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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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... but is it all too late?

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


His epiphany was not on the road to Damascus but on the road to Tripoli where 21 of Egypt’s Christians were beheaded by 21 Muslim savages. If the victims were described as Christian then the word Muslim surely described the perpetrators. To name one ideology and not the other not only defies logic but defies 1400 years of violent history. Were the Crusades not Christian?

Abbott now knows no Australian Muslim leader can be trusted and Indonesia’s Joko Widodo is no exception. Finally he is calling Islam for what it is and Widodo is in his undiplomatic crosshairs.

Islam is a treacherous system of belief that demands the destruction of all those who don’t have an identical belief. It’s nothing new! It’s been that way for many centuries and it will stay that way until one side has complete dominance.

The problem is that only one side demands complete dominance while the other side wants to live in comparative peace. One side has moved from the Crusades into a modern, sane world while the other side remains steeped in its atrocious edicts of the past.

Listening to that muddle-headed fool and mad Muslim, Barack Obama this morning, still suggesting that Islam is not related to extreme terrorism, augers poorly for a solution. Only last week he was blaming the Crusades’ atrocities on Christianity, yet because in his small black head current atrocities are not related to Islam, he refuses to lead his army into a battle that might kill Muslims! WTF?

Tony Abbott may have seen the light but it’s all too late, his goose is already cooked. Once a perception is entrenched in consecutive polling figures over a long period it cannot be reversed.

Despite his resolution to become a “changed man” dedicated to inclusiveness, he will remain unelectable. Whether you like him or not has nothing to do with it.

A dying Julia Gillard also resolved to become the “real Julia” and that didn’t help her either. People know that people don’t change.

Only the Left is forecasting a return to Turnbull and it will do everything in its power to ensure that happens. But Turnbull would split the Liberal Party asunder destroying it and creating another DLP led by a new Catholic base of Pyne, Andrews and Abbott, the remainder may as well join the Labor Party.

Hate to destroy the Left’s dream but Turnbull doesn’t have the numbers anyway.

There really is only one person who can assure Australia it is not burdened with the likes of Bill Shorten. And it’s not Julie Bishop, not yet, she needs time in portfolios that will test her beyond the cocktail parties and pleasantries of the diplomatic set. It’s the long-shot, Scott Morrison.

So far he has been coy, keeping his powder dry and floating above the fray. He has kept a clean nappy and has sensibly said he will not stand, meaning the Party will need to draft him, and draft him it must, within the next six months.

Abbott is making all the right noises of late and has made significant and rational moves forward but on closer inspection those moves and noises have been about shoring up his own tenuous position and not about repairing the damage from Labor’s six years’ of reckless profligacy.


Since the Sheeple of Australia bleat so much about having to pay a couple of bucks for a Medical Co-Payment, but are blissfully un-aware that each and every one of us is paying over $9-00 a week HALAL Food Tax, the Federal Government could easily claw back some of it’s sliding popularity by Targeting this Illegal Moslem TAX.
The Change left over, after paying the Co-Payment Tax, from this 12 BILLION DOLLARS rort, presently collected from Australians each year could even fund a token Carbon Tax and thus Win back the hearts of our little Green Brothers.
The remaining 7 Billion would go a long way to paying off the Budget Deficit with it’s 1$Million Daily Interest payment.
And Tony Abbott’s Popularity would SOAR right up till the Next Election when he could proudly hand over our Booming Economy into the hands of the of an Economic Girley-Boy like Shorten to gleefully Stuff-Up once again.

We give Indonesia $400M a year for nothing and they abuse us. The vast majority of Moslems here are on the dole or some kind of welfare and abuse the Government (us) through all their crappy student and other organisations. I wonder how those organisations would get on abusing the Saudi Government if they lived there. Why don't they all piss off back there and find out? As far as I am concerned every ungrateful conniving Moslem can get stuffed, and so can the camels they rode into town on.

Harry, don't underestimate your firing power I have seen you in action......very impressive. Iv'e seen you come out all guns blazing. Like the Hood shooting down the Bismark. And you have saved me from a fate worst than death when Hermes and Tman had me on the ropes.

Hy Harry. I was going to say this guy is wasted here he should be designing rockets but you think of these things later. I missed the fireworks last night with you lot but today is another day and all is good. Cheers and tally ho and all that..

Must admire your laconic attitude sometimes Dante. Under heavy attack/abuse, you remain very sanguine. I wish I could add that to my DNA. Well done.

You summed it up brains trust " Abbott never had any Goodwill. He only got in because of the Labor Party fuck up". So if Abbott kept the people on side who voted him in we would all be laughing, even you. And who hates Abbott, not me. I think he could make an excellent PM.

Social Services is a poisoned chalice.....Morrison could reshape and revise services and cut expenditure.....But..- it will take at least two years to implement and it would render him so unpopular with the public addicted to handouts that it may prevent him being elected as Lib leader or prime minister..

Cheers mate .

And morning rocks.

It's not about shitten. Shitten can sit on his hands from now till the election and he will get the keys to the Lodge. Our Illustrious Leader has to win back the goodwill he had at the last election and trashed.

I'm not worried about the polls .sh#tten will have to have some sort of policies before the election . He's got a huge amount of baggage .

Morrison may need to prove himself in Social Services first. A really tough gig. But you are, of course, right. He is the best man to lead Australia out of the trough it is headed for.

or idiots who are looking at the Polls and can see if nothing changes we will have a Labor government with shorten as leader. and then we will thank you TOP for not having any foresight.

Just saw all this and I don't know what stated it and where Gail got the idea that I'm into LNP and it deteriorated from there on. I've got a lot of respect for OzR, HH, dodo individually. marigold has got this thing with OzR which I don't understand so will leave it alone. Good night all. I just came back from a night out and missed all the live action but let's start again tomorrow and see if we can all get on.

They are between a ROCK and a HARD PLACE
If they ditch Abbott they look BAD like the ALP
If they keep Abbott they risk the lot, unless Abbott is miraculously TRANSFORMED into a Leader with Courage and who can SPEAK Well.
And actually DOES things like; Banning Halal and ISLAM.
He should take lessons from our Old Foes - The JAPS

Thanks Larry, but you do Abbott somewhat of a dis-service. It took him 12 months to realise that his plan of tolerance and love was not going to work. The biggest mistake he made was to allow the grubby Commo's in "their" ABC to rule the roost and direct the traffic. I don't know if he can now get rid of ABC news, but I do feel he has grown the balls to face the fact that Islam will never be his mate. It simply can't and it's protagonists face huge personal problems, if that "moderate" word... loved by them for use against the infidels.. but totally offensive to the cult and mainstream of Islam, begins to or is embraced by them. There are two issues which I believe the new Abbott with the balls, can use to turn the tide here. And he has to do it in the next 12 months... One is the AB

Wobblyone 1 second ago
One is the ABC and the other is the revenue raising con of Halal Certification.. Following on from that is the issue of the proliferation of mosques throughout the country. The training acadamies of the Jihadi's... Action on those three matters will stop the rot in this country, at least. There are lots of follow-ons from those, including Judiciary, penalties, etc., but to do nothing is the end for our grandkids. And the stinking UN despots, the NWO and the very clever Illuminati wait quietly, allowing Islam to do their dirty work for them. Don't stop Larry. We all need you.

Politicians get pensioned off with perks. Big difference. When they questioned Chris Bowen the other night about the Tax free threshold and he didn't know, I bet if they asked him how much the Pollie's living away from home allowance is he would know.

And politicians.

Race Horses, Greyhounds, Show dogs/cats. If they don't conform, they are out.