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Monday, 17th December 2018

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...and now, the end is near

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


And so he faces the final curtain, maybe not today or tomorrow, but he is a dead man walking and he is the only member of the Coalition who hasn’t yet realised it. How it got to this should be no surprise, after all his colleagues told him ten years ago they did not consider him foreman material... “We don’t see you in that way, Tony”, they said. Only Tony saw himself in that way.

His deputy Julie Bishop and Malcolm Turnbull were glaringly absent from his Press Club address yesterday and assurances that he had their support were clearly as unconvincing as was Julia Gillard’s “support” for Kevin Rudd.

The rot had set in late last year when Bishop, fully aware of Abbott’s attitude to “global warming”, defied him, his Prime Minister’s Office and his Chief of Staff Peta Credlin.

The PMO did not want to legitimise the talkfest by sending anyone to the Climate Conference in Lima, Peru that was arranged to set the global framework for carbon emissions in Paris later this year.

Bishop not only went to the Conference but promised a sizable Aussie bona fide of $200 million.

A line in the sand had been drawn between Credlin and Bishop and Abbott was suddenly where no man ought find himself; between two highly ambitious females with needle sharp claws.

But it got much worse than that. Credlin then insisted that the company climate sceptic, Andrew Robb, had to accompany her to, “keep her in line”. Abbott agreed but this humiliating caveat was something that Bishop would never forgive either Credlin or Abbott for.

Abbott had made the fatal decision of siding with Credlin over his senior Minister and deputy. From that moment on Abbott has been on death row and Bishop has had her hand on the lever.

It was the last of a litany of bad decisions made by Abbott. A Prime Minister’s support group must never come between him and his elected Ministry... refer to Kevin Rudd’s isolationist mode prior to his demise.

This is why I love politics, it’s about groups of ambitious people, each with an agenda, thinly veiled by a facade of bullshit. When a politician needs to deny or confirm what should be the obvious, then you can bet the game is almost up.

Now it’s just a matter of who replaces Abbott: Bishop, Turnbull or Morrison. So let me play bookie.

Julie Bishop: Highly motivated and competent, but lacks experience in Government on a broad scale. A Foreign Minister needs to attend an avalanche of cocktail parties, engage in polite conversation, deliver well-prepared speeches and construct communiqués that don’t offend. I suspect even Bishop realises this and her refusal to deny she would challenge Abbott maybe a venomous attempt to clear the decks and allow someone else’s hat to be thrown in the ring. Even geese like Bob Carr and Kevin Rudd managed Foreign Affairs without too many faux pas. Another few years and Bishop will make an all round excellent PM. (7/4)

Malcolm Turnbull: His main problem is lack of support within the Party Room. He is a committed global warmist, a staunch republican, hates Abbott and adheres to everything on the Left of conservative doctrine... one of those people who gain questionable riches sufficient to enable them to become comfortable socialists. Caused himself serious self-harm in the Godwin Gretch affair when Lib Leader in Opposition and split his Party by promoting a carbon tax. (3/1)

Scott Morrison: A longshot but should be a hot favourite. He has presence, confidence, an ability to cut through bullshit and handles an adversarial Left Press with aplomb. A good record of achievement particularly with the hospital pass of “Sovereign Borders” that was handed him by Abbott. Morrison as Prime Minister with Bishop as his deputy would give the Coalition the best winning chance at the next election. (But this is the Liberal Party remember.) 9/10

And I would never have made a good bookie. 


Turnball PM by Tuesday. Bishop remains number 2 and Morrison becomes the new Treasurer. Turnball with this team will get a massive bump in the pols. Go early and win in a massive landslide and be there for 10 or more years. Howard is a good friend of Turnball and co and will be out there on the campaign trail supporting Turnball just like he did last time round. Turnball like Howard were not ready early on and became leaders later on in life.

Caption for photo above: Julie meets John Holmes.

If they put Leftie Turnbull in they may as well make Bill Shorten leader of the LNP

Would the real Tman please stand up...........................................

dusty, Mate sorry if I offended you, certainly no intent on my behalf. I was simply pointing out that AUSTRALIAN troops have been used to round up and guard civilians in the past. The indictment ( if there is one ) lies with the Government of the day. Certainly not with the German settlers whom have blended in to the fabric of our society and enhanced it with their presence. Again aplogies for any offence.

Petition against preference voting;

interesting to see now that Fairfax are political masters of 2gb radio, how it will respond. I am already over Hadley and Smith, two of the biggest Muslim apologists I have heard. I will not listen to these two cretins again. God help us if Turnbull, even Bishop get in, better stick with Tony even though he is a big disappointment to most of us. Turnbull and Bishop are clear left wingers and will wreck the joint.

I think we have her.

Morrison will wait for his time, in 10 years or so, and he will be offered the Top job because of his loyalty now and into the future.

Bishop is a lightweight, and will never survive in the PMs job for more than a week, ... Turnball is gone anyway, and he will always fail as he is a Narcissist.

Tony will stay, .... and the Cabinet Ministers should be very grateful for what they have.

Graham Richardson is running this show behind the scenes, seriously, .... he calls the LNP dissenters every day. he is the organiser.

If Hanson is carrying that sort of baggage then we are in for a lot more strife . We don't need any more wankers involved . Time for her to go back to selling fish and chips

Can't keep up with you Bruce . Was that the F word you used ?

tt, I've never met him but sort of like him and I believe his heart is too soft but you are right, the media is belting him for all their worth. Don't forget labor gave the media big hand outs, so they will want to pull the NLP down so they can fill their pockets again.

More than sad . It's put me off totally .

I have some sympathy for those among the Liberal MPs who want it resolved now. Because they know the leadership issue is definitely - and I mean definitely - going to need to be resolved before the election. Unfair as it is, thanks to the largely manufactured 'bad/misogynist/you name it' persona he has in the eyes of too many in the electorate, Tony Abbott is at least a negative 5% (a guess) in votes for the Libs, and they don't have 5% to play with. They're going to have to roll him eventually. Better to do it now than later.
But PLEASE - not Turnbull. Jacquie Lambie would almost be preferable to him.

I like Julie Bishop. A good sort who learnt her "trade" with an ex Lord Mayor of Perth. Must have been a good root.

I reckon Hotrocks! Time he went to bed methinks!

Hmmm. The pills aren't working.

Your enema is ready , Bruce .

That will be the solution rather than WW lll, much fewer people will die.l