Budget is released before whining. I am glad to see that there have been no leaks and the media are running around in circles making things up. I also agree that the Public Service ladies who already get this Paid Parental Leave should lose some of it in the interests of our country. Labor messed it up, the Libs try to fix it and get castigated and the stupid people vote Labor back in. I sure hope that they have learned their lesson and get rid of Labor and the Greens altogether. Would it be too much to hope for a new party who would actually put the people first.

Joe is saying behind his hands" for Christ sake Tony lay of the baked beans' or get a fan to blow it on Shorten. We might get a natural causes verdict, but I refuse to go to the funeral.

Thank God for that!

Reply to DJT. Suggest you follow your own advice.
A refugee is one, legally accepted to be a refugee.....We have an official, planned refugee program where Aus finances refugees to travel here and then be completely supported by us.
Under UN agreement, we accept a number of additional refugees needing urgent assistance
Illegals have not received UN refugee status, arrive without docs or permission. If processed / accepted gain refugee status. These 3 groups of refugees accepted per year well exceeds the 20,000 I mentioned.
You say patience,they’re being processed..?
Been here on temp visas up to 6 years ! Fully supported / housed by taxpayers. Nothing to do but find partners, have babies ( will never leave )…Pictures of Iranians stepping off boats - latest gear, phones, laptops, gold bars, bundles of US dollars which they can keep, hormone induced muscles. Know where they came from, what’s to process ? 45,000 ! Only about 300 non Sri Lankens have left – given financial incentives from Aus.

You still haven't got it right! Go to the other location where he said these things about me and others and start again! Stop trolling, it just makes you look retarded!

Waldo, So you're a Mexican. Silly me thought that you were from Sydney. We use charcoal tablets.

Not it is alright Waldo. No hints needed.

Ahhh I see....alright OR. I can live with that. No worries lolol.

I have got to know this............OR are you male or female? I thought you are male not female. And Paisley that a male or female? I just engage in this conversation once lolol

"liteline" "liteweight" "liteheadedness" all the same to me! I don't suffer from schizophrenia so have no need to change my name but you please feel free if you want.

Oh Jo's back. I thought he'd come out of the closet and morphed into a new commentator 'Paul NT'.

Hello Waldo - we were just talking about you on another thread instigated by that irreverend boy paisley.

What is this NBA Donald Sterling, owner of the LA Clippers, punishment in the US ?
He is probably an arsehole, but why the extreme response, ... and aren't we taking this Race thing too far, and to meaningless extremes.
Everyone has to be seen to agree or else.
They call it a new Civil Rights movement.

He is a bigot, he is Jewish, but that isn't a crime.
His girlfriend set him up, and recorded him whilst provoking him to say things.
He shouldn't have said it, but he is allowed to have his own biases. Being an arsehole is his right.

S.G--Easy. Tell the public the budget situation is much worse than we expected prior to the election, and urgent action is required.(This has been used for many many years) Then tell them the GST will be increased to 15% and it will all go to the states, and this will allow us to cut back on our direct support for education and health etc..
S.G. it is simple, but none of them have the balls to touch the GST. This so called levy would be much more upsetting than a GST increase as it comes directly out of the wallet, whereas the GST applies under cover when you purchase goods. Politicians only take action to preserve their re-election, so do not hold your breath for bold action.

How about this: Change the tax legislation altogether.
Dump the GST; dump every phoney levy, duty and subsequent double-dip; remove the excessive taxes on cigs and booze (I neither drink nor smoke but they shouldn't be legislating pain on a legal activity); remove all income tax; payroll tax; taxation tax; tax on taxation tax -- and then bring in a single tax on bank withdrawals.
Hearsay is their income will near double or treble and the burden on the people is near halved.
Everyone wins.